Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A New Search for Maddie

'No law enforcement agency is looking for Madeleine'...

Over four years ago, the arguidos in the missing Madeleine case allowed the Portuguese police to controversially shelf and put on hold the investigation due to insufficient evidence.  The fact that certain suspects and witnesses failed to co-operate didn't help.  The PJ and the British Police continue to work in the background but will only reopen the case if any new credible information arises.

Now, criminal profiler Pat Brown has created her own independent Maddie Search Fund. The fund, which promises to be transparent, has been created thanks to sales of the ebook, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The book is available to buy online from Barnes & Noble and Smashwords at a snippet of $2.99 - 50% of sales will go direct to her own Maddie search fund.  Please click to buy, your book will be electronically delivered within minutes.

Pat has confirmed that there is no conflicting ongoing search for Madeleine in Portugal and has purchased her ticket for travel to Lisbon on 6th February 2012. The search will begin shortly after, concentrating in and around Praia de Luz for starters.

Please follow Pat on Twitter, or visit the Official Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's Maddie Search Fund page on Facebook for updates on the fund and search.  I would urge you to support and like this page, as she has bizarrely (but not surprisingly), taken a horrendous amount of abuse from supporters of the McCanns for her well intended actions.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, this can only be beneficial for the most important person - Madeleline.  Pat Brown is doing something that the majority of us would dearly love to do... travel to Praia de Luz to search.  Credit where it's due, I wish her the very best of luck and success and hope she has rewarding findings which will either lead to Madeleine being found or help with the investigation.  I would urge Pat to take the utmost care if she stumbles across any lawless villages on her travels.

And here's hoping that she has more success than the McCanns' own hapless private investigators.  This has gone on years too long, we need a shining light.  Most importantly, Madeleine needs it.

Help find Madeleine.



    Pat has clearly set out many aspects of the Madeleine McCann case and anyone wanting a fresh approach is recommended to read.

    For me, as the OP of the blog needs to be reinforced that the McCanns had the LEGAL RIGHT to stop the case being shelved, so did Robert Murat the third arguido (as a point of interest) Therefore all the appeals for money to the fund to find her and appeals to the British Tax Payer £3.5 is a total waste.

    The McCann did not exercise that right, why?

    The Portuguese Police like many other forces, wanted a reconstruction of the timeline. Reasonable. The seven friends and independent witness JW who Mr McCann was chatting to, declined, why?

    The McCanns whilst arguidos would have be obligated to attend.

    Then we come to the disappearance, the alleged abduction. Cutting to the chase and why the timeline is important, is Mr McCann was not in the Tapas dining, despite the fact that this was the alleged forth night the children had been homealone. The presented groups timelines and witness indicates, that the abduction took place:

    within the timeframe of him leaving the Tapas, checking the apartment finding nothing untoward and standing immediately outside the rear gate chatting to JW. Whilst another member of the group see Mr McCann, JW and the abduction in progress.

    The McCanns acknowledge the rear door was unlocked. Mr McCann found nothing untoward on his check.
    Ø assumption therefore is the abductor entered via the unlocked door & was already in the apartment during Mr McCanns check or managed to open both shutters and window without damage
    Ø then either jumped out the window – since this was later found opened but not by the next person to check, but the one after that, Mrs McCann
    Ø or merely walked out of the front door

    Just needs a bit more explanation, why a near four year old would be carried on the hoof, when there was an car park immediately outside the front main door, and as Mr McCann had himself just exited how a sleeping child would be medicated (presume|stop crying)in the alleged minutes of the timeframe.

    I know we all know this, but people wonder why SOME OF US, can’t swallow it.

  2. the mccanns are out and out liars,and not too far in the distant future those that support the mccanns(but not Madeleine) will all be digging thier way back under the stones that the mccanns have not unturned when the truth finally appears .chriss

  3. TWITTER censor those who can prove Friends Of McCann framed Robert Murat or links to the Gaspar statement.

    Twitter warns they have been WARNED those who try to link either topic with the McCanns during the Leveson inquiry will face a permanent ban !Twitter the land of free speach Bah !!!!

  4. Articles like this are BANNED by twitter !!!

    Twitter has suspended more than 200 accounts in the last 24 hours for those who dare to mention the truth from the police files !


    The traitor on twitter who brags about suspending twitter accounts for those who do not believe the folklore..beware dont fall into his trap !

  6. Well they have suspended me again and I have not been anywhere near the charlatans all day !

  7. Anonymous, we are keen to know if you are still suspended. Has the 'Blue Foot' aided your suspension or in your opinion, are Twitter cracking down unfairly on users? Please let us know next time you visit. Thanks.

  8. this is all crap the maccans should be locked up as they went to the bar neglected the kids and got drunk there to blame

  9. facebook also take accounts if u use freedom of speech act


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