Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Maddie McCann, Gypsies and the Insane Media

I really want to write about the latest Roma happenings in the news, but I just don't have time.

I want to write about how disgusted I am with it all, swooping on families simply because their children look different.

They wouldn't dare do it with a British family, or Asian or Portuguese.

There is a big mixed gene pool out there, we're not part of some Aryan society.  We're all different.

I've just read that the Irish child who was taken from her parents and DNA tested was actually their biological daughter and she was returned to them after spending 2 nights in care!!

Umm no, it wasn't just a Roma couple with whom she had been living - it was her damn parents and family!  That woman gave birth to a BLONDE child, what a friggin shocker.  Now why didn't that make the front pages of our crap press?

There's always been gypsy predjudice around but like the rest of society, they have their good and their bad and they're certainly not all child snatchers.

If the authorities were so concerned, what about all the other children they missed and left behind when they were searching for the blonde children?  You know the ones with brown or black or ginger or any other colour hair. Or are abductees restricted to being blonde?  I don't think so, you fools.

And then we have the pink spin with an extra rinse for good measure, shameful reporting, absolutely shameful...

'Maddie' found in Greece

'Maddie' found in Ireland

Media, please get a grip - do you think we're all stupid?  'Maddie' was NOT blonde, she was not found in Greece or Ireland.  She is totally unrelated to anything Roma.  Read the goddamn files and report ACURATELY.

Do us all a favour and slither back into your hole.  Feckin t0ssers.

PS... great news about the possible reopening of the case in Portugal.  Absolutely brilliant :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Dangerous Game...

I avoid the MSM like the plague.

It's usually full of pink spin, always attempting to either detract or pre-empt.

Or simply full of lies.

I can't ignore the latest appalling headline in the Sun.  The implications of the grisly end that Madeleine may have come to are just too sickening for words.  Alongside her photo.

All sensational detraction and a sordid exercise for profit.

This is something that is more harmful to the twins than anything they could ever read.  Whoever thought this one up should thoroughly hang their heads in shame.  Actually they deserve a good flogging, but I wouldn't want my words misconstrued.

Whatever happened to investigative journalism - will these idiots ever grow a backbone and report sensibly and properly?

Sadly, I think we all know the answer to that one.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

A very public awakening?

This little blog usually only gets around 100 - 150 hits on a normal day...

Since the hysteria that is Crimewatch was first advertised, the number of hits has risen tenfold.

It seems the general public's curiosity has truly been awakened this time around.  It's like travelling back in time to 2007 when we all sought sanctuary for our doubts and wavering thoughts.  It's happening again.

I've just read on Blacksmith's blog that visits to the McCann Files website are numbering a collosal 100,000 hits per day.  Pamalam recently posted on Maddie Case Files that people were arriving in their droves to view the Smith statement at 100 hits per minute!  The number of members on the Facebook Controversy group has leapt to almost 11,000.

Have the public finally had their bellies full?  The last straw?  All this interest due to a BBC production, not some book about the case. No, no they can't say that this time around.

Sometimes on the blog feed, it's possible to see what a person has searched for via certain search engines.  Here are a few of the things that people are now seeking answers for...

Madeleine cadaver dogs ignored
Are the McCanns narcissists
McCann lies Crimewatch
Kate McCann's silver necklace
Police statements of Dr Payne
Operation Grange cadaver dogs
An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may have never imagined or intended
Martin Grimes Madeleine McCann
Kate McCann refused to answer questions
Find Madeleline Fund private limited company
Why did FSS change their minds about McCanns
Bob Small Madeleine McCann
McCann farce
Kate McCann book page 129
Kate McCann forgive
Mrs Fenn Maddie

Interesting, hope these searchers find the answers they're looking for. And to the person who searched for 'the bunion on my left foot'... I have no idea how you ended up here, so sorry that I couldn't help and hope you've found some relief... 

If you're interested in the case, here are some sites that you should consider having a browse..

