Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Kate McCann Gallery

Who can say what the mum of a missing child should look like?





Tickled pink?...



Bricking it?...

Or just plain weird...?

Curiously, there are plenty of photographs that could come under the heading of 'weird'.  Plenty of happy smiles with their other children, but none of them searching, asking, looking...  This is what we see, it's out there in the public domain for us to draw our own opinions on. 

So what should the mother of a missing child look like?  My expectations would be a devastated wreck, but who can say? We can question whether it's normal to function and show all the wrong emotions.  Calm, beaming smiles from a woman who managed to co-ordinate her personal grooming from day one - right down to putting her earrings in.

After watching her husband storm off set during the Spanish interview pictured below, I did think Mrs McCann acted as cool as a cucumber, which certainly opened my eyes.

However, to date I've never actually viewed her as 'cold'.  Not until it was so succinctly put by Mrs McCann herself, and pictured by the Express... Instead of raging yet again at the unknown, perhaps she should question why people hold this view...

And perhaps, just once, the headlines could be about her missing daughter and not herself.


  1. I wouldn't give a flying one what anyone called me if I were innocent,in fact I would be so absorbed in thinking of ways of how I could find my child and in caring for the two little ones I still had left.On that note the twins would NEVER be left whilst I went out of the country NEVER,they've been through enough!

    McCann, I dare call you 'cold'and a lot worse and say it to your face if I got the chance because I'm a mother and don't need to walk in your shoes to know that you do not in any way shape or form talk like a mother or act like a mother with regard to Madeleine {missing or not }or the twins, you never made that transition, it's still 'The Kate show'

    This woman should have gone to acting school to get centre stage instead of losing her daughter to try and achieve it.What a despicible woman how DARE she call herself a mother,mothers CARE for their children,this woman only cares for herself!

  2. I have to agree.The smiling on Madeleine's 4th birthday by both parents for instance,never before have I seen anything like that,especially parents of a child they claim could be with a pedofile!And yes,you would cling to your other children surely,and not leave them to go globetrotting or in a creche so soon.I was shocked when watching Panorama and Kate's whoosh cluck when she was describing a small window of opportunity an 'abductor' would have had and the Gerry's 'tiny tears' episode.Over the 4 years and including the book,it has always been more about Kate and Gerry than an innocent 4 year old and what she may have suffered,if they have told the truth,which I doubt.

  3. She does look like a cold person not to say a hard faced cow in that Express page, I wonder if they can be publishing this sort of thing to make her look bad, as it certainly has that effect. people dare call her cold because she was able to leave three toddlers alone night after night then go around blaming everyone else from the resort to the police to the poor upstairs neighbor - it's the Kate show, but hold the blame! She doesn't want any of that. Just the money and the attention.

  4. What drives them on, the book is an absolute disaster,the idea that an abductor has hung around for a couple of days drugging Maddie the evening before, even taking her away on the beach to drug her again and then return her just in time for Kate to collect her (Maddie does not tell her mother )abductor returns later the night of May 3rd drugs the children again and leaves this time taking Madeleine.

    Profiler Pat Brown has discussed this case with some of us but never said publicly what she truly thought, until now...and Kates story is absurd it only goes to prove that the children possibly were drugged and as Pat said not by an abductor, so draw you own conclusions!

  5. Twitter is a dreadful corner of the world , the people who claim to be McCann supporters are the vilest people I have ever come across.

    It seems so strange as the McCanns have everything going their way, everyone is fawning over them, the Goverment have no balls, it is as though they are afraid of them. I have never seen such sickly sweet interviews, it makes me want to vomit.

    And yet the abuse hurled at one because we do not believe this ludicrous story of theirs, I often wonder if I am in the middle of a dream and this will have all been a nightmare. Having said that ,there are folk in America who truly believe Obama bin Lying killed Osama for the ninth time.

  6. There has to be something that makes two doctor's from working class backgrounds special enough to get the amount of protection they do.
    If they know something they'd have met with an 'accident' by now,because in the scheme of things they are nobody's so just what is it?
    They had no money before the fund as Cold Kate had to work yet they know all these wealthy and powerful people!Sex, drugs and rock n roll???
    Or was it Madeleine that was the special one{in which way I don't know} and is it her who keeps them protected ?

