Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hot Lips Healy Hails Hotline...

Sometimes I think I'm living on another planet.

Some things are just wrong.  Wrong.

Kate McCann hails new hotline

Kate McCann is among guests at a Downing Street reception to celebrate the introduction of a new Europe-wide hotline to help find missing children.

This comment completely sums it up for me...

"It's unbelievable that a woman can be invited to number 10 for leaving her kids alone while she went on the piss, oh yes and losing one into the bargain.  It's unreal!!"

Is Mrs McCann simply being used for her repute and tabloid pulling power?  Or like the 'review' was Dave's arm twisted by Rebekah? LOL. To be honest I'd rather look and listen to anyone else and find it appalling that the likes of this woman should have the honour of being at Downing Street when there really are more deserving envoys.

The McCanns are representatives of the charity, Missing Persons, a charity which they use when it suits them.  Being a representative does tend to make one sound important and involved... yet they are so embroiled in other things, they don't care to ensure that their own missing child's poster is updated.  It hasn't been for 5 years.  Missing Madeleine is still four...

This new hotline is a great idea - what a pity it wasn't available to Madeleine McCann she needed it.


  1. When this all got started, for me about 1 year ago, certain thoughts wtnt through my mind and it was not all sweatness and light. The mind said that there is something wrong here. Yes it seemed strange that four years (back then) had gone by and still no real clues as to what happened to this little girl in PdL. Then bit by bit little pieces of information started to appear in various post and videos, in this and other posts and the picture started to make itself clear as to what happened. I wrote a small theory and it was shot full of holes by posters who knew much more than I possibly could. Be that as it may I am still not convinced I was totally wrong, but I dropped it than and will not speak of it again. What was clear to me then and more so now is that there is a new hidden agenda now, and it appears that the next step in the grand plan of the McCann clan is under way. So many good people, who don't sometimes know what direction is up and that hell is down will be fooled into thinking .... and this is the way to go and Maddie is the perfect catalist to use to pull off the grand plan. IMO, Kate McCann is the last person in this world to be ..... appointed head of, or Grandmaster of a new organization to find missing children in this world. She is to close to the problem and would/could never be trusted to do what,,,, whatever,,, do what, has to be done to stamp out... one of the evils the Government(s) condoned by/of/in this world. If she insists that Paedifiles took Madeleine, so be it, but lets find the basterds and then clean house in the upper house of the protecting Government and let the McCanns go back to work as Doctors, but for Gods sake don't let her be in charge of the housecleaning this world needs to end peadifilia forever. Don't bother to ask me how I come to this conclusion. Just think it out for yourself. If you add 1 and 1 it will come out to 2 no matter who says you are wrong.

  2. I wish to You a very nice day.

    But the number exists since 2007 February......

    more information here:


  3. Excellent article MMM

    Yes, it’s unbelievable that an irresponsible mother is being used as some sort of figurehead. Talking of credibility!

  4. That poster was wrong from the beginning! Madeleine never reached the age of four as it states !!

  5. Its just sickening that the McCann child neglectors are parading about like celebs. This fund needs stopped. The dogs Eddie & Keela told us what happened. Eddie alerted to the scent of death in apt 5A behind sofa in the McCanns bedroom inside wardrobe the veranda. They also alerted to Healys blouse & trousers a childs T shirt the cat toy. The dogs also alerted to the McCanns hire car. Out of the families at the resort the dogs only alerted to belongings of the McCanns with the missing child

  6. Unbelievable, ludicrous.


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