Or you could read the English translation of Goncalo Amaral's book, the Truth of the Lie. From what I can gather, it's just a condensed version of the official files.  We'll have to wait for confirmation on that one though...

Your comments are most welcome, although set to moderated since being PG'd, I always try and check throughout the day.  If you have any messages or comments that you wish to send and don't want published, please continue to do so but mark appropriately in the comment box.

Thanks for your visits.  And a big thumbs up to whoever halted the spamming.

Justice for Madeleine.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hope for Madeleine McCann?...

Ever the optimist, I'm keeping an open mind after watching Crimewatch and hoping against hope that Scotland Yard are playing a long game.

I'm not sure what the theatricals established last night other than to show that in 6 years and many millions spent, we're no further forward than we were when the case was shelved.

The pantomine that was the Crimewatch 'reconstruction' also goes to prove that a full and acurate official reconstruction is needed in the original setting of Praia de Luz with all key witnesses present.

A fundamental police act which will serve to remove contradictions, inconsistencies and lies.

The only accuracy I could spot was the uncanny resemblance of the abductor to Mr McCann - as originally confirmed by Mr Smith in his official statement to the police.

The Portuguese have said that there is no new and credible evidence to reopen the case - the answer really does lie in the file.

And there we have stalemate.  And a case that is still sitting on the shelf.

However, by working together perhaps the Portuguese and British police have found a way round this gridlock?

We now find ourselves back in time where Goncalo Amaral left off and concentrating on the Smith sighting.  And although we may never find out just why she fingered Murat, Jane Tanner's sighting has officially been ruled out.  Something that the McCanns and their many private investigators should have really done instead of shamelessly promoting over the years.

From the official police files and recently confirmed by evidence we've heard from the McCann v Amaral trial, we know that the British authorities were involved from day one.  The British first suggested homicide and the British recommended the use of the dogs.

Unless DCI Redwood can explain those compelling and haunting cadaver dog alerts, I'll continue to hope that the police will do their job and justice will rightly be served.  No matter how long it takes.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Amended Timeline...

The accepted version of events are wrong?

Investigation significantly changes timeline?

Would this be changes to the Sticker Book timeline?

Or changes to the Tapas statement timelines?

Is it someone else's timeline?  Maybe Erik, the ice cream man?  Or Henry, the mild mannered janitor?

The accepted version of events have been out there for over 6 years, mulled over and analysed by all.  Who noticed that they were wrong? Didn't the McCanns ever notice?  Kate has, after all, been working very hard and spent countless hours analysing the files.  Their private dicks must be kicking themselves for not spotting such an anomaly.

Maybe their watches were all out (just like the camera) and we really should have been following that alternative timeline which did indeed seem to start an hour earlier?

If this is such a revelation!!! then surely it's enough to reopen the case in Portugal.  No?...

How many versions of events are there?  Can we add this to the versions of the truth?  Maybe we could have one big Spot the Difference competition, where all entrants have to circle and underline in green ink. The winner gets to add their own timeline into the mix. 

This is all so very intriguing but pointless speculating...  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I can't help but thinking that everyone involved are callously playing with a child's life.  Dribbling news to the press...  waiting to release e-fit pictures... showing snippets of a programme yet to be broadcast... parading the parents as if they're celebrities.  This is Crimewatch, not some 'coming soon to a screen near you'.

Or maybe they know something we don't.  Whatever, it's all been done in the worst possible taste.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The McCrimewatch Saga

An unforgiveable display of group members on the Official Find Madeleline Facebook page slagging off Portugal and its police.  And the page admin 'liking' all the comments.  I mean, that's so bad guys, come on!  It's not the first time either.  I wish people would remember that Portugal and its people did not ask to be dragged into this sorry state of affairs - the morons seem to forget one point when waving their pitchforks at the Algarve - the McCanns et al chose to holiday there.  And why would that be??  Maybe because Portugal and its people are very friendly and family orientated?  Or maybe just because there was an Ocean Club with lots of freebies and a nice convenient creche, but you know what I mean...

