Wednesday, 8 October 2014

RIP Brenda Leyland aka Sweepyface...

I've been reading about the sad loss of Brenda Leyland over the last couple of days.

I want to reinforce the fact that so many of you have succinctly pointed out.  This woman (who is being vilified in the media as a 'troll') was just one of many who do not believe the McCann version of events.  Her tweets were not threatening and couldn't have been directed at the McCanns - they don't have a Twitter account.  She simply did not believe their story, yet she was targetted and singled out in the most humiliating and disgusting manner by Martin Brunt and Sky News.

In contrast, the tweets levelled back at Brenda by supporters of the McCanns would take your breath away. I've never come across such vile, disgusting abuse in all of my time on the internet.  Any supporters of the family who condone this should hold their heads in shame.  And so should the McCanns.

The reason I write anonymously is not because of my opinion or that I'm in some way ashamed.  I do so to protect my family and out of fear that my children will have their names and photos published online by the same type of people who created the website and dossier.  This has happened over and over to normal people who dare to question what really happened in Praia de Luz.  It's pathetic and a gross invasion of privacy and anyone publishing such information should be prosecuted. Like Gerry McCann says "Clearly something needs to be done about the abuse on the internet.  I think we probably need more people charged".  On this occasion Mr McCann you are not talking shite, you're bang on!

Brenda may be laid to rest, but the circumstances surrounding her death cannot.  It must be fully investigated. 
Who compiled this dossier?
Were they paid to do it?
Will they in turn be prosecuted for stalking online?
Were the McCanns involved?
Did it come under the Media Monitoring tab in the fund accounts?
Who fed the information to Sky?

And what gave Sky the right to doorstep an innocent woman guilty of nothing other than not believing?  The police later confirmed to the BBC that they were not even investigating Brenda Leyland.
I'm sad that Brenda didn't get the answers to her questions, but I sincerely hope that one day the truth will out - with so many of us wanting justice for Madeleine, I'm sure it will.  No amount of abuse will stop me seeking the truth and nothing will make me start believing the McCanns and their Sticker Book Story.  That group of scummy professionals and deadbeat parents should be held fully accountable for what happened on that holiday.  And for once (shock horror) I agree with Katie Hopkins.

Eighty pages of torture and death threats?... Hmm my advice to the McCanns - put it in your NUTTY BOX along with it's authors and move on.

Rest in peace, Brenda.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The diggers and the dogs are heading to Praia da Luz...Brunty has just tweeted that the boys have already arrived!

Hooray, finally something to offer a little bit of hope (because I always look on the positive side of everything) and something of interest to talk about!

This all reminds me of the time British police officers arrived in Kos to do a similar dig for Ben Needham.  And I just can't help make comparisons between the two children and their families.  There has always been a startling difference between the two...

Not surprisingly, the McCanns have already stated they won't be setting foot in Portugal while there's any digging going on.  Did anyone expect anything otherwise?  Yet Kerry Needham and her family were there on the toot.  In fact, here's her father at the dig in Kos...

Mr Needham had been back to the location over the years, this time it was something he described as a 'traumatic experience' but was glad that he had returned.  

We are told by Kate McCann herself that she also returns, privately to Praia de Luz with some regularity, walking the streets to look for answers.  Yawn.  With such regularity, her last visit was in April 2013, over a year ago.

Gerry McCann then told us 'the Met are going back to Portugal very soon... we are going to continue hoping we get a happy outcome...' and the pair were said to be 'buoyed' by the latest development, while Kerry Needham simply said of Ben, 'If they find his bones, my life is finished...'

That one sentence gives me chills...

But hey ho and back to McCann Land and here's what (they think) they do best - with a pained expression and microphone...even though this time the audience was little more than a dribble.  Sign of the times or something else?

Here we are again?  Yes Mrs McCann, you're in Rothley!!!  We had no doubt you'd be here again.  No need to broadcast it or adapt any words from any song. Uncle Brian was asked how he felt on the anniversary... 'much the same as I was seven years ago - hopeful.'  Strange family.

I truly hope that something comes out of these digs, and if it's not Madeleine then perhaps it's the pink blanket or the blue sports bag.  Or maybe something else that will help end this farce and bring those responsible for it all to justice.  Madeleine McCann needs closure.  We all do.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hello again, hello...

Hello, not gone anywhere... still watching, still waiting.

It's been a while since my last post, but that's simply because there's been nothing really to talk about. The case is still being investigated, the trial is still trundling on with delays.  Discussions are aplenty without me adding my two bit.
I'd just like to remind you not to be fooled by the media and their headlines.  In what world do the police reveal who and what they are investigating to the general public?  And when do they ever give their prime suspects the heads up that they're coming for them on the front pages?  It just doesn't happen.  So whatever the media says, think the opposite.  We can speculate but won't ever know what's really going on until the fat lady sings.

My question is - whose lead are the press are following by recently reporting the big, bad, bogey burglars.  Interestingly, it looks like it's the police themselves...

Anyway, hope you are all well.  I'd like to thank you all for keeping the case alive with your thoughts and discussions.  Keep it up, I read daily.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Maddie McCann, Gypsies and the Insane Media

I really want to write about the latest Roma happenings in the news, but I just don't have time.

I want to write about how disgusted I am with it all, swooping on families simply because their children look different.

They wouldn't dare do it with a British family, or Asian or Portuguese.

There is a big mixed gene pool out there, we're not part of some Aryan society.  We're all different.

I've just read that the Irish child who was taken from her parents and DNA tested was actually their biological daughter and she was returned to them after spending 2 nights in care!!

Umm no, it wasn't just a Roma couple with whom she had been living - it was her damn parents and family!  That woman gave birth to a BLONDE child, what a friggin shocker.  Now why didn't that make the front pages of our crap press?

There's always been gypsy predjudice around but like the rest of society, they have their good and their bad and they're certainly not all child snatchers.

If the authorities were so concerned, what about all the other children they missed and left behind when they were searching for the blonde children?  You know the ones with brown or black or ginger or any other colour hair. Or are abductees restricted to being blonde?  I don't think so, you fools.

And then we have the pink spin with an extra rinse for good measure, shameful reporting, absolutely shameful...

'Maddie' found in Greece

'Maddie' found in Ireland

Media, please get a grip - do you think we're all stupid?  'Maddie' was NOT blonde, she was not found in Greece or Ireland.  She is totally unrelated to anything Roma.  Read the goddamn files and report ACURATELY.

Do us all a favour and slither back into your hole.  Feckin t0ssers.

PS... great news about the possible reopening of the case in Portugal.  Absolutely brilliant :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Dangerous Game...

I avoid the MSM like the plague.

It's usually full of pink spin, always attempting to either detract or pre-empt.

Or simply full of lies.

I can't ignore the latest appalling headline in the Sun.  The implications of the grisly end that Madeleine may have come to are just too sickening for words.  Alongside her photo.

All sensational detraction and a sordid exercise for profit.

This is something that is more harmful to the twins than anything they could ever read.  Whoever thought this one up should thoroughly hang their heads in shame.  Actually they deserve a good flogging, but I wouldn't want my words misconstrued.

Whatever happened to investigative journalism - will these idiots ever grow a backbone and report sensibly and properly?

Sadly, I think we all know the answer to that one.