Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Kate McCann Gallery

Who can say what the mum of a missing child should look like?





Tickled pink?...



Bricking it?...

Or just plain weird...?

Curiously, there are plenty of photographs that could come under the heading of 'weird'.  Plenty of happy smiles with their other children, but none of them searching, asking, looking...  This is what we see, it's out there in the public domain for us to draw our own opinions on. 

So what should the mother of a missing child look like?  My expectations would be a devastated wreck, but who can say? We can question whether it's normal to function and show all the wrong emotions.  Calm, beaming smiles from a woman who managed to co-ordinate her personal grooming from day one - right down to putting her earrings in.

After watching her husband storm off set during the Spanish interview pictured below, I did think Mrs McCann acted as cool as a cucumber, which certainly opened my eyes.

However, to date I've never actually viewed her as 'cold'.  Not until it was so succinctly put by Mrs McCann herself, and pictured by the Express... Instead of raging yet again at the unknown, perhaps she should question why people hold this view...

And perhaps, just once, the headlines could be about her missing daughter and not herself.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Help Find Ben

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Good luck and all the very best to Kerry and family, you have a lot of support behind you.  Let's hope you get the genuine response you deserve from the Prime Minister.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Rainy Day Fund?...

Reporter : Tell me Brian, all the people who have been coming up to you today, just literally stuffing money in your hand.
Brian Kennedy : Yes, they have.  Yes, they have.

"Even if you send a cheque or anything in an envelope to Kate & Gerry in Rothley, it'll get there. People from around the world are doing that.
We will maintain the use of that money fully for the finding of Madeleine and to bring her back home where she belongs."

Kate McCann speaking in the Liverpool Echo, May 2011

Four years later, generous donations from ordinary members of the public still being thrust into the hands of the McCanns and their entourage?  Did these people get a receipt for their kindness?  A mention on their website?  A free wristband?

Was and is this money being used fully for the finding of Madeleine, as stated by Mr Mitchell?  Or used to pay for the likes of top notch lawyer Isobel Duarte in their various legal disputes.  What about their mortgage or even their fresh strawberries from Marks and Spencer?

The 'transparent' accounts that Mr McCann talks about are not so.  The last return of accounts included hidden pages... perhaps a tongue in cheek reference to the deliberate errors in Goncalo Amaral's name?  Very transparent.  It should be reiterated that the 'fund' is not a charity, yet the British media still refer to the 'charity' and it's 'charitable donations'. The fund is the McCanns' own private limited company of which they themselves sit at the helm as directors... they decide just how to spend those cash donations thrust at them.

Nine directors... down to six due to resignations.  Consisting of Mr and Mrs McCann, family and friends - all regulating the Madeleine fund and deciding where and how that money is spent.  Including the very large umbrella that is point 3...

A quote from Clarence Mitchell from the Jon Gaunt interview...

"The fund is independently controlled.
Every penny is being spent properly... in terms of finding Madeleine."


Monday, 16 May 2011

Muddied Waters

Many have said there were and still are deliberate attempts to muddy the waters surrounding Mrs Fenn's statement.

For those of you who don't know, Mrs Pamela Fenn lived in the apartment above 5A and claimed that on the night of 1st May 2007, she heard a child cry alone, for over an hour.
"She refers to the day of the 1st May 2007, when she was at home alone, at approximately 22.30 she heard a child cry, and that due the tone of the crying seemed to be a young child and not a baby of two years of age or younger. Apart from the crying that continued for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and which got louder and more expressive, the child shouted “Daddy, Daddy”, the witness had no doubt that the noise came from the floor below.

At about 23.45, an hour and fifteen minutes after the crying began, she heard the parents arrive, she did not see them, but she heard the patio doors open, she was quite worried as the crying had gone on for more than an hour and had gradually got worse.  When questioned, she said that she did not know the cause of the crying, perhaps a nightmare or another destabilising factor.  As soon as the parents entered the child stopped crying.