Anyway, it's clear to see that the appeal is only going out in the UK, Germany and Holland.  Not Portugal.  Not France.  Not Spain or any other country whatsoever.  So why single out Portugal as the bad guys? Huh?

BBC Programme : SIC asserts it was not contacted

"SIC was not contacted to broadcast the documentary that the BBC has made about the "Maddie case", contrary to what the English press has published. Next Monday (14), the British station broadcasts on its show Crimewatch what is promised to be a reconstruction of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. The script results from the Scotland Yard's investigation. The British press asserts that the Portuguese televisions refused to broadcast the documentary. Nonetheless, questioned by DN, an official source at SIC asserts that the channel was never contacted. RTP and TVI have not replied until this edition's closing time.

Diário de Notícias, 09.10.2013, paper edition

So there you have it... no more upset, bafflement or scratching heads. Portugal wasn't asked to show the programme... along with a myriad of other places.  For some reason, unknown to everyone as yet, Scotland Yard want this appeal shown in three specific countries.  Surely the McCanns must've known this, or are they really in the dark about the Crimewatch?  Perhaps they should now instruct their admin to update their Facebook page and followers with this snippet of info and remove the offending comments?  I think the Yard should have made it clear that Portugal wasn't included in their plans... there's enough embarrassing xenophobia in this country without firing the flames.

That leads me onto the latest request from Kate via the Official Facebook page.

I wholeheartedly agree with this request, although its SIX years too late.

I have to ask myself how personal photos of the kids found their way online.  Oh that's right, the McCanns allowed their children to be photographed willy nilly, didn't they?  While in Portugal, they paraded past the press pack on a daily basis.  Press opportunities were set up (remember the zoo, Punch and Judy etc) and why, there was even a photographer in the private lounge as they fled back to the UK after being made arguidos.

Photos of the cousins is a different matter.  I've seen these online - there's only one way that they got into the public domain.

So if you see any offending photos or videos on Facebook, please report it to in the first instance.  Do it.  For the children. Although I have to ask myself why the twins are on Facebook anyway - the age requirement to have an account is 13.  And can we please have the same treatment for all the Kate and Gerry mugshots? And not just on Facebook either.

Maybe this is something that will find its way into Kate's statement if she's allowed to speak in court?  Yes folks, these people want to defend themselves in a law suit that they brought about themselves.

It gets more bizarre as the days go on - you could write a book about it.

** Thanks to Joana Morais and the Maddie Case Files forum for the translation and latest news.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

McCanns, Crimewatch and the Shiny New Suspect

So according to Sky News, Scotland Yard have a shiny brand new 'suspect'.  However, 'sources' have said police will not know how significant the suspect is until he is identified, traced and interviewed. Hey ho.  Tell us something we don't know.

Six and a half years later, they're expecting people to remember and recognise a photofit?  How bizarre...

I remember the morning of 4th May 2007 well.  I'd opened all the windows as it was a beautiful, sunny day.  I remember watching the news about the little British girl who had gone missing and feeling the horror mount as I heard that she'd been left alone in an apartment!  An apartment some distance from the bar her parents were, in a bedroom on the other side of the building.

I sure as hell do NOT remember who I saw or even talked to on that day. Or the day after. Or even maybe that year...

Lots of euphemisms spring to mind - needles in haystacks, clutching at straws, shots in the dark.  Waste of time.. resources... money.  How many more millions before the truth is really known?

I wonder if they've ran this snippet of greatly encouraging progress by the Portuguese police?  Chances are this person (if real) has probably already been investigated and ruled out.  Like every other second hand 'lead' that pops it's head from the files.

And yet again, little Maddie is put on hold because the world has to wait for the Crimewatch programme to be aired.

I'd be very surprised if this does anything but draw out the nuts, crackpots and attention seekers.  Unless, of course the Smith family have been allowed to be properly interviewed this time around and given a full photofit and description of the man they saw that night.  To be revealed for the first time live on Crimewatch?  Now that would make spectacular viewing... 

