Monday, 12 December 2011

It's a Fair Cop... and the £1m Lawsuit

Such an appalling, biased report from Sky, let's spin the McSpin...

The £1m lawsuit by bungling parents Kate and Gerry McCann against the lead Portuguese detective in the hunt for missing Madeleine will be heard early next year, it is understood.

The civil case against Goncalo Amaral - who was in charge of the investigation for five months after the McCanns neglected their children - will take place in Lisbon on February 9th and 10th, according to a source close to the couple.

The globetrotting couple, both in their forties have made a fortune hard-selling a book, appearing on many television shows, selling themselves (and their children) to the highest bidder and settling various litigations out of court.

In a 36-page writ, lodge in June 2009, they accuse Mr Amaral of libel and breaching their human rights.

The couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, are expected to attend court but despite lodging the writ themselves, will not give evidence. Whilst arguidos, the McCanns chose to hide behind the skirts of judicial secrecy. Due to the unscripted nature of a court case, speculation has arisen as to the reasons why their lips will once again be sealed.

"The McCanns have made Amaral's life hell and they have made themselves rich in the process." a source said. "Kate and Gerry just want him to stop quoting from the official police investigation and insisting that justice works in silence."

In their writ, the self-obsessed, manipulative, money-grabbing McCanns describe the now-retired detective as... a self-obsessed, manipulative, money-grabber with no morals.

They claim Mr Amaral's repeat insistence that their daughter is dead discouraged people from looking for her.  Yet the McCanns' own Official Facebook group has over 90,000 followers, all praying and lighting candles daily for the safe return of a live Madeleine.  The private investigator hired by the McCanns, claims there is a constant stream of new information and tips coming through.

The couple also describe the pain and anguish they say Mr Amaral has caused them by repeatedly smearing them - saying the slurs "totally destroyed them"...

"...totally destroyed."

The McCanns are seeking at least £1m in damages from the ex-policeman, and if they win the case, the money will be transferred directly to their own private company, Leaving No Stone Unturned, of which they are both directors.

Mr Amaral's book titled 'The Truth of the Lie' was translated into six languages and has sold more than 330,000 copies worldwide.  It was also made into a 50 minute documentary.  The McCanns failed in their bid to ban and prevent the book from being sold and despite again being available for sale, they have also defied a court order and failed to return confiscated copies of the book to Mr Amaral.

Madeleine vanished into thin air on May 3rd 2007 only days from her 4th birthday. Despite vehemently denying any involvement in her disappearance, the McCanns managed to mark the occasion of that sad day by appearing in person at the local church in Praia de Luz.

9 days missing...
McCanns mark Madeleine's birthday

The 3 year old had apparently been left alone with her younger twin siblings in their rented holiday apartment while her parents joined friends at the local Tapas Bar.

View of apartment - as the crow flies

The country's attorney general Jose Pinto Monteiro shelved the case in July 2008 and declared that it should be reopened when further credible evidence arose, with the status of the arguidos being temporarily lifted and reinstated if any such point was reached.


  1. Love it.

    But of course she was alone, she was the babysitter afterall.

    Perhaps you don't remember that the patio doors were left unlocked in case of fire?

  2. wasnt Mr Amaral's book based on the investgation
    and as he was the lead detective i would think he would know just a little bit more than the mccanns as their are files that are being kept by the pj,they are shitting a brick and this is the only way they can go, to try to discredit Mr Amaral in the british media. roll on feb.

  3. Love it too.

    "all praying and lighting candles daily for the safe return of a live Madeleine"

    In a nutshell, no one is looking for her. NL

  4. "Totally destroyed"??? The last time I saw a mouth like that, it was running in the 3:30 at Aintree. No wonder they don't want photos of themselves published unless they are weeping and wailing. Why do they have so much power, that they can make the media just pull photos on their whim? This really does need to be answered.

  5. How refreshing to read the truth for once about the lying,unfit,neglectful, money grabbing parents of missing Madeleine McCann,who according to the official files is most likely dead.Poor child deserved better parents than this pair.

    Bless Madeleine where ever she is.x

  6. That apartment is a long way from the Tapas bar where the McCann's were and there is also a swimming pool separating the two.Uncaring,drunk ,drugged or insane which of these are the Mccanns?\
    They have to be one or more because they freely admit to having left 3 under 4's alone out of sight and out of earshot in an apartment with the children's bedroom farthest away from where they were.This children's bedroom backed onto a carpark and the apartment itself was next to a road and was made even more unsafe by the fact that the door was left deliberately unlocked by the McCann's who said in their own words in case there was a fire.Mad or Bad?

  7. I will answer the really relevant questions,free babysitting serviced used NO in proper sight NO in hearing distance NO baby alarm NO Drinking YES THREE children under 4 left in a strange apartment in a strange country YES neglectful YES irresponsible YES evasive YES any evidence of an abduction NO evidence of possible foul play YES using the find Maddie fund money for other purposes than finding Maddie YES should they be rewarded for their neglect NO should they face charges YES only one question remains WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN CHARGED WITH OBVIOUS NEGLECT!!

  8. According to what's in the files they had suffered enough and will continue to suffer until Maddie is found.You just couldn't make it up could you?

