Saturday, 18 August 2012

RIP Winnie Johnson

The notorious letter (if there is one...) has opened up the old death penalty debate again. 

Hang 'em or throw away the key?

I've always been of the opinion that if found guilty, they should live long lives and be left to rot, regardless of the cost.  Especially in this horrific case where they not only committed the most barbaric crimes but then went on to torment the families involved.

The death penalty was abolished shortly before the trial.  I cant help wondering what kind of life Winnie Johnson would have lived, had Brady found the noose around his neck way back in 1966.

The invisible cord that he has tugged over the years would never have existed and despite living with the horror of losing a child in the darkest of circumstances, Winnie's life would have most certainly been different. Perhaps the fact that the murderous, evil scum was still alive and witholding whatever knowledge was what really kept her going?

I do hope that Brady carries on rotting with the realisation that he has lost his last hold and when his day eventually comes, may he continue to rot in hell.

Sincere condolences to all the family.  I also hope that the police continue to investigate and search for Keith.  It's not just the family who want to see him given a decent burial, we all do.

The dignity, courage and hope of Winnie Johnson cannot be surpassed.  This woman should be commended for her dedicated, lifelong search for Keith.

May you be at peace now, dear lady and finally be safely reunited with your darling child.


  1. That was lovely Potting shedder. Every bit of it made me cry cos it was so true. God bless Winnie & Keith and may Brady rot in hell.

  2. A beautiful piece of writing.I read that Winnie went out on the moor thousands of times over the 46 years and actually searched for her son. That's what you would do isn't it, actually go out and look.
    McCanns please take note.
    I think they both should have hanged. It would have stopped Brady from being able to manipulate events and people even from Broadmoor, and Winnie and her other son may have had some kind of closure.

  3. Heart wrenching words MMM.RIP Winnie x

  4. My kindest thoughts will always be for Winnie, I could never imagine what it has been like for her over the years. I'm a somewhat romantic and feel Winnie probably was close to Keith in her visits to the Moors, and when she passed this is where she probably imagined him to be.
    As regards the letter, whatever this turns out to be Brady has been on the moors searching with police years back, so I don't think it will be ever possible to locate Keith, other by chance & luck.
    However what does anger me most is that Brady has played to the gallery from his prison cell, peg\artificially fed for 12 years, now an appeal for him to RIP in a Scotish Prison. Why should this man be allowed to hold court?
    As regards the specific letter, Brady is detained under the Mental Health Act, there are very strict legal rules regarding communications, in particular written ones. Equally safe guard his rights, that correspondence to Mental Health Tribunals, people with power of discharge can't be withheld, irrespective of content. THEREFORE, this letter was AGAINST THE LAW. End of. And, had I been the nurse in charge, this would have been given to the consultant & medical team TO BE OPENED. So what some prison visitor was doing conveying communications from a detained patient in an high security (special) hospital is beyond me.
    RIP to Winnie & I hope the family can take forward any wishes they have been entrusted with.

  5. I agree this man should suffer for the cruelty he has bestowed in his lifetime on young and innocent people. The mind cannot take in just what dreadful torture this man bestowed on lesley Anne Downey and undoubtedly the death of the others was not the swiftest out there on the moors. Sick and depraved beyond all measure.

    But of the letter. Do we know when it was written, if indeed it ever was? Who is to say he did not write it before capture and lock it away in a place of safety?

    Do we know for sure that his Mental Health Advocate had possession of said letter?


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