Wednesday, 25 April 2012

That Doggone Maddie McCann Review...

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Force have today released a statement via the officer in charge, DCI Andy Redwood about the current progress of the investigative review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The team, consisting of 30 odd officers have approached the investigation with an open mind and are working on two possibilities - one that Madeleine is alive and secondly that she is sadly dead.  Work of the team involves close collaboration with a senior investigating officer from the Policia Judiciara and the object is to bring closure to the case, starting with the reopening of the investigation in Portugal.

In accordance with the former line of enquiry, the Met have released an age progressed picture of what Madeleine might look like if she was nine years old...

Please remember there are lots of little girls worldwide who look very similar to this idea of a girl and it would be a very bad idea to accost or grab any child in public.  Many lives have been disrupted by wrongful accusations in the past 5 years.  Children and parents have been extremely traumatised and in one Moroccan episode, a father pitifully thrust his daughter's birth certificate into the faces of parasitic news crews.  Another child grappled with was a boy.  So... please contact the local police in the first instance and watch from afar if you are crazy enough to think that the child in front of you may be a nine year old Madeleline.  Especially if she's really only five, six or seven years old.

Maybe one day some crackpot will get it right and it will be Madeleline. However after reading and watching the cadaver dogs involved in the McCann case, I have very serious doubts that this will ever happen. Amongst the many niggles that I still have, I wonder why the team running Operation Grange seem to have overlooked the fact that a British cadaver dog alerted to the scent of death in apartment 5a, in the hire car, on Kate McCann's clothing, on Sean's t-shirt and Madeleine's apparent favourite cuddly toy, Cuddlecat.  All subject to strict test conditions where several cars and items were analysed.  The dogs alerted only to McCann related items, nothing else.

Are the Met dismissing their own £500 a day cadaver dogs?  If so, what about all the other cases where these dogs have alerted to the scent of death.  Such as the Suzanne Pilley and Kate Prout murder cases.  Both perpetrators of these heinous murders were convicted without a body being discovered and are thankfully behind bars.

DCI Redwood says the team are only one quarter of the way through the extensive pile of information pooled by them.  Perhaps they just haven't reached the dog chapter yet...

And if they can perhaps explain away the scent of death then I may come around.  In the meantime... here's hoping Scotland Yard can encourage something the parents have never shown an interest in... the reopening of the case in Portugal.


  1. From book review by Eilis O'Hanlon

    "When specially trained cadaver dogs, for example, detect the scent of death in the family's apartment, Kate is quick to highlight the unreliability of sniffer dogs. It makes absolute sense insofar as they know they didn't do anything to harm their beloved daughter.

    But as a parent, surely you'd be terrified by what the dogs sensed? The fact that a strong indication of death had been found at the scene immediately raises the likelihood that something terrible happened to your daughter in that room; but Kate and Gerry are almost militant in their belief that their daughter is not dead."

    And that is exactly why I don’t believe Kate and Gerry McCann.

  2. My daughter is called Madeleine, she is (approx) one month older than Madeleine McCann. She has honey-blonde hair and has Hazel eyes. In short, she pretty much matches the description given. The newest 'sighting' in Nerja leaves me cold with fear. In the August following Madeleine McCann's disappearance we had a family holiday in Nerja. It was Myself, my Husband and our children. My parents, my brother and his wife. One night we were in a restaurant. I took (my) Maddie to the toilet and returned to a row.
    Some (English) people on the next table had been watching us and decided that my Maddie was Madeleine McCann. My brother overheard them planning to snatch her and claim the reward money. Thankfully my Husband, brother and Dad started to argue with them and caused such a scene that the restaurant owner made the other people leave.
    I just wanted to thank you for pointing out that any idiot with an idea in their head can take this picture/information and act on their own authority.

  3. Don't worry about the dogs Pottingshedder, they were DNA dogs which failed to turn up any conclusive dna. So we've all been worrying for nothing, because WE all thought Eddie and Keela were cadaver and blood dogs trained to find cadaver odour and minute traces of blood.
    We are so stupid aren't we? We should have realised that they were DNA dogs.
    Thank heavens for Panorama.

  4. @anonymous 01.33pm... thank you so much for sharing such a horrific experience. It's happened before and it will happen again, either by some do-gooder or someone wishing to claim the reward money. A situation which could easily escalate into something very nasty and scary for all involved. Hope you, Maddie and the rest of your family stay safe.

    @anonymous 11.03am... I agree, excuses, excuses instead of demands and questions.

  5. @anonymous 01.42pm... Yes, the dogs. Stunned that they failed to mention the cadaver dog alerts. Put the show and indeed the whole Panorama team deeper into an already bad light. Maybe they couldn't explain it either, so just didn't bother...

