Monday, 24 June 2013

Madeleine McCann - A New Investigation?

So London's top prosecutor and her deputy visited Portugal mid April to consult with Portuguese officials about Madeleine's disappearance.  And subsequently, Theresa May has announced that Scotland Yard will be opening their own investigation.  Can we assume therefore that this has been rubberstamped by the Portuguese if Ms May has been able make this announcement?  Which is all very interesting, because British police can only investigate British suspects and the CPS can only prosecute British accused, those who are alive and kicking.  So, can we technically rule out the swarthy European masses and free range Portuguese eggs and assume that the culprit/s are British?  And will Scotland Yard, indeed ask their own dogs?

We can speculate until the cows come home, but should we exercise extreme caution?  Should we really believe the British media this time around, they normally print such pink crap, and we've been up this hopeful path before only to be let down.  It feels different this time though and I can't help but have more than a glimmer of hope for Madeleine.  The weekend papers have been surprisingly quiet and completely pink free.  It's almost like the calm before the storm.

The British authorities aided the Portuguese police and their investigation from very early on.  Google Lee Rainbow and Martin Grimes for a very interesting read.  However, if Scotland Yard do open a full investigation, will they also investigate some of their own officers?  In particular, I refer to the comments made by Mrs McCann herself in her book Madeleine...

Remember Bob Small?  He was the McCanns liaison to the British police and the van-man who set up the framing of an innocent Robert Murat, aided by (er err I carried her this way) Jane Tanner... well according to Mrs McCann on page 226, Bob Small gave Mr McCann indications of the FSS results before he was interviewed by the Portuguese police. Astonishing.  Mr McCann rang Ken Jones, head of ACPO the day after. Wonder why.  Imagine that - persons of interest having direct lines to top British brass and being spoon fed sensititve information which allowed them to keep one step ahead of the Portuguese.  Having indications of the FSS results prior to their arguido interviews gave the McCanns the ability to complete their offensive, and to their success they fled the country within days, aided and abetted by the British government.  One must assume that Goncalo Amaral was absolutely correct in his accusations of political manipulation and gross interference from the British in this criminal investigation.

And what about those officers who reportedly delivered boxes of files to the McCanns on their return to Rothley after fleeing Portugal?  Or those who informed them that their phones were being tapped?  Who supplied Gerry McCann with the top secret CEOP manuals?  Who made the visit to Portugal in an attempt to suppress certain information being released in the PJ files?  And who on earth thought it was a good idea to withhold the Gaspar statements?  This alone would have turned the investigation on its head.

This all needs looking into.  Interesting times ahead.

Another interesting thing has happened.  For some time now, this blog has been spammed by pro comments, without fail, every single day. Sometimes there are up to 50 comments a day left.  This is the reason the comments are now moderated - it's really not a problem going in daily and deleting the spam, some of it is very amusing.  However, since the CPS news broke - the spam just stopped overnight.  Saturday, Sunday and now Monday... 0 spam.  Zilch. Nada.  Wonder why.


  1. Hi like you I feel we have all been here so many times, the intense feeling that something is about to happen in a positive way, no matter what it is it would be positive and be, the beginning of the end. The road has been long, and probably we will have to travel it even longer. But at the end, it's always going to be a surprise\shock.

    The MET consists, as did the PJ of man and women very much like ourselves and despite and in spite of their training, they know when something just doesn't hang right.
    aka Meadow

  2. Let's hope the CPS and SY will concentrate on the anomalies. The patterns of phone calls, including the simultaneous mobile silence (31 hours long) of Gerry McCann and Robert Murat. The equally strange phone calls between the McCann house and at least two other numbers which I won't specify as the police know about them and are hopefully working on them. And, of course, the blatant falsification of the creche attendance records by none other than Gerry McCann, with the complicity of Robert Naylor, from 29 April onwards. A date which tells us when the unfortunate Maddie was no longer around to enjoy her holiday.

  3. Just a thought about the spam comments stopping overnight, would they all have come from the McCanns themselves, maybe? Could their computers have been "snatched" by the MET/CPS to check their emails and other things.

    The mind boggles as to what is going on behind the scenes.

  4. We can only hope for the best outcome now, this has gone on for much too long. I do think they are sitting pretty uncomfortable right now. I also find hard to believe that they were never charged with Child Abandonment when they arrived back in the UK>

  5. Correction to my comment of 24 June at 1341. In the fourth line, read "the Murat house" instead of "the McCann house". Sorry!

  6. Interesting what you say about the lack of spam comments. Why the visit by the CPS lawyers should silence those people is a wonder to me too. I'm pondering this!