Please, don't anyone hold their breath.

Crimewatch?... Just what is the crime and who are we watching?  Not Portugal, that's for sure.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The McMobile Trawl

October 2013 - London's Metropolitan Police say authorities are combing phone records of tourists and residents who were in a Portuguese resort at the time of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood told reporters Thursday that authorities were trawling through phone traffic of people in Praia da Luz around May 3, 2007, when the then-3 year-old vanished.

Interesting, but I thought the British authorities had already participated in this?  Or have I got deja vu again...

May 2007 - Mobile phone experts from Britain have flown to the Algarve to try and trace calls made on the evening 4-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing.  The specialists hope by using the silent signals left by mobile phones, they will be able to pinpoint where calls were made at the Praia da Luz resort on May 3 when Madeleine vanished.  By tracing the signals left by phones, which are logged on timed computers, the specialists believe they will be able to locate where calls were made within a few feet.

Can they explain this lot once and for all?...

Kate's phone - no calls made from 27th April to 4th May and no calls received from 11.22pm on 2nd May until 11.17pm on 3rd May

Gerry's phone - nothing prior to 00.15am on 4th May

However, inside Kate's phone there is a record of a call received from Gerry at 11.17pm on 3rd May. But no record of that call on Gerry's phone.
It had been erased.

It was claimed that British intelligence had already tapped the McCanns and their friends phones.  Is this data part of the file and being trawled through aswell?

Will they find the much talked about 10th Tapas and discover where he/she fled?

Will they find Eggman, making cracks, sorry tracks in the direction of Murat's home?

Will they confirm what side of the street Gerry and Jez were on??

Will they find the man carrying the sleeping child past the Smith family. Did he have his phone on him that night?  At long last, police might just be able to track down this elusive gent.  To within a few feet?...

Here's hoping.  Sceptical much.

And I have a niggle about those pay as you go mobiles that David Payne purchased for the group after Madeleine's disappearance.  Just a niggle.

And what about Ben Needham, and all the other missing children?

This all needs to end.  Soon.

** Thanks to JCL and Maddie Case Files for their excellent library of all news on the case since May 2007.  

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The McCanns in Purgatory? Better call the Winchesters...

I've not read Goncalo Amaral's book yet, although I do have a copy.  I have watched the documentary though and it didn't change my mind or alter my thoughts on the case in any way.  The only ones who could have done were the McCanns themselves and they haven't managed that in 6 years.

You see, I've always thought of little Madeleine as the victim in this disturbing saga.  Not Mr or Mrs McCann.  I don't see any disgraced cops, only disgraced parents.  I've always been very open minded about what could have happened and always felt that certain individuals were very suss.

It is said that the McCanns only live in purgatory, not hell.  Well isn't that understandable for narcissists?  Ask the parent of any missing child and they'll tell you that life's certainly not a bed of roses, it really is a living hell, day after day.  However, the McCanns live in purgatory not because their precious daughter is missing, but because of a book?...  If that's not utter rubbish, then it's off the scale weird.

Trish Cameron made a very revealing statement in court yesterday.  Talk about over-egging the pudding?  Keep on digging, Trish - we can still see you!

"My brother and sister-in-law live in purgatory because they have no end and they are looking for the truth.  They would like an end but there is no end because they don't know what's happened."

It's well documented that Mrs McCann was already in purgatory long before the launch of Dr Amaral's book, she actually mentions it in her own account of the truth, Madeleine.  The only book that we are expected to read, believe and take as fact?  Well no thanks... it's taken me almost 3 months of sheer torture and a near death experience in the bath to get through and I'm only at the 'Birth of the Campaign'.  I'm sure bamboo under the fingernails would have been quicker.

I would agree with Mrs Cameron though - her brother and sister-in-law 'live in purgatory because they have no end...'

I wish we could call Dean and Sam.