Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Role of a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors market a brand, product or service on behalf of a business organisation. They promote the brand name, products and services by interacting with customers, business partners and the media. Brand ambassadors are basically company marketing representatives and customer relationship managers. The objective of the brand ambassador position is to provide information about a brand, product or service, generate income and build preference of a brand name.

The charity Missing People have (in my opinion) made the wrong decision in appointing Kate McCann as ambassador - wrong because although Mrs McCann has publicly associated herself with the charity in the past, she has never volunteered her services.  She was also one of the prime suspects in her missing daughter's case and to this day has never been cleared.

In the case of a donation based charity, public opinion is tantamount and I've already read of many horrified fundraisers refusing to donate any further monies to Missing People.  Which is a shame.

There are many comparisons popping up online, such as Karen Matthews as Mrs McCann's assistant and right hand umm man, and...

Harold Shipman as ambassador for Help the Aged.
Peter Sutcliffe as ambassador for Battered Women.
Hitler as ambassador for Dove soap.

Sick comparisons, but just as sick as the Queen of Neglect championing missing children?

With the help from friends in high places, the McCanns seem to be on a roll with their 'wider agenda' so hey ho, here are some familiar and easy suggestions for Mrs McCann to further her non-diplomatic ambassadorship career...

Institute of Babysitters

Legal and Fighting Funds

Ministry of Sad Faces

Tapas Drinks and Nibbles Chamber of Commerce

Whether she likes it or not, being directly implicated in her own daughter's disappearance means that Kate McCann will always be the best ambassadorial reminder that you should never, ever leave your children alone.  For the good of all the children that are still here and not already missing...

However, the 'snooty, cadaver scent under the nose' look is NOT a good marketing ploy - she really should go au naturelle (and I definitely don't mean commando).


  1. minister for childrens soft toy hygiene...ten top tips to remove those pesky stains of suntan lotion and cadaver alerts.


    I am just looking for the link where McCann was with Ernie Allen days after Maddie's death in Washington. He said something very bizarre on child sex abuse if I remember correctly. I will be back


    Here it is, McCann Aug. 27th was interested in child trafficking and child sex abuse !!

  4. Ambassador of the Disappeared.


    Branson and Rhonda Wyllie helping the McCanns with the Barcelona from Victoria farce----seems impossible but would anything surprise us anymore, really ?

    The NHS is no more and Branson is gobbling it up in Devon.

    Some more connections or not ? Plymouth is excluded. BUT if you do a search there are a lot of McCann Plymouth connections.

    So very hard not to think conspiracy BUT something very strange is going on.

  6. Shouldnt she be ambassador for the Abducted?

  7. @Anon 13:10

    One must see things in a broad perspective, I guess.

    "abducted" by their German father

    "Kate McCann is the same. As long as I was fighting, I was passing on the message to my children that I hadn't abandoned them." And did they get it? "They never found out. But they can now if they Google." (Catherine Meyer)

    Go googling kids!

  8. It's like making Jack the Ripper patron saint of prostitutes.

  9. Ha ha, rose m!! NICE one.
    How about Fred and Rosemary West, Ambassadors for structural alteration and landscaping?
    Oh dear, I'm beginning to feel as sick as the McScamms.


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