Saturday, 27 November 2010

Missing Madeleine...

How do you identify a missing child when the information given to the public is misleading and inacurate?   In those crucial days and weeks after Madeleine's disappearance, we were told to look for a small, blonde girl who had a 'special mark' on her eye.  The following photos were released...

Who do we look for?  A blonde little girl, with that special mark in her eye as advised?   None of these photos show a little blonde girl - Madeleine has mousey coloured hair in these photos..  Are we looking for blonde or brown, are we dismissing blonde or brown?  Are we looking for both or looking for neither? 

We are missing Madeleine.

Next the eye.  Against all police and expert advice, the McCanns, family and friends release information about that very special mark on Madeleine's eye, a coloboma. It's only visible when up close - so we can rule out all children who are asleep, far away or not looking at us.

We are missing Madeleine.

Three weeks after Madeleine's disappearance, a photo is released.  Known as the 'pool photo' but one which came to be known as the 'last photo'.  There is no confirmation that this is the last photo, but looks as if it was taken on that fateful holiday.

Surprisingly, this photo shows an altogether different child from the one that we've been looking for in the weeks gone by.

We are missing Madeleine.

And finally, one of the most distinguishing features a person can have - a birthmark.  Not many people know that Madeleine has a chestnut birthmark on her left calf because it's something that the parents or family have failed to mention in any of their interviews or statements.  In fact, the only place where it is publicised is on the Policia Judiciara official missing persons page.  If Madeleine had indeed been abducted, what better feature to look for - easily spotted no matter what size and whatever activity the child is taking part in, especially if she's wearing a skirt, dress or shorts.  Even cropped pyjama bottoms.

We are missing Madeleine.

Who have we been looking for and who are we looking for?  From day one, confusion has reigned.  In the case of a missing child, time is of the essence yet there has been continuous dissaray of information released.  And in the case of the birthmark, information held back.  Smoke and mirrors... why?

Hence, almost 4 years later, it sadly looks like we have missed Madeleine.


  1. i have always said nobody knows what Madeleine realy looked like and out of all the pics you have above i bet none of them are of Madeleine on that weeks holiday,because we only have the Mccanns word it is her,and you wouldnt believe one word of what they say, now would you.

  2. I agree, the wart on her little finger (if she had one) should have been publicised if it aided positively identifying her.

  3. Day one - Kate McCann didn't once step outside the apartment to look for her disappeared daughter.

    Was there something else?

    Posted by ThenThereWere4


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