Friday, 16 December 2011

Ambiguous or Equivocal?... Or just tongue in cheek.

Taken from the statement of Daniel Sanderson who appeared at the Leveson Inquiry on 15th December 2011

I believe 18,000 Euros were paid to the Portuguese journalist (the P J). It was paid in two parts; 9,000 Euros up front and 9,000 Euros on publication.  I can’t be certain of this figure, but it is certainly a fairly accurate estimate.  I am aware of the approximate figure because that is the price that had been agreed with the PJ in my initial phone conversations with the PJ.  The PJ set the price, which I had communicated to Mr Edmondson.  Mr Edmondson then authorised both payments to the source.  The PJ then contacted me after publication to organise the second payment, which was authorised by Mr Edmondson.

For the benefit of the Leveson Inquiry...
PJ = Portuguese Journalist

For the benefit of the rest of the astute world...
PJ = Policia Judiciara (Portuguese police)

I assume that Mr Sanderson is well aware (him being a journalist, like) that the Portuguese police are referred to worldwide as the 'PJ'. Surprised he would use such wording on an official statement?

Some pertinent questions people would like answers to...

Who was the Portuguese journalist involved?
Where is the original Portuguese copy now?
Who were the London-based translation service?
What is the proof that the Portuguese police were the original source?
Was there another diary - pre 3rd May?
If so, which diary did the police really want?

And one final question...

What is the relationship between Gerard Couzens, the diary picker upper and Tom Worden, the 8 new leads leaker?  Which may be answered by putting their names into a Google search.

**thanks to the smarties online for spotting the 'PJ' gaffe.


  1. Question's I and many others would like answered.
    I feel a letter coming on addressed to Leveson who has a duty to get to the bottom of what appears to be a massive farce.

    The British police REFUSED to hand over K's diary after being given it by herself after saying she didn't trust the first line investigating police force in Portugal, so how on earth can the same force be blamed for what the NOTW published when only Kate and the British police had access to it?
    This is not the same diary which was removed from the villa and deemed worthless.

    This needs getting to the bottom of before Kate&/orGerry McCann extort any more money from people to put in their private company where it states the money donated can be used to financially help the family!!
    Now is that particular objective Ambiguous or Equivocal???

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