    Excellent post, by the way! Thank you.

  7. What has occurred is that pro McCanns on the Twitter #McCann are being unbelievably abusive and threatening towards anyone daring to question the McCann's version of events. They are only a hand-full but post under numerous account names attempting to give the impression that there are in fact about a dozen of them. I had to advise my wife to stop tweeting on this particular hash-tag as she was being threatened with having all her personal information posted on twitter after being told she was a troll who hates a loving set of parents meaning the McCanns. It would appear that someone is utterly desperate to stop genuinely curious people wanting answers to all the obvious doubts.

  8. Agree your every word.

    And Goncalo Amaral did say Kate McCanns book would come back to haunt them. That and the CEOP Manual, Kate's diary, the tapas bookings book...and a million and one other things in this case...Even Madeleine's little colouring book which the callous cold group destroyed almost immediately...tells a story...none of these books make pleasant reading, each pointing to a little girl who was so terrible let down by those who should have cared most.

  9. re the spam stopping

    The pro-McCann-paid-trolls were merely returning to their offices to be briefed by their managers on a new strategy (events must have taken them by surprise). They'll be back for sure.. spewing their PR nonsense.

  10. Well Eddie, I check the comments on a daily basis and there's been absolutely no spam since the news of the CPS visiting Portugal broke. Maybe you're right and they'll be back... I kinda miss them :)

    Thank you all for your visits and input.


    This is a blast from the past.

  12. How was it done? Be watertight. Make your explanation far clearer, and more plausible, than the abduction theory. Give names, motive, opportunity and unequivocal time/motion breakdown. Do not rely on apparent inconsistentencies in statements...they always occur. And, perhaps above all, explain clearly why two people allegedly involved in a crime would have spent the last 6 years doing all they could to remain in the limelight and draw attention to the circumstances of their supposed misdemeanours, up to and including getting the prime minister himself to reopen a shelved investigation. The detective in charge of the new inquiry has unambiguously and categorically stated that the McCanns are not persons of interest. Let it go.

    1. Conspiracy Killer. you are so, so right. But, what about the cadaver dogs? I just cannot let it go until someone explains to me why the dogs don't get a mention by Scotland Yard. The dogs are ridiculed by the parents.

    2. "In plain sight" comes to mind. In order for this charade to continue forward from 3rd of May it has to continue to be played out as though she were still missing. I am guessing that eventually a body will be found, a huge, emotional and somewhat spectacular funeral will be held and that, dear friends, will be the end of the story ( or maybe not........?).

  13. Ah, those blasted dogs!!! Don't you know they're "incredibly unreliable" - not sure if Gerry meant all sniffer dogs in all the world or merely Eddie and Keela.
    Scotland Yard cannot ignore the dogs, their evidence is indicative of a dead body in that apartment 5A, on the McCanns' clothing and in the hire car and nowhere else.
    To ignore the signalling of the dogs Scotland Yard would surely have to state who died in that apartment and how cadaver odour was found where it was found
    Gerry's ignorance of the capabilities of sniffer dogs is not shared by the police, the armed forces, search and rescue teams, even ordinary people whose dogs signal before they have an insulin reaction or an epileptic seizure.
    That's a massive insult Gerry McCann.

  14. Scotland Yard have not disregarded the signalling, but are working on the same premise I outlinef earlier: if the "scent of death" came from Madeleine, then how the hell was the body disposed of given the incontrovertible timelines and testimony of disinterested witnesses to the McCann's whereabouts and behaviour? It simply makes no sense to suggest they were in any way involved in the harming of their daughter. Now, with that in mind, let's look at the sniffer dogs again. They examined the apartment a long time after the disappearance, when the scene had been contaminated by goodness knows how many people. Police officers themselves, with no forensic gear on, had rummaged through the flat. Is it inconceivable that one of them had on his uniform traces of a previous incident, unconnected to the McCanns? Even the abductor him/herself could have left some unpleasant scent of other misdemeanours behind. The crime scene was, I repeat, just too insecure to provide concrete data. And as far as the car rented by the family is concerned, I am sad to say that the story there enters rather murky waters, with one or more police officers, possibly under a great deal of pressure from above, "helping" the investigation along.

  15. Philomena: He’s going in at 2pm today. But he’s not the main suspect, for some unknown reason there’s something about a sniffer dog sniffing Kate. Suddenly a dog can talk and says she smelled a death. How can that be when a British sniffer dog came out months after Madeline’s case. They’re doctors, if there’s a smell of death on them could that possibly be a patient?

    Oh those incredibly unreliable cadaver dogs.

    The irony.

  16. Sound of crickets........


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