That night she contacted a friend called E*** G***, who also lives in Praia da Luz, after 23.00, telling her about the situation, who was not surprised at the child’s crying."
The waters were muddied when news broke of Madeleine questioning her parents as to why he/she/they didn't come when her and Sean were crying.  I say muddied, because the McCanns claim this crying episode took place on the 2nd of May, contrary to what Mrs Fenn claimed.  Could she have been mistaken and confused the dates?  

Well as it happens, Mrs Fenn did recount the day and date quite correctly.  For, four years later on the Late Late Show we hear from Mr McCann himself that on the night of 1st May, it was Amelie who had woken up.
"The next morning, she (Madeleine) said "Mummy", can't remember if it was Mummy or Daddy now... "why didn't you come when Sean and I were crying last night?"  And we both looked at each other and thought "that's odd... crying?"  We didn't hear anything and we had been back checking and so we asked "When did you cry?"  You know sometimes when we first put them to bed, they cry and she just dropped it and as we were saying, Madeleine is very articulate and we kind of looked at each other and thought, did they wake up or was it the night before when Amelie had woken up?"
So by the McCanns' own admission, the children had woken on the 1st and 2nd of May, but dismiss any suggestion that Madeleine could have woke and wandered on that fateful night.  By stark contrast, none of the children woke on the 3rd May despite the hullaballoo happening in and around the apartment and being physically moved and carried by strangers to another apartment.

Recollections of the night of 3rd May also differ...
"During the day nothing unusual happened, until almost 22.30 when, being alone again, she heard the hysterical shouts from a female person, calling out “we have let her down” which she repeated several times, quite upset. Mrs Fenn then saw that it was the mother of little Madeleine who was shouting furiously.
Upon leaning over the terrace, after having seen the mother, Mrs Fenn asked the father, Gerry, what was happening to which he replied that a small girl had been abducted. When asked, she replied that she did not leave her apartment, just spoke to Gerry from her balcony, which had a view over the terrace of the floor below. She found it strange that Gerry when said that a girl had been abducted, he did not mention that it was his daughter and that he did not mention any other scenarios.
At that moment she offered Gerry help, saying that he could use her phone to contact the authorities, to which he replied that this had already been done. It was just after 22.30.  She said that after the mother’s shouts, she had seen many people in the streets looking for the girl."
In her own 'version of the truth', Kate McCann gives an altogether different account of the neighbourly encounter...
"At about 11pm, a woman appeared on a nearby balcony and inquired of Kate: "Can someone tell me what all the noise is about?"  Kate told the woman that her daughter had been stolen from her bed to which the woman responded: "Oh I see" as though, Kate writes, she had been told a can of beans had fallen off a kitchen shelf."
Could these two differing accounts describe the same moment?  Sadly Mrs Fenn has passed away, her statement in effect is etched in stone.  I would hate to think that Kate McCann has taken liberties when the lady in question is unable to defend herself.

Muddied waters?  I think with the publishing of Kate McCann's 'version of the truth', a lot of things are suddenly becoming clearer.

Please do what Scotland Yard are going to do... read the Portuguese investigation for yourself by visiting the Maddie Case Files.  Thanks to the hard work of many posters, all translated into English... for free.

Deal or No Deal... you decide!

In her 'version of the truth', Kate McCann continues to perpetuate the myth of the plea bargain she claims to have received from the Portuguese police.  She and her spokespersons are careful not to directly accuse the police themselves and say that the 'deal' came via their lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu.

Mrs McCann's lawyer told her that police would offer her a two-year sentence if she pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her daughter.

The plea-bargain offer was put to the McCanns by their lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu.

"...the proposal came indirectly via our lawyer."

"They tried to get her to offering her a deal through her lawyer......we can guarantee you a two-year jail sentence or even less." 
Philomena McCann

"....during the police interview....senior police officers told her lawyer that that if she were to confess.....they would probably consider a....sentence of three to four years..."
Clarence Mitchell

No deal was offered because it is simply not possible under Portuguese law, as explained by Carlos Pinto de Abreu himself the following day... "it was all a misunderstanding."

A big thank you to Hideho for allowing me to post her video.  Please view her  channel for more videos or visit the website, Remembering Madeleine for a very comprehensive and indepth analysis of the Portuguese police files.  The beautiful artwork can be viewed by clicking here.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Scary Froth of Moir...

