Friday, 24 December 2010

Season's Greetings...

Just a short note to wish all visitors a very happy Christmas.  Here we are, once again... It's such a shame that we are now seeing another Christmas and little Madeleline is still missing, without a trace. 

The customary appeal was overtaken this year by the scandalous Wikileaks cable which revealed that the British police had 'developed' evidence against the parents. Did they show their fury by tackling Assange or even the British police?  No, they released a statement denying their involvement.  Instead of the begging bowl, we were privy to these denials and the revelation that the re-opening of the case is the last thing that the parents want.

Why do I think that?  Well they appear to view Goncalo Amaral's attempts to reopen the case as a threat.  How bizarre...  The whole Wikileaks thing appeared to morph into Amaral's fault... what can they blame him for next I wonder.

Latest on the novel... it appears that it won't actually be a best seller as Waterstone and Amazon predicted with their hiked up, inflated (wishful thinking) price. Amazon have cut their pre-order price by 15% to £17.00.  Tesco have cut an astonishing 30% off at £14.00 but way ahead in the running is WH Smith who have snipped off a whopping 38% and currently offering the book at £12.40...

At this rate it looks like it's destined to be offered at POUND store prices, like many of the McCann sympathisers...

Even better value if it comes with a wipe clean cover for jotting down those cobbled, nobbled timelines.

Here's another little niggle for you to ponder upon... what do you think Sr Rebelo is in the act of describing in this photo below, and where are they all positioned?...

Well, time to say goodbye... Santa has reached Guinea according to Norad so I'd better go and put out the milk and cookies (and carrots).  Have a wonderful Christmas season, all of you.  I wish you a prosperous and joyous 2011 and again, hope this will be the year that Madeleine receives justice.



  1. Yes, let's hope 2011 is the year that the McCanns are charged.

  2. Hi MMM

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Please tell us what Sr. Rebelo is doing - looks strange to me!



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