Saturday, 27 October 2012

Farewell Friend...

I lost my friend.

And although I know she's at peace and not in any more pain, my selfish heart is broken.

The day of the funeral suited our moods - grey and dank.  It was also very foggy.

Luggage dumped, we made our way to the prom.  That first sight and smell of the sea would bring me closer to her.

But despite being by the coast, the fog blotted everything in the distance - we could only hear the waves crashing.

As I stood by the railings, a robin appeared at my feet, its red breast illuminated in the cold air.  It hopped onto the sand and scurried off, stopping and looking back as I followed.  As I neared, it scurried off again.  I got my camera out of my bag and tried over and over to take a snap but each time I did, it turned its little head away.  This continued all the way up the prom with me in pursuit... scurry, turn, wait... scurry, turn, wait.  Right to the end of the prom, where it flew off.

I was heartened at such a bizarre sight... a robin on the beach?!

The following day, with heavy hearts, we made our way to church. Arriving early, we decided to have a look around and as I made my way through the eery mist surrounding the old headstones, what should land at my feet?  A robin.  It flew upwards, then from tree to tree.  As it did so, a shimmer of autum leaves fell to the floor.  A truly magical sight.

The fog lifted slightly as we laid my friend to rest and the sun tried to make its way through the cloud.  It was a sad occasion, as you would imagine.  We made our way to a little pub to celebrate her life and guess who came along with us... the robin.  It sang its heart out before flying off into the mist.

I won't even consider a skeptical point of view, I believe that little robin appeared to put a smile on my face.  Just like my friend always did.

Such heart warming coincidences dont happen very often.

As well as being a wonderful, kind hearted woman, my friend was a great advocate of justice for Madeleine.  She contributed long and hard over the years in the search for the truth.  Not only a sad loss for her family and friends, but also for Madeleine. I hope she now knows the truth.

So long my soul sister... you are at peace now.  An enigma to many, but not to me.

I won't say goodbye, just see you later...


  1. Very moving. Your friend would love your gentle and feeling words. You made her sound a very special person. I hope I have someone to utter similar when my time comes, and the robin.


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