Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A New Search for Maddie

'No law enforcement agency is looking for Madeleine'...

Over four years ago, the arguidos in the missing Madeleine case allowed the Portuguese police to controversially shelf and put on hold the investigation due to insufficient evidence.  The fact that certain suspects and witnesses failed to co-operate didn't help.  The PJ and the British Police continue to work in the background but will only reopen the case if any new credible information arises.

Now, criminal profiler Pat Brown has created her own independent Maddie Search Fund. The fund, which promises to be transparent, has been created thanks to sales of the ebook, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The book is available to buy online from Barnes & Noble and Smashwords at a snippet of $2.99 - 50% of sales will go direct to her own Maddie search fund.  Please click to buy, your book will be electronically delivered within minutes.

Pat has confirmed that there is no conflicting ongoing search for Madeleine in Portugal and has purchased her ticket for travel to Lisbon on 6th February 2012. The search will begin shortly after, concentrating in and around Praia de Luz for starters.

Please follow Pat on Twitter, or visit the Official Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's Maddie Search Fund page on Facebook for updates on the fund and search.  I would urge you to support and like this page, as she has bizarrely (but not surprisingly), taken a horrendous amount of abuse from supporters of the McCanns for her well intended actions.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, this can only be beneficial for the most important person - Madeleline.  Pat Brown is doing something that the majority of us would dearly love to do... travel to Praia de Luz to search.  Credit where it's due, I wish her the very best of luck and success and hope she has rewarding findings which will either lead to Madeleine being found or help with the investigation.  I would urge Pat to take the utmost care if she stumbles across any lawless villages on her travels.

And here's hoping that she has more success than the McCanns' own hapless private investigators.  This has gone on years too long, we need a shining light.  Most importantly, Madeleine needs it.

Help find Madeleine.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Leveson Niggle

Some people sure have a strange, flippant way with words...

"Kate McCann felt 'mentally raped' when diary published."

There are dozens of palatable ways to express the angst felt at having your personal diary made public.  Why this demeaning retort, but no response to the previously published extracts in the Portuguese daily Correio de Manha, translated and read by all months earlier?  The McCanns complained only to the News of the World, who made a large apologetic undisclosed payment to the 'fund'.  No such complaints to Correio de Manha?  Maybe the fact that suing the Portuguese media normally results in nothing more than an apology with little or no monetary gain had something to do with it?  You can't pick and choose when you are "mentally raped".

How did Mrs McCann feel when her personal account of the truth - the book, Madeleine, was made public and serialised by the very same news group?  Opening the door on your sex life and dare I say it... page 129 is not a pleasant thing, especially for the reader.  Maybe the large serialisation fee News International forked out made things a little easier on her poor, ravaged mind.

Meanwhile, news is out that Mr McCann is due to give evidence at the Leveson inquiry next week. We'll have to wait to hear how he addresses his complaint about the Press Complaints Commission and how it was "hopelessly inadequate" in helping his family fend off media intrusion. Isn't this biting the hand that feeds... by early May it was too late to lock that stable door - the McCanns themselves had romanced the press with their own whirlwind of requests, demands and titillations.  So, just why are the McCanns core participants in the Leveson inquiry?  By Clarence Mitchell's admission, they weren't hacked.  Or were they?  They complain about the press, yet courted and invited the media into their lives from day one.  Are they just jumping on yet another bandwagon, big risk if they are.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this case is a matter of public interest. People have the right to news... after all, the McCanns' private company has, and still is accepting public donations.

Below are a small selection of staged photographs for the press, there are many, many more available for all to see in the public domain.  Mrs McCann writes about such occasions in her book and judging by these pics, a good time was had by all.  I don't see any arms being twisted or physical force being applied in an attempt to get the right pose.  And I certainly don't see anyone trying to fend off any media intrusion.  I do hear an echoing kerching though.

Just too bizarre for words...

Can't have David Hughes spoiling that pic...

Oh how lovely...

and perhaps the most poignant of them all...
We conclude that the applicants voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, certainly envisaging higher values like the discovery of their daughter Madeleine's whereabouts, but on voluntarily limiting that right, they opened the doors for other people to give their opinion about the case, in synchrony with what they were saying, but also possibly in contradiction with their directions, yet always within the bounds of a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right to opinion and freedom of expression of thought. 

