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The following points are taken from a post I saved from the old 3As forum before it went down.  I can't give credit to the poster as it was so long ago. Please comment if you can remember.  These questions remain unanswered, and I have many more to add to the list - I'm sure you do too.


When the McCann’s fled Portugal in September 2007, the British Police assisting the Portuguese enquiry left also. Madeleine was still missing, supposedly abducted. So why did the British Police quit the search the day after they were both made official suspects?

Since that day in September 2007, not one legitimate Police force has been actively looking for Madeleine, why?

Why were the Tapas 9 so keen to control the early stages of the investigation by writing out all of their timelines on Madeleine’s sticker book, before the Police had even arrived on the scene?

Why did the McCann’s with their limitless amounts of money coming in from generous donations, hire people who specialised in fraud and bomb disposal and who had no 'missing person' experience?

Why did the McCann’s ignore crucial Police advice by publicising Madeleine’s distinctive mark on her eye, which would almost certainly have guaranteed her immediate death and disposal? 

Why did the McCann’s make Madeleine a Ward of Court after she had vanished? Was it to prevent any details of her medical records and other information from being made public for 75 years?

Why was it necessary to hire such a large team of lawyers when Madeleine first vanished, which also included Pinochet’s infamous extradition lawyer?

Why did Kate McCann refuse to answer all of the questions put to her?

Why did the McCann’s claim to know instantly that Madeleine had been abducted, yet waited 40 minutes before first contacting the Police?

Why did the McCann’s want the investigation shelved? It was within their legal rights to ask for the enquiry to remain open, which they turned down? Why? 

Why did 3 UK Detectives deliver several files of information to the McCann’s home, shortly after they got back to the UK whilst they were still suspects?

Why did the cadaver and blood sniffer dogs Eddie and Keela, only indicate to their apartment and their car? I believe 7 properties and 10 cars were searched in total that day, but only the McCann’s apartment and car tested positive.

Why did the Home Office refuse to hand over to the Portuguese investigators details of the McCann’s bank details, credit cards and medical records? These are one of the first things any Police force obtain at the start of an investigation. So why were they refused assistance?

The British Authorities later informed the Portuguese Police that the McCann’s did not own any credit or debit cards? So how did Gerry manage to pay for his holiday?

Why were the McCann’s and their Tapas friends never seriously interrogated? Instead, during their Rogatory interviews the British Police assisted them with some of their answers, which can be clearly seen in their statements.

Why did Gerry delete all the phone calls from his mobile on the 2nd of May, the day before Madeleine disappeared and also one received from Kate on 3rd May at 23.17 p.m., just over an hour after she had raised the alarm? Neither went to search for Madeleine, so why did Kate need to call him? Where did he go?

Why did Gerry have to fly home to obtain something with Madeleine’s DNA on? Did he actually supply an accurate representation of Madeleine’s DNA to the Police? Why was there no DNA of Madeleine’s found in the apartment the night she vanished?, an apartment which she had lived in for 5 days? Not one strand of hair was found there belonging to the McCann twins either. It’s like the apartment had been scrubbed clean.

Why is the case filed under Homicide, Simulating a Crime & Hiding a Cadaver and not abduction?

How did the scent of cadaver from a dead body get on Madeleine’s Cuddlecat, a child’s red T shirt, Kate’s black/white cheque trousers and her white sleeveless top? Why only these items?

Why did Gerry have to move the position of the sofa in the lounge? The exact same sofa which was identified by the blood dog Keela, as containing minute traces of blood in 3 different positions on the back panel. The exact same sofa that Eddie the cadaver dog also identified the scent of cadaver behind. Is this just a coincidence, or is this evidence of staging?

Why did the British Government intervene and support them on an unprecedented level from day one?

Why did the British Government feel the need to appoint a spokesman Clarence Mitchell, to speak in public for the McCann’s and is still assisting them today? Has the British tax payer been paying for his services all this time?

Why are the British papers only interested in reporting on the abduction line, when there is not one shred of evidence to support this theory? In 2008, one third of the official police files was made available to the general public. Facts that every newspaper could have easily been printed without any fear of litigation. So why have they ignored all of this information?

Why was Kate so annoyed at being asked to attend the Police station in the early days to identify a little girl caught on CCTV, that was believed to be Madeleine?

Why would the McCann’s leave Madeleine in an unlocked apartment knowing she had a tendency to wake up and wander frequently at night?

Why did the British Secret Service immediately put the McCann’s under telephone surveillance and not inform the Portuguese Police?

Why would SOCA (the Serious Organised Crime Agency) get involved with a missing child?

Why did the British Police withhold a statement for at least 6 months from the Portuguese Investigators involving David Payne and Gerry McCann, over lewd allegations of paedophile behaviour as witnessed by another Doctor friend of theirs on a previous holiday?

Why was Gerry in possession of sensitive Police manuals only used by Special Police Services and Government Agencies? Who gave them to him and why?

Why did the McCann’s want Leicestershire Police heading up the investigation and not Scotland Yard? They wanted the help from the Government, but not the top Police Force, why?



  1. Look - people from LEICESTER are visiting

  2. Why indeed!


  3. Question
    ''Since that day in September 2007, not one legitimate Police force has been actively looking for Madeleine, why?''

    ''Why did the McCann’s want the investigation shelved? It was within their legal rights to ask for the enquiry to remain open, which they turned down? Why? ''

  4. Why did Healy wash the apartments curtains ?
    Why did the McCanns let their 3 children SHARE the same toothbrush ?
    Why did McCann go home to get a photograph of Madeleine ?

  5. could it be that someone official was out in pdl and if we are to believe the gaspars statement(which i do) that could be the reason why the mccanns have had all this help and no one has stopped them taking the pi** out of all the people that donated to the LTD COMPANY.


  6. why did they take their kids away to leave them in child care all day and alone every night ?
    where,s Gerrys missing blue sports bag ?
    where's Maddi's missing pink wool blanket ?
    why not answer 48 questions now kate - why say they would do a lie dector then refuse , Why not do the reconstruction of the night ? why no med records for maddi ?
    why didn't they search for maddi ? why spend fund on private eyes that had no experience of lost kids while only the finest legal help for themselfs ?
    if so religious why IVF ?
    The whole thing sinks !!

  7. All was covered up by the freemasons McCann and all his cronies are freemasons

  8. the freemasons covered everything up. McCann and his cronies are all freemasons looking after each other. M15 know exactly what happened to Madeline.


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