  7. Safety in numbers,the whole family know, the Goverment tiptoe around them, if something happened to the McCanns someone would talk. I think the crime was simple, it is the covering up that has made it so complex. Brown was a fool he believed them, until the dogs and then he was in too deep.

  8. Memyselfmoi, can you explain the mention of US president Obama on your blog ?

  9. Anne, you would have to ask 'anonymous @ 19.02', as they posted the comment.

  10. Every second,every minute,every morning,every night of every day wold be an horrendous living nightmare, I daren't imagine a birthday of a child with them missing - let alone missing to the unimaginable. At some point they had to smile, it's human. Could you smile on the Birthday of your missing child?? I would have found it hard even standing, but that's just me. Something is very VERY wrong.

  11. Agreed, something is very wrong indeed.

  12. Memyselfmoi, the US president Barack Obama is libelled on your blog. I'm amazed...

  13. "Who can say what the mum of a missing child should look like?"

    This is a thought/question that will never cross the mind of a mother of an 'abducted' child. Tells it all Kate, I've drawn my own conclusion a long time ago. Beware of your intelligent twins, one day they will read literature instead of fairy-tales.

  14. Does this woman ever stop talking about herself and how SHE feels?She comes across as a selfish cold hearted woman who cares for no-one but herself.
    And after reading what she has written in her book appearances are not deceptive in her case, she really is a cold self serving person.

  15. Cold ,heartless,devious, liar, temperamental,sex starved,druggie,alkie,narcissist,swinger,
    violent,foulmouthed,jealous,petulant,secretive,insulting,greedy,uncaring person, uncaring mother with an inflated sense of entitlement.
    There you go Kate take your pick.I know which I'd go with ...the whole lot,but only because you yourself have told me in your own words who and what you are.

  16. who the f*** does kate think she is,after what she has called people who do not believe her and gerry's dark tales of a abduction, she does'nt like things being said about her,bloody cheek

  17. hey kate, if you cant stand the heat ,get out of the kitchen

    1. Sorry? You make no sense at all!

  18. I was the most fervent follower of this couple until I saw an image of Kate a few weeks after the fact. I noticed that she was wearing earrings and a matching necklace and I knew at that moment in time that there was something very odd about this case. I google what is dodgy about the McCanns and well - here I still am 4 years later.

    It was also seeing how she managed to smile and carry it off that makes me at times wonder if Madeleine was really dead at that point or if it was just a brilliant hoax. Sort of a global religous event, Madeleine returns - God is great kind of thing. Maybe retrieved by the British Army something like that - they also could do with some good PR

    I look at those images showcased here and I don't think anyone whose child is missing, would be able to look like that. No matter how narcissitic.

    That comment Gerry made about Sean developing a liking for sea bass. And then the dogs find cadaver on the red t-shirt of Sean. Was Gerry putting a message on his blog that he was planting cadaver in PDL to whoever would be reassured by this act.
    He had just returned from the UK.
    Interesting that it was on Kate's clothes and yet nothing on his.
    Perhaps when it transpired that the hoax had got out of hand and too much investigation would follow Madeleine's return, the game plan had to change.
    I don't believe she is alive anymore.
    At that point Kate was going to be one to take the fall.

    I believe there are so many involved in this.
    But of course the parents are the ultimate betrayers. They played a game with their daughter whatever they did.

  19. This is so complicated because if anyone says anything they get sued and it has made it harder to find maddie i feel if people had nothing to hide they would not care what people said it is showing thier true colours when they are quick to defend themselves instead of what they should be doing is concentrating on finding the little girl maddie she is the important one here not tic for tac methods. I know money is needed to fund maddie the public are so kind but i feel they have abused thier kindness it should have gone to the police fund on dogs and horses to track maddie ...tut tut what a waste of money been spent .The book of a little girl not been found yet is what kate has done is appalling it is like celebs gone wacky tut tut I am feeling it is all about money ---what is wrong with the old fashioned ways the public will find her for nothing because that is what they do best ----oh and when kate and jerry go jogging maybe a look around will help :)


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