In the same way concerning the applicants' right to image and a good name : upon placing the case in the public square and giving it worldwide notoriety, the applicants opened all doors to all opinions, even those that are adversarial to them.
Lisbon Appeal Court Decision
14 October 2010
The Appellate Court Judges,
Francisco Bruto da Costa
Catarina Arelo Manso
Antonio Valente

Please click to view the full translated appeal decision on Joana Morais' blog.

The Leveson inquiry can be followed on the Guardian website, with detailed information and links.  General enquiries or information can be mailed to

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Check your LIKES on Facebook......... Part 2


Beggars belief - Madeleine groups on Facebook combined into one group with a new, deceptively fake following...

This is why we got up yesterday morning to find unfamiliar posts, comments and updates on our Facebook walls.  This is why we had become followers of a group we didn't join.

It's all good and well providing a welcome, however if these new members referred to above had actually liked the Official Find Madeleine Campaign group page, they would have clicked the LIKE button of their own free will.

Are there any similar unofficial Find Madeleine Campaign group pages around which could genuinely be combined?  I don't think there are... although the poor child may have stood a greater chance of being found if there was.  There are thousands of groups for thousands of subjects... I don't want to go to bed posting on Justice for Caylee and wake up to Casey Anthony's ugly mug.  Would anybody?

Apart from the One Million Likes group, I've never seen Madeleine being subjected to 'online abuse'.  Another appalling and disturbing thought to come from the horse's mouth.  If I did, I wouldn't hesitate to report it. Seems like just another excuse for her parents protect their reputation and avoid criticism by once again attempting to silence people.  The irony of Madeleine needs protected... yes she did, didn't she?

Instead of fannying about online, why don't you just get out there and do what normal people would do - something you've never done yourselves.  Look.  All those followers with their prayers, candles and fluffy words won't 'bring her home', but I'm sure it makes you feel good.

Please check which groups you have joined or liked on Facebook.  This is an appalling invasion of privacy and trust.  I do not wish mingle with blinkered muppets or have their posts invade my wall.  And I also object to the Team having access to my own profile via their Admin privileges. Very disturbing.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How low can you go... check your LIKES on Facebook

As if things couldn't get any lower... it's been highlighted that some Facebook users have mysteriously 'liked' the Official Find Madeleine Campaign page - without their knowledge and most definitely against their will.  Including yours truly - me, myself, moi!!!  Have we all been hacked?  At the moment I can't comment on their wall for some reason... what a shame.

How has this group made users LIKE their page without informing them?

We're always being warned not to like pages that promise us free gifts, donations to the needy blah blah, because once they have enough members and personal information, they sell the group on.  Your personal information is very valuable in the right hands. 

A month or so ago, the Official page welcomed members from the Unofficial group which was somehow amalgamated and therefore bumped up the numbers.  The next day, a fair few people protested that they hadn't actually joined the group.  Has it happened again...have they harvested any of the other Madeleine groups on the site and swallowed up their members in the dead of the night without their knowledge?  It would explain the rapid swell of muppets at dawn most days.  I wonder just how many of those 88,000 likes really are genuine and there with their owner's permission.  I know mine isn't.

I think that after the naming and shaming of Jack Tims and his grovelling apology to the McCanns in the Sun, clarification is needed on just what happens to groups such as the One Million Likes and their members. What happens to the groups that are dormant or ones which close suddenly.  I never clicked One Million Likes, but I have clicked other groups looking for justice for Madeleine.  And forgotten about it... something I'm sure you've all done.  I think now might be the time to check.

Instead of allowing the obnoxious Mrs G to hold the fort, I would suggest that perhaps a friendly email to all members from the not-so-efficient Admin is in order, just to ensure that people are actually there of their own free will.  Do they really give a damn though, as long as the numbers look good?  It always has been about appearance from day one.

Predictable abuse from the usual suspects... and it's still going on!

Like me and many others, if you've suddenly discovered that you're a member of a group which you did not 'like', scroll down the left hand side of the page and click UNLIKE... simples.  Then report.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Rogatory Review

Smoke and mirrors, muddied waters... there's always been speculation that things have been deliberately confused from day one.  From the shutters and locks to the timeline.  One thing that irritates me is the fact that all of the group's children were left alone to fend for themselves. If it really happened that way - that's what we're expected to believe.  So why have the rest of the Tapas group been let off the hook?  The only reason that the McCanns have taken most of the rap is because they got caught in the act, unfortunately for their child.  

