Thursday, 31 January 2013

A McRound Up and THAT email...

Sorry for not blogging lately.  So many of you are doing a wonderful job persistently highlighting the flaws in this case.  I'm in awe of you all.  I'm still here, watching and waiting.

There was a flurry of news recently which most of you already know about.

Scotland Yard arrived in Porto to meet with their Portuguese counterparts.  Here's hoping it's all for good reasons and we'll see the reopening of the case.

We had yet another fake sighting of Madeleine, this time in Brazil which, thanks to Pamalam and Reggie Dunlop of the Maddie Case Files was revealed to be an Associated Press photo of a bomb scare at Ibiza airport.  Watch on YouTube

Next the McCanns bizarrely tried to back out of legal action, by asking Goncalo Amaral to settle out of court.  I say bizarre, because the McCanns are the claimants.  It's what we all expected really, isn't it? Watch on YouTube

Next week they take Tony Bennett to court.  A David and Goliath challenge where the claimants have a full array of legal eagles serving them, and the man in the corner has no-one.  Let's hope Mr B can find Goliath's achilles heel.  Watch on YouTube

And last but not least... a little nugget that's doing the rounds.  An email from the Missing Abroad charity in response to a query from a member of the public as to why Madeleine doesn't have her own page or free, downloadable poster.  Why she doesn't warrant a single mention on the site at all.  Read it and weep, folks.  Read it and weep...
RE: [Missing Abroad - Missing Person Enquiries] M Mccann

Show Details
Thanks for your email.
Every time a new missing person profile is added to our website it is only with the express approval or request of the immediate family or guardian.
The day Madeleine was reported missing we offered our services and we did run a profile of her for a while, however the McCann’s staff contacted us and asked us to take it off the site as they had their own campaigns and didn’t require our help.
Kate is aware of the services we offer and indeed I have worked with her on the All Party Parliamentary Group dealing with Missing and Runaway Children and Adults.
Of course if it is requested we would immediately place a new profile on our website, but as long as they don’t ask, I’m afraid Madeleine won’t be on there.
I hope that answers your query?
Best wishes,

At the time, Missing Abroad operated under the name of The Lucie Blackman Trust.  Today, they issued a statement confirming the following...
We were called by a member of staff helping the McCann family who asked us to remove the content.  Therefore we removed the links and banner from the website.

Please visit the excellent Missing Abroad website - they do great work in highlighting the missing - you may just recognise someone. Unfortunately and although she is still missing abroad nearly 6 years on, Madeleine does not feature on the site.

Please also have a look at HideHo's excellent videos on YouTube or visit the forums for more information on the case... Maddie Case Files and The Complete Mystery of Madeleline McCann for starters.