A few articles have cropped up online over the last few days, supportive of the McCanns yet condemning all those who dare to question or disbelieve.

They all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet and one wonders where they get their biased views from?  This one in particular made me chuckle, Jan Moir in the Daily Mail... snipped because she does go on a bit.
"In Mrs McCann’s experience, the internet provides individuals with a ‘largely unregulated opportunity to set up websites and forums and blogs where they can share their bile and hate with other faceless, anonymous low-lifes, all locked away in their bedrooms’.
At first, the online accusations that she had murdered her own daughter upset Mrs McCann tremendously. Then she learned to ignore them. Ultimately, she began to pity these maladjusted nobodies and monomaniacs dishing out their reams of deranged malice under a cloak of anonymity. She is right. In the end, it’s only the babble of loons, ricocheting around cyberspace like astral junk. It may be wicked, but none of it matters a jot."
Hardly surprising after the Gateley episode and walking the dead in Bristol, but I did imagine her frothing at the mouth after thrashing that out on her poor keyboard.  Scary stuff.

Gone are the days of investigative journalism and unbiased reports.  In their place lie rampant self opinionated pieces like the one above.  Well you know, it's not a crime not to believe someone.  It's not a crime to have your own opinion and thoughts on something, it certainly doesn't make you a hater, loon or malajusted nobody.  How many of you are low-lifes locked away in your bedroom?

Over the last four years, the vilest of bile has come from supporters of the McCanns - as demonstrated above and below.  

As a side note however, I have to say that in the four years of following this case, the worst thing I have read is on Page 119 and I refuse to repeat it.  I cannot believe it has come from the pen of the mother herself... and is now in print for the world to see.  Including her children and as she hopes, Madeleine herself.

Anyway, I would advise Ms Moir and the merry gang to remove those blinkers and educate themselves on the facts of the case instead of resorting to insults and assuming that anyone who doesn't carry the same opinion as themselves is a nutter.  Make an attempt to think and understand just why people choose not to believe, if that's at all possible.

A good place to start would be the McCannFiles for a comprehensive overview of everything related to the case.

Or do what Scotland Yard intend to do... examine the translated files of the Portuguese investigation.  This can be done at the Maddie Case Files - the majority of the investigation is translated into English, including witness statements and up to date news from Portugal. Posters are friendly, normal people who simply want the truth. Certainly not what Jan Moir paints them to be.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

£3.5 million...

Is a child really worth £3.5 milion pounds? 
"A special £3.5 million grant is being given to Scotland Yard to fund the Madeleine McCann inquiry.  The Home Office cash will fund a team, led by an experienced detective, which is being set up in the next few days to carry out a review of the entire investigation.  It will cover the cost of man hours, flights to Portugal, hotels, consultation fees from forensic firms and any other expenses.  There will also be a hefty cost for translation work on the thousands of documents requested from Portuguese authorities."
What about all the other missing children?  Every year in the UK, 140,000 children go missing - 383 children per day.  A staggering amount, which includes parental abductions, runaways, criminal abductions and children who are lost and injured.  Are the government willing to stump up £3.5 million to cases similar to the McCanns or do only special ones warrant the attention?
Kerry Needham thinks the government should help.  I'm sure she would dearly love such an injection of cash into the search for her missing son, Ben.
"After the breaking news today I am happy to see the government's involvement with reviewing missing people cases abroad.  I am pleased for the McCann family and look forward to the government offering the same support to all families with loved ones missing abroad."            Kerry Needham, May 2011
What makes this case so special?  Has anyone taken any notice of the police files and are they really up to speed with Portuguese law?  The McCanns could have prevented the case being shelved in the first place and they could request the case be reopened today.  This could be done for free, thereby saving the UK taxpayer a bucketload.
"If they wanted the case to be reviewed, they would ask for the crime process and the investigation to be reopened, and they would supply all of the reports from the various private detectives that they have hired.  To ask for the process to be reopened, all it would take is a letter to the Prosecutor, as it has already happened in so many other cases. It costs them nothing, just the stamp on the letter."   Goncalo Amaral May 2011

Amongst other things, the £3.5 million will be used for hotels, travel costs and the translation of documents requested from Portugal. Forgive me, I have deja vu... although I suppose it's heartwarming that the money won't be used for mortgage payments and that ever growing mountain of legal debts.