By foot, the McCann children were actually closest to the Tapas bar, where the group of these so called professional parents were dining.  All of the other children were dotted here and there in other apartments, a much further distance than apartment 5a.  Alone, some of them sick. Yet their parents simply closed their doors and left them?

Below is an extract from Rachel Oldfield's rogatory interview, where she describes the absolutely crap routine of putting her one year old sick baby to bed before skulking off silently to the restaurant - through a passageway so dark, she was afraid to check on her own sick child. Their system of checks involved listening at the doors and windows... the smell checks have been blatantly omitted.  Mrs Oldfield then tells us how she believes Madeleine was taken, alive from apartment 5a by the big, bad abductor.  Or maybe not.

Read it and weep, folks.
Read it and weep...


"She, yeah because erm, we didn't, we don't really like sleeping in the same room as her but there wasn't really nowhere else to put her cos you know, obviously she was going to bed at seven thirty and then we'd have had to kind of hide in the bathroom or something for the rest of the night, so we put, yeah she slept in our room as well erm".

"Yeah. So basically we'd go and have dinner and then we'd sort of run back you know every fifteen twenty minutes and have a listen at the door and make sure nobody's screaming their head off".

"Erm well we'd go into the room, which ordinarily we wouldn't do to be honest, erm but she seemed to have diarrhoea and kind of, I mean she'd settled quite well actually cos she'd been tired every evening, erm but every morning when she woke up, she had diarrhoea and it had gone right through her grow bag and so there's all this sort of horrendous smell, so in the evenings when we were checking, we'd go into the room just to see if you know, there was any sort of smell yet, erm and just to make sure she was alright, to make sure she hadn't been sick, partly I think cos Matt had been sick, just wanted to make sure she hadn't been, in case it was some sort of bug".

1578 "Okay, and the route taken"?

Reply "Was up the road and then in through the car park at the back and in through the front door.

1578 "In through the front door"?

Reply "Mmm yeah, I mean the patio doors were locked, erm yeah I didn't really like going up there by myself, it was, like going through that car park was quite dark and there was never anyone around, it was a bit, you know made me feel a bit uneasy".

1578 "Okay. Did you want to mention something about the Doctors in the group"?

Reply "Yeah I was just going to say that, you know Kate and Gerry are both Doctors and you know there were three other medics in the group erm four others actually sorry, four others, erm you know so if by any chance they'd accidentally done anything to Madeleine or she was ill or erm you know something wasn't quite right, I mean they wouldn't have just left her and sort of tried to cover it up as an accident or you know, they would or sort of you know, come and got Matt and Russell and Dave and Fi, erm I mean you know, not just because they are Doctors, because you know they're parents and you'd kind of go to anyone to see who could help but if you got, you know Doctors as friends who were there as well, erm you know there were kind of six people there who if Madeleine had accidentally been bumped on the head or you know whatever the theories are supposed to be, erm you know, there were plenty of people there who could of you know tried to revive a child, erm".


Plenty of people who could have tried to revive a child... The cynic in me is screaming that Madeleine's fate has just been described in detail and confirmed by those last few words.  I hope I'm wrong.  Smoke and muddied waters - time for someone to clear everything up, including their conscience.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Deja Vu... Again

Child missing, without a trace
Confused statements
Contradictory timelines
Friend spots 'abductor'
Media whirlwind
Cadaver dog alert

You could be mistaken for thinking that the above refers to the case of missing Madeleine McCann.  And although (bizarrely) it does, it's actually all about little Lisa Irwin, allegedly taken from her bed as her mother enjoyed jollies with a friend.  Umm, deja vu?  Like the McCanns, another fine example of crap parenting causing an innocent child to become a household name. Children who should be living in anonymity enjoying their deserved needs of a safe, sheltered life.

I always hoped that Madeleine's parents were unique in their own weird way, but unfortunately it seems the mould was left intact when they flunked the McCann School of Parenting.  I never thought I'd see another example of parents who claim to want their child back but hinder and run rings around an investigation by refusing to co-operate.  Well let's all welcome Deborah and Jeremy to the show - they seem to be doing a great job of following the bewk to a tee.  Or should that be manual?

Bless these children wherever they are - victims of their own parents incompetent failings.