Monday, 20 August 2012

Double Standards?...

Brecon mother, 20, jailed for leaving baby home alone
A mother has been jailed for 15 months for leaving her baby daughter at home alone every day for a week while she went out drinking.
The woman, 20, of Brecon, Powys, admitted neglect of the 15-month old while she went out at Christmas.
Neighbours raised the alarm when they heard cries, Merthyr Crown Court heard.
Judge John Curran said: "You may have gone back to the house on occasions but the fact is you neglected her for a very long time."
The court heard how the woman left the girl in the cot and would go home every day to give the baby breakfast cereal and a microwave meal before going back to a friend's flat to continue partying.
Prosecutor Michael Hammett said that police officers alerted by neighbours found the house to be cold and dark, and with all its rooms in a mess.

Well, well, well...

This little girl is now safe.  I wonder what the sentence would have been had the child vanished without a trace, or if she'd been left alone and neglected along with her brother and sister?

This similar case smacks to the very heart of the McCann case (until the scent of death is remembered).  The same charge in Portugal carries a hefty loss of liberty, no wonder the McCanns fled with their tails between their legs.

You cannot change the past, Madeleine is still missing yet the McCanns are enjoying the the life of Riley?

The scum of this country do not just appear on the Jeremy Kyle show - they hide under the cloak of middle class society with their upper class friends.  Time this whole charade came to an end and all involved held accountable.


  1. Well said Shedder. The McCanns are swaning around the world in their em ( cough ) search for their beloved daughter. So loved that she was left alone in an apt night after night with her baby brother & sister. The McCanns as parents are disgusting. Then the evidence of the cadaver dogs pointed to death in the apt. Then WHOOSH they fled to the UK. When is something going to be done about them ? Instead they go around begging for money which is used for their top lawyers CARTER RUCK. Its diabolical they should be in prison.

  2. Spot on....good article.

  3. Come on now Potter...this case does not smack at all like the McCanns. They did not leave their children for hours like this woman who only went home on a daily play fair.

    The McCanns were only a matter of yards away and were regularly checking on their children.

    Isn't it about time this vendetta against this poor couple stopped and you joined forces along with "pro" McCanns to try and find out exactly what has become of Madeleine.

    Is that not the way most decent human beings with an ounce of kindness would want to find this little girl? I really think it is.

    1. The Brecon child is alive and well - the scent of death has not even been mentioned. In the McCann case however, the death scent was found on McCann clothing, their car and Madeleine's soft toy. It was also found in the McCann apartment living area and in Gerry and Kate McCann's bedroom wardrobe. So no, you're right... it doesn't smack of the McCann case at all.

      The McCann children were NOT only yards away from the Tapas bar. The Tapas bar was actually within a walled enclosure, alongside the Ocean club pools, many trees and shrubs and a long winding pathway. The apartment block was up the street, and the children's bedroom was actually on the further side of the building - not on the Tapas bar side. Too dangerous and spread out in Luz village even for Mark Warner to offer a listening service.

      I choose not to believe Kate and Gerry McCann's version of events. That is my right and not against the law - there is no vendetta against this (not so) 'poor' couple. I certainly will not be joining forces or associating with any 'pro' or supporter of the McCanns. You have no interest in finding this poor child or the truth - if you did you would not rule out the two prime suspects. It is not nice to see the blind defence of two strangers and rarely mention the only victim, little Madeleine herself.

      I happen to be a very decent human being, with much kindness to go around and I desperately want Madeleine found. Alive or dead, which is sadly more likely.

  4. Yes lets get the Mccann couple off their holier than thou pedestal and remember the very good points you have made MMM ,not least the one where it was found 'too dangerous and spread out in Luz village even for Mark Warner to offer a listening service.'

  5. @Anonymous20 August 2012 15:35

    oh dear me have you been reading kates fairy story.
    If you truely want justice for Madeleine then i suggest you read the official police files instead of reading the sun newspaper.

  6. Anonymous20 August 2012 15:35
    Isn't it about time this vendetta against this poor couple stopped and you joined forces along with "pro" McCanns to try and find out exactly what has become of Madeleine.

    And how exactly would you go about this, if you were the McCanns?
    Would you sell wrist bands, luggage labels and t-shirts?
    Would you employ sub-standard private investigators who would rip you off - and yet you wouldn't sue them?
    Would you use your child's fund money to employ expensive law firms to prepare your defence and sue anyone who has the temerity to disagree with your version of events?

    Or would you realise that the police do know best and persuade your friends to return to PDL and take part in a reconstruction.
    Would you take the blame entirely for the fact that your daughter is missing, however that occurred, and would you shout it from the rooftops that small children should never, never be left alone?
    Would you co-operate totally with the police and beg the Portuguese judiciary, on your knees, to reopen the case?
    Would you stop hounding a good, honourable policeman who did his best, even as you put the boot in, to discover what happened to YOUR daughter - he never "lost" any of his own>
    What would YOU do to find Madeleine?

  7. To find maddie i would be camped near the hotel i would knock on everyones door..i would take a sniffer dog around also i would have a team of ordinery people who are not working to look in desalate places also look at the places of basements even sheds----oh also if i did have a whiff of who took her i would make sure they would not take a child again i would throw them down a well all cold and alone see how they like it been alone from thier family--


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