  6. The dogs Eddie and Keela were not police working dogs but at the time their handler Grime was actually a security guard having left the UK police force.

    Going against ACPOs wishes he went to Praia da Luz with unlicensed dogs and did what ACPO anticipated and that was to acually bring the police working dogs from Uk into disrepute.

    If you watch the videos well and listen even more closely you will not only spot that there were unusual working methods going on with the dogs but Grime tells listeners that what his dogs were detecting could be old blood. That means the scent could have emanated from someone bleeding in the apartment a good long time before the Mccanns ever took up residence. And what about the gentleman who actually gave a statement to say he had cut himself badly in that very apartment. No DNA has been matched to Madeleine, no matter what the spin is on this, it simply has not, even thought the tiling was taken up and sent for forensic testing.

    I find this attacking the Mccanns very unsavoury and would urge restraint in all the spinning that is going on every day. It will make no difference to the outcome. Not one iota of difference.

    1. Total nonsense. The dogs were from S Yorkshire Constabulary, and were called in upon the advice of a UK specialist.

    2. Originally they were from SY Constabulary but not at the time of PdL. Grime was working his dogs in a civilian security capacity.

  7. Watch the Apartment 5a video of Grime from 4.30 and listen well to what he has to say.

  8. Utter tosh. How do you explain that out of all the items that were tested the dogs only alerted to McCann stuff. Eddie alerted to dried old blood did he? Someone bled behind the sofa. Someone bled in the wardrobe and in the flowerbed. And there was old blood on Kates topand trousers? Old blood on the kids top? Old blood on cuddlecat? And what about all the places they didnt alert? If old blood is so commonly detected why didnt they alert in the friends apartments? Or Murats? Why wasnt there old blood detected in the other 9 cars they tested? Or Murats cars. I tell you what tho, if Murat;s stuff had been alerted to you lot would have him strung like a pig. Change the record its all wearing thin. Those dogs detected a dead body had been in the vicinity of the McCanns so who the hell was it? Keep digging that hole - we can still see you!!

    1. Sorry but that's not true. The dogs did not alert to a cadaver.

      The gentleman who did say he bled profusely all around that aprtment prior to the McCanns ever having been there probably would tell you that he wandered throughout the apartment and as the wardrobe was in the main bedroom, then I fully expect he bled there too. It makes much more sense than what everyone on the anti McCann side tries to imply.

  9. 286A/2007-CRL 1A & B Swabs collected from the floor of the apartment
    An incomplete DNA result, apparently originating from a male individual but not matching any other profile obtained in this case, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs.

    286A/2007-CRL 2A & B Swabs collected from the floor of the apartment
    A mixed DNA result, apparently originating from at least two people, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

    286A/2007-CRL 3A& B Swabs collected from the floor of the apartment
    An incomplete and weak DNA result comprising only some unconfirmed DNA components was obtained from the cellular material present in the dry swab (3A). The attempt to obtain a result from any cellular material that may have been in the same area and present in the wet swab (3B) was unsuccessful, given that no profile was obtained. These samples were submitted for LCN tests.

    An incomplete DNA result was obtained through LCN from cellular material present in the swab (286A/2007 CRL 3A). The low-level DNA result showed very meagre information indicating more than one person. Departing from the principle that all confirmed DNA components within the scope of this result originated from a single source, then these pointed to corresponding components in the profile of Madeleine McCann; however, if the DNA within the scope of this result originated from more than one person then the result could be explained as being DNA originating from Kate Healy and Gerald McCann, for example. DNA profiles established through LCN are extremely sensitive; it is not possible to attribute this DNA profile to a particular body fluid. nor to determine how or when that DNA was transferred to that area.

    1. THree words - neat, household bleach. Enough to contaminate, degrade and destroy any sample of dna.

  10. Oh that would work just fine...NOT! Just perhaps it wasn't there to begin with?


  11. I think the mccanns are guilty because they are very reluctant to have the portuguese reopen the maddie case, do a reconstruction, and the fact that they evade any questions, if it was my daughter I would camp out in pra da luz and demand answers,its all about money, maddie is a nice little earner, Paying off ones mortugage and having a brand new four by four, the maddie fund was never about finding the child.

  12. ok my theory is this...what if..thos is a theory only and in no way an accusation..what if maddy woke up crying..went to look outside for mommy or daddy and fell off the balcony..and died. dad finds her and when kate comes home daddy carries the body away ie witness saw man carrying child toward beach.idk,just wgat i pictured in my head.....idk may God keep lil Maddie


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