  9. @ anonymous above - suppose you could say that but their suffering involves guilt and looking over their shoulder from one fateful day to another. Lets hope the police find the child soon and justice can be served. In this case it will be a dish served very cold.

  10. "It was like being told you were overdrawn on your student loan" - Gerry McCann

  11. The photo of them with Gerry in the blue checked shirt .Is that the one they had removed from public view because they said the photo showed them as being too happy and would give the public the wrong impression about how they feel?

    Well I must say it's the most natural I've ever seen them look,no-one can put on those expressions,they look like they've just won the lottery or have just visited a coffee bar! People who are genuinely sad inside CAN'T look like they do in that photo.

    Hope a lot less people are donating to their private company after seeing that .Fortunately it's been tweeted all over the place so lots of people will get a second chance to see it just in time for Christmas so they can hold onto their money instead of giving it to the McCann's private company, which I might add stipulates that the donated money can be used to help the family financially!

    Just another way of begging really and that's now illegal isn't it?

  12. Door left unlocked, children left alone BUT checked every half hour = Abduction possible and a little bit of neglect admitted -probably not enough to get them charged.
    Doors locked, children left alone but checked every half hour, no evidence of break in = No abduction
    That's why the McCanns changed their story from jemmied shutters, forced windows and locked doors to the patio door being left unlocked. It's garbage, the dogs signalled a cadaver odour in that apartment, I believe the dogs not the McCanns.

  13. "they look like they've just won the lottery or have just visited a coffee bar!"

    Gerry has seen the light, Kate makes love to the media and Madeleine is in a shop. An account of the truth.

  14. Tavares de Almeida, then Chief Inspector, concluded, (amongst other things), that:

    Madeleine McCann died in the Holiday apartment on 3rd May 2007.

    A staged HOAX abduction took place.

    The McCann’s were involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter

    The McCanns aren't suing this man how come?It could be seen that Amaral is just the scapegoat and it does makes you wonder if they have a grudge against him for other reasons .He was a top drug cop after all!

  15. Kate has such a way with the Press - yes indeed - they take photos of other things too besides them. Look at the Terramundi "Money Pot" picture in Kate's kitchen at Rothley. When you purchase one of these pots you place a wish inside. Look at Madeleine's name in front of it. And the picture of Madeleine beside it and just to the right of her name - what is that little ornament?

  16. the door was unlocked because the guy took maddie out of there ofc not the window no-one got in the window or out of it because if they caught thier pants or shirt on it would be crucial evidence i have dreams and i have wrote paragraths of them all i am on paragrath 8 i know it is only dreams not concrete evidence but i will tell u i have never in my life been abroad i have no passport i am 56 years old disabled grandmother on the exact night i was standing in front of praia da lux looking at the arhces i felt something blue equatic water or something to do with ocean i saw the guy to the right side of the couples i saw his face his clothes his worries he kept rubbing under his nose he was looking at one of the dark haired women he found her attractive he was looking at time i cannot disclose more it is a dream not concrete evidence but i will be visited again by the little girl and i will know she will let me know where she is a little girl is playing with me atm showing me pale yellow walls and pictures white spindles etc if i could read my dream better maybe she has already shown me where she is i am just waitng for more numbers from her she has told me already 120-67=63 dont know what that means but someone out there may hope so and they find her soon god bless maddie

  17. I cannot understand why it is important to the mccanns what anyone has said if they are not guilty of anything --passing the book is not the answer it is just delaying the truth in the end we all have to confess our wrong doings and if they are not responsable enough to say yes we are responsable for what happened that night ,if we were there our daughter would still be with us that would be a good start to the truth --- then learn from it-- a big price to pay a daughter for thier mistake-- you have to have eyes in the back of your head where children are concerned --but it would not be a crime if the children were not left alone i know im cruel saying it but the truth hurts

  18. ty pat for putting my posts on . You are a very strong person who wont let no one put u down keep up the good work because u will succeed in alot of ways --i wont put it public when i am sure about the little girl i know it is a dream and the people involved may think it is safe for them it is not i know soon the truth will be revieled --if not by the dream by the authorieties people should not underestimate the work they do---

  19. i had a dream i was at the hotel on the night i saw most of things --i have never been abroad in my life never seen the place but i saw it and i was scared of the detail i remembered from my dream something blue equatic stood out and arches also like a pale yellow colour as plain as day i saw a woman and a dark haired man leaning over the little girl shaking her on the bathroom floor of the hotel room --a cloth type of doll full of sick -- some panik going on -- i woke up then i had follow on dreams i saw a church with white wash walls i saw a box like a tomb somesort of grave --then i see a house a little girl looks like maddie she is showing me pictures pale yellow walls she is saying pink is nice but i like yellow she shows me a white fancy spindle staircase she is playing with me and laughing i woke up then i had follow on dream she is in a car she is showing me places brown cow or something and roads and places with houses being built a room with a guy in with his family they are poor sharing food from a tray unemployed he has done a favour for someone for money he is porrly educated has black hair off his face potruding nose tan denim jacket on cloth check shirt for some reason the little girl is being moved about like she is stored at places -- the last dream i had was i saw a map a smal type island with a waste pipe flowing into the sea i feel it was brazil not sure tho was small island ---


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