Monday, 6 February 2012

Pat Brown's Search for Madeleine McCann

Two women put pen to paper.  Same subject, same audience.

The women in question are criminal profiler Pat Brown and maternally bankrupt Kate McCann.  They are both writing about a missing child, Madeleline McCann.

Whilst Ms Brown's book promises 50% of sales will be donated to her own Madeleine search fund, the royalties from Mrs McCann's book will go to their own private search for Madeleine.  It will be added to the golden pot of the McCanns private limited company, Madeleine's fund as soon as the advance payment for the book has cleared.

Despite being something which is advertised as a totally transparent fund to search for a missing child, the Madeleine Fund : Leaving No Stone Unturned is really a mystery and the actual 'search' has always been a gaping black void to the outsider.  With the amount of well wishing donations received, it is only fair that regular updates should be provided.  There have been none.  We only hear of a name... Edgar. Bizarre sightings and McCann court actions are the only news we hear. The McCanns never physically searched Praia de Luz like any normal parent would and they've never searched since.

On the other hand and true to her word, Pat Brown has flown out on a two week visit to Portugal.  She will travel to Praia de Luz and spend the time using her professional expertise as a criminal profiler to analyse the case in situ.

Pat Brown is doing what we would dearly love to do, and something that Mr and Mrs McCann have asked... search for Madeleine.  She really does not deserve the abuse she has been subjected to by supporters of the McCanns.  I wish her every success on her trip and hope she really does turn up that missing piece of the infamous jigsaw.  If she doesn't discover anything, well at least she tried...

Two women put pen to paper.
Same subject.
Same audience.
Different aim.


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  1. Madeleine,its a terrible thing when your own parents cant be bothered to go to portugal and look for you,but a complete stranger(no offence pat)can,and at no cost to any one but herself,yes its a terrible thing.
    god bless you Madeleine,and god bless Pat Brown.

  2. Wonder when the media will be "allowed" to report on ANY of the forth coming court cases? Good luck to Pat ,hope she,s the one who succeeds in wiping that smug smirk off Gerrys arrogant face,and if TB does get a prison sentence,will we see any public support in his right to freedom of speech,which the Macaans seem hell bent in denying everyone unless it suits them and Carter Ruck.

  3. You contrast the two women so well.
    One puts her money where her mouth is - the stranger- and the other one does nothing - the missing child's mother.

  4. Pat made a promise to spend 50%of the profits from her book sales searching for Madeleine and she has kept that promise and is able to support ten days of searching with the money made.

    Just imagine how much more time she could have spent if the Mccann's hadn't prevented Amazon from selling the said book.Mccann priorities eh same as always just for themselves!

    It's so hard to believe they went through IVF to get this 'much wanted child'then treated her so badly ,you would have thought that they would have cherished each moment of her life,but sadly for this little girl she came second to NZ wine and Tapas.

    What was it that Madeleine lacked in her parents eyes that made her so unimportant that they left her alone in an unlocked apt at the age of 3,it just seems incomprehensible to a right thinking person!

    God bless Madeleine wherever she is,she deserved so much better from Kate and Gerry Mccann who dared to call themselves her Mummy and Daddy.Mummies and Daddies love and protect their children ,selfish narcissists leave them alone to party with their friends who they are'so into'

    Tragically for Madeleine they weren't 'so into' her.
    Good Luck Pat, Madeleine needs all who try to get to the truth of what happened to her.

  5. God do you morons ever give up. Get a life fgs

    1. Stupid!...Get you a life. Why do you come to this blog, aniway?

    2. No.

      We will NEVER give up.
      Justice & Truth for Madeleine!

    3. Sir/Madam! You failed to leave a note of your latest IQ test!

      Now seriously - have a look here and judge for yourself:

      "A life not examined is not worth living..." (Socrates)

  6. Why can't you people post anything that isn't an insult? It would be so refreshing to hear a responsible, coherent post from a 'supporter'. Don't you get it?... After 5 years, people just won't give up... not until Madeleine is found. So you'd better get comfy.

    And in case you hadn't noticed, God has left the building.

  7. It does not define a lady to say 'f u king tossers'. Sorry but the tone in scouse is not what a computer can do, or edit it. Page 129 appalled me as to what is murder most foul if this act were applied by those who do such things. Genital mutilation in a child kills. Are we all f,.,,cking Tossers?????

  8. Any search for Madeleine is a good thing! Whether anyone believes it was an abduction or not.
    My own personal theory is irrelevant. I believe in justice for Madeleine and hope that one day the truth will come out.
    I also believe in freedom of speech - trying to silence opposing opinions only makes people ask more questions.
    I wish Pat luck in PDL and I wish the review team at Scotland Yard luck.

