Saturday, 28 January 2012

Marinho Pinto to Testify...

The chairman of the lawyer´s association Marinho Pinto will testify for the couple McCann against Gonçalo Amaral, in the civil process that Madeleine´s parents moved against the former coordinator of the directorate of PJ in Portimao, Correio da Manhã has learned.
Marinho Pinto offered himself to testify in person, against the former coordinator at the trial that was scheduled to start next week but was postponed by the judge who granted the request of the McCanns to be heard several English witnesses through video conference.

Marinho Pinto was the author of the Expresso article which highlighted the trial of Leonor Cipriano and revealed the so called photographs of abuse.  In an unprecedented move, Pinto constituted himself as assistente in the process, which allowed him not to testify or reveal his source of the photos.

In 2010, Marcos Correia publicly supported Pinto in his run for post of Chairman of the Lawyers Order.  And also in 2010, Pinto supported Isabel Duarte.  What familiar faces can we look forward to attending the Amaral v Correia/ACED trial in February, I wonder.

Pinto's daughter, Barbara worked for McCann lawyer Rogerio Alves. Alves, if you recall opposed the reopening of the enquiry after Wikileaks revealed a telegram between British and US ambassadors, discussing that the British police had presented the evidence that had led to the McCanns being made arguidos.

Getting confused by all these names and lawyers?  Well they're all there, and more... in that big can of worms.

Onto the 'several witnesses'... we can speculate all we want but I doubt it will be anyone mentioned in the police files or from Scotland Yard - not whilst their investigative review is active.

Could they be...

Work colleagues

The McCanns' family and friends are well accustomed to making video appearances.  The McCann children are also mentioned on the writ - maybe the twins will be next to appear for that extra added oooooomph. Respect for the childrens' privacy in a closed court?  Va va voom...

Perhaps we'll have witnesses similar to those from the Leveson enquiry. Witnesses who stated under oath that their articles came from Portuguese contacts within the police.  Or maybe CEOP have discovered just why Jim Gamble made the unprecedented move of having operatives on the ground in Praia de Luz within 2 days.  CEOP was set up in 2006 to help find and convict paedophiles... When the Government took over in 2010, Jim Gamble resigned taking this little nugget of mystery with him.

The McCanns postponed the case... one has to wonder just why they are stalling at this late date.  And just how strong was their case without these additional witnesses.


  1. Did the McCanns pospone the case though? I thought Goncalo Amaral postponed it because he has a new lawyer who needs time to prepare the case and in turn the McCanns postponed the case against Tony Bennett, possibly awaiting the outcome of the Amaral libel trial.

  2. @anon 10.54... that's what the pros told everyone, including their own. Todays news appears to completely contradict that. Maybe both parties postponed?...

  3. they are stalling because they are sh** scared of what Sn Amaral will be saying,they can bring all thier friends and family and uncle tom cobbly and all in, but it will not get them what they desperatly want and that is £££££ and to be exonarated from any wrong doing,but any one who has read the files will know they have lied over and over again to save thier sorry arses,but its unfortunate for them that there are some very intelligent people on different blogs who have sussed them out from the onset and will not let Madeleine down like they have.

  4. They're bricking it - bring it on.

  5. I bring good news from Claudia a very dear friend of Gonçalo Amaral.

  6. Stupid cow. All you are is an attention seeking nut case. Were you there when the police interviewed the McCanns? Noooooooooooooo.

    You should change your name from Potting Shedder to Shit Spreader.

  7. Hahaha thanks for that inspiring comment. Do keep it up.


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