Monday, 4 April 2011

A Reconstruction - Muppet Style

During their holiday, the children spent all day,
every day in the creche...
Whilst their parents sailed...
...and played tennis.
By night, the children were put to bed...
and left alone.
Whilst their parents dined...
and got jiggy.
A sticker book to read...
...and a sofa to play on?  Alone.
Despite 'regularly checking'...
...a wicked, swarthy abductor hid in the shadows.
And during one of her checks...
...the mother found an empty bed...
and smashed, broken, jemmied shutters.
(Rewind - the shutters were undamaged)
The child had vanished.
'They've taken her' she screamed... from the balcony? flat? restaurant?
And while the staff, residents and holidaymakers
searched high and low for the little girl...
the parents and their friends stayed in the apartment...
...deleted their messages and made phone calls.
Where was the child?  She had simply vanished.
The 'wider agenda' made a swift appearance.
Command Centre was drafted. 
The thorn...
Those pesky posters.
And that damn disgraceful cop.

It's time to face the music
It's time to make it right.

Go on - if the Muppets can do it, then what's the problem?



  1. Very well done ! Thank you !
    There's nothing for kids as great as the Muppet Babies.

  2. Sadly the Muppet Babies were treated better than this group of children.

  3. What a clever way you have chosen to show the McCanns and their childish followers up for the Muppets they are .

    There's nothing for kids as great as a mummy and daddy who they can trust to never to leave them alone and frightened .Sadly Madeleine Amelie and Sean only had muppets.

  4. brilliant,this is one of the best blogs on internet,no lie,s ,no spin, just plain facts that even a muppet can understand.

  5. Only muppets would believe such a fairytale.

  6. Love the double entendre - with the LAST PHOTO I mean. Oh there's another one!!

  7. Spot on! Told it like it is from Muppets who think the general public are Muppets for believing their nish load of b****x

  8. This is absolutely brilliant. Will share

  9. So simple and so true
    They all treated those children like lost luggage
    I don't believe a word of what they said right from the first time I saw them 4 May 2007
    Too many contradictions and lies

  10. Brilliant! It must have taken you ages. Well done


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