Instead of being cockahoop and jumping for joy at the news, Mr and Mrs McCann appeared to find it difficult to summon up much enthusiasm, but thought it was 'a step in the right direction'... 

So, is a child worth £3.5 million?  I would say yes, but so are all the other children.  In this case though, just who is running the show because I don't believe the parents are worth it.

Please take a moment to visit the official campaign website to help find Ben Needham, you can do so by clicking here.  It would also be appreciated if you could sign Ben's petition...

Ben at 21

Not a lot to ask, is it really?  It's already been done.  In the Sun.  For added entertainment however, maybe next time the McCanns and the Prime Minister can communique a la Jeremy Kyle?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

REOPEN THE CASE - It's Free and Easy

Former Portuguese police co-ordinator Goncalo Amaral has issued a plea for Kate McCann to "tell the truth" and spoken of his delight at having his freedom of speech returned.

Speaking exclusively to on the eve of the publication of Mrs McCanns' book about missing daughter Madeleine, Mr Amaral said he was surprised at Kate's claim that she was writing her book "to give an account of the truth."

"It is strange to hear the word 'truth' from the mouth of someone who didn't cooperate with the police when the investigation was open," he said.

"And it was not any investigation; it was about finding what caused the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, and the enormous effort to recover her."

Mr Amaral believes the McCanns have "the right to be able to write what they like about the case" and supports the fact that Kate "is using her freedom of speech". Something recently denied him.

"A book that is written by someone who was a suspect may become of use as a document, maybe even a piece of documental evidence. Let us wait," he added.

Mr Amaral, whose bestselling book The Truth of the Lie was the subject of costly legal action by the McCanns, said he "felt like a free man" when the injunction on his book was overturned by the Appeals Court in October last year. "The McCanns also felt free because they decided to write a book," he observed.

The McCanns, who failed in their recent appeal to Portugal's Supreme Court to reimpose the ban, must now return all seized copies of the book, currently placed with their lawyer, Isabel Duarte, or risk incurring a criminal charge of disobedience.

"Legality has been re-established," said Goncalo Amaral. "The McCanns have just lost one more judicial action that was paid for with money from a fund that they say is for recovering their daughter.

"Both her and her husband were, and still are, more concerned with defending their image than in finding out what caused the child's mysterious disappearance."

An English language version of Goncalo Amaral's book is yet to be released but he said: "After the McCanns' book is published, there is no reason whatsoever for The Truth of the Lie not to be published in the UK. The British people are entitled to know all of the facts."

Mr Amaral believes that the process will be reopened and "the material truth will be known" and is dismissive of the McCanns' petition for a review of the case.

"That is one of the misunderstandings that are created by the McCanns," he said, "they do not want the case to be reviewed, they merely want a review of the information that has been added after the shelving (sightings of the child).

"If they wanted the case to be reviewed, they would ask for the crime process and the investigation to be reopened, and they would supply all of the reports from the various private detectives that they have hired.

"To ask for the process to be reopened, all it would take is a letter to the Prosecutor, as it has already happened in so many other cases. It costs them nothing, just the stamp on the letter."

If the process were reopened, Mr Amaral believes there are "several" diligences which could be carried out to help discover the truth.

"There will always be diligences that will result from reviewing the investigation and the reports from the McCanns' private detectives. Those diligences will have to take the conclusions that the Police had reached in September of 2007 into account.

"That is the starting point, but in the end it could happen that those conclusions are not confirmed. What is necessary is to complete an investigation that was suddenly interrupted due to the will of the parents of a child that has disappeared mysteriously."

Mr Amaral has no doubts about which action would have to be undertaken immediately to help unearth the truth of what happened to Madeleine.

"The first diligence, after the review, will have to be the reconstruction of that night of the 3rd of May, 2007."

F****** Tossers!

F****** tossing the caber

F****** tossing coins

F****** tossing lettuce

F****** tossing a pizza

F****** McTosser?