  9. Good comparison Potting Shedder:-

    1st woman - open about all her procedures,
    2nd woman - uncooperative and devious

    Now, why would that be?

  10. Three questions I would like Mr & Mrs McCann to answer:

    1. After so many years and so much investigating by your employed investigators do you believe your daughter was abducted by a peodophile or a childless couple?

    2. Do you think the blanket shown in the Portuguese investigation evidence photos was stolen from your apartment? If not, do you have any idea what could have happened to it?

    3. Now that there is a review being conducted by Scotland Yard - would it be possible to use some of the donations given to your fund by the public to actively investigate and search for other missing children?

    Thank you.

  11. "AnonymousFeb 6, 2012 04:21 PM
    God do you morons ever give up. Get a life fgs"

    Give us another sample of your mind to prove you are not one big M too. Hmmm, let us to give you the benefit of a doubt.

    Why not try to get your information from a reliable source and avoid the mainstream, Clarence Mitchell controlled media (Bourson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting)not forgetting Carter-*uck?

    Start here:

    Sorry! Scotland Yard's files are not yet available but YOU could try and ask them. You do have "credentials" don't you?

    :)Oh dear!

  12. Pot,

    Are you by any chance russian?
    When I tune into this account I get a cyrillic message of a dr Web


  13. Today, in view of things going on and about to happen, I decided to look into GMs exploits in the Netherlands.

    Google: VU Ziekenhuis (= hospital) Mccann cardio.

    Among other things, you'll find hem a member of a well-established professional research group, albeit contributing from 'extern' His registration with the hospital was 1078209. He contributed in approx 5 articles. The members of the team are given with their own names and identification numbers also.

    He contributed to very specialized cardiologic atricles as early as december 2007 (?!) and as late as 28th july 2011 and 4th october 2011.

    As the VU hospital a no time till date disavowed Gerry Mccann's work/contributions, or pulled him from her site, scientifically he must be above par, the VU hospital being part of one of the most respected universities in the Netherlands, the Vrije Universiteit, formerly (long ago) Reformed Church.

    Give credit where credit is due. He may have saved someones life.


  14. Hi Portia

    No, not Russian so not sure where the cyrillic message is coming from.

    As for GM, yes credit where credit is due - he probably has saved lives. However, it's to be expected as it's his job and he's being well paid for it.

    It's interesting that despite all the claims laid against Sr Amaral (depression, angst, lack of appetite, sleep etc) Mr McCann was still working and submitting articles all along and as late as October 2011 as you've pointed out above.

    Whatever credit may be due in his professional capacity, the neglect of their children and whatever happened to Madeleine cannot be excused.

  15. You make some very good points MMM.

  16. "credit where credit is due".

    You do need an IQ and more than a modicum of intelligence to be a medical (cardio) consultant.

    By the same token, you also need an IQ to come up with a foolproof plan even when key political figures, rich charismatic entrepeneurs and top PR firms are helping you to cover your tracks. Old Goebbels formula always works.

    What am-I talking about now? Sorry, I seem to have gone off on a tangent here...

    GM, you were saying? I love him!

  17. Ok Gerry, step away from the mirror.

  18. One for money(kate)one for Madeleine(pat)

  19. MY grandma had a dream she has never been abroad in her life she has never seen portugal or any place but she saw the hotel and all what happened to maddie she said the window is a trap to think that she was passed through it-- she wasnt--she said 2 people were leant over maddie as maddie lay on the floor-- a woman and a man-- shaking her-- the cloth toy was on the floor as maddies eyes were set on it i cannot disclose the rest my grandma is going to write to someone soon about it all when maddie visits her in her dream one more time to reveal everything because little maddie has been playing with grandma showing her pictures and yellow walls white paintwork and disney characters maddie said she likes pink but luvs yellow best and snow white -- i know it sounds abit wierd but it is true grandma has premanitions all has been true

  20. continue from last dream from my grandma she dreamt of a map of a small island with the sea surrounding it she said looked like brazil her eyes were drawn to some sort of waste pipe or pipe leading into the sea seemed to be showing her clues but she woke up feeling it was not enough to see what was there

  21. All the McCanns want is their lavish lifestyle on the backs of decent honest tax payers money...people need to wake up? i wish Pat well with her search for little Maddie, but i think we all know if her parents had done a better job looking after their own kids they wouldn't have gotten all this negative back lash?


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