Responsible mother, devout Catholic and... ahem... righteous pillar of the community, Kate McCann said of liaison officer, Ricardo Paiva...

"What's he doing? I thought. Following orders? Under my breath, I found myself whispering, "F****** tosser, f***** tosser." This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man didn't deserve my respect. "F****** tosser."

F****** tosser?... Nice?  No.  Appropriate?  No.

It's one thing thinking it, another altogether putting it into print.

Wonder what she thought of her patients...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

McGame for a Laugh...

© The Sun 2011. Our lawyers are watching

By Nigel Moore

07 May 2011 15:10pm

As anyone who has today purchased The Sun newspaper will know, the title of this short piece appears at various points in the papers exclusive serialisation of Kate McCann's book Madeleine.

It is now clear that this warning was no idle threat, as this morning I received a 'TAKE DOWN NOTICE' from the Corporate Legal Enforcement Team, who act for News Group Newspapers Limited and Times Newspapers Limited - publishers of The Sun and Sunday Times respectively (collectively 'News International').

The notice related to content which had been published on this site (including text and pictures) from the unpublished book written by Kate McCann - and which had been reproduced here from content originally published on The Sun website.

It pointed out that News International controls copyright in relation to the unpublished book and that Further News Group Newspapers Limited owns or controls copyright in the accompanying article published in The Sun newspaper, and online, on 07 May 2011.

Given that neither I, nor this site, hold any copyright over the material referenced in the notice, I have complied with this legal demand and now removed the articles. And whilst I could puff my chest out and make rebellious noises, the fact is it would signify nothing.

Better to concentrate time and effort on the search for the truth about whatreally happened to Madeleine and accept the absence of any extracts from Kate's book. Whilst that is certainly unfortunate, it is, on the basis of extracts so far published, unlikely to impact on the continuing search for the truth.

It seems that it is fine to spam our inboxes with viral videos and emails on behalf of the McCanns, but individuals are forbidden from passing on the daily news?

If these articles and extracts from the book cannot be copied and spread amongst the masses, then they are obviously not being printed to benefit Madeleine McCann in any shape or form.

Another day, another dollar and a clear indication that money is all that matters to certain people.

Just who is hampering the search for Madeleine McCann?  The Sun - get back in line.

© The Truth... we'll be watching you, watching us, watching you.


Please click to visit the absolutely fab McCannFiles for a comprehensive overview of everything relating to the case.

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Onslaught...

I see her... alone and screaming.

So did Mrs Fenn, apparently.
Those who have read the files can also see her alone and screaming.
I thought this yarn began after the disappearance?

More alarming is the small print on the Sun's front page, inner private thoughts that should not be shared with strangers, even for money. Sensationalised by the Sun or from the mother's disturbed mind? Whatever, this reads more like a repulsive thriller than the book she hopes her daughter may read.  There is no evidence she has come to any harm?... Not according to these headlines.

Give me strength.  This is just wrong, all wrong.

**People worried about what the twins may have access to online when they were older - they have far worse on their own bookshelf.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May... Another year, another candle.

Four years ago, Madeleine McCann vanished without a trace.

Since following this case, a lot I have learned.  There is a lot that I don't believe and a lot that I just don't understand.

Going back to the basics, I will continue to question why Madeleine's parents failed to help the police with their investigation.

I will continue to question why the parents trust their friends implicitly, when they all failed Madeleine by refusing to attend the reconstruction of events requested by the police.

And I will continue to question why the parents allowed the investigation into their daughter's disappearance to be shelved.

On the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance in 2008, we planted a small lavender bush in her memory.  Last winter it succumbed to the elements and withered and died.  I never imagined that I would be lighting yet another candle for Madeleine today.  How many more years, how many more candles?  Has hope for Madeleine also withered and died?  With sadness, I wonder if it was ever there?...

Madeleine is never far from our thoughts, but I'm sure you will all spare a special thought for this little girl today.

My thoughts also go out to the person who can courageously draw this whole mess to a close - it cannot go on indefinitely.  Please speak out, be that glimmer of hope for Madeleine - give her the justice she deserves.