Sunday, 28 October 2012

The McCann Fund Farce

I watched a video the other day - Gerry McCann justified the spending of fund money by claiming they employed a team of private investigators that was led by one man, Dave Edgar.  Turns out that the team consisted of just one man, one leader.  Crowley and Edgar.  And they've not been employed for months...

Yep, according to the Sunday Express...
Kate and Gerry McCann are no longer employing private detectives to search for their missing daughter Madeleine.
The Sunday Express understands the McCanns stopped using former police detectives Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley some months ago when their contract ran out.
So, how long is 'some months'?  How long is a piece of string?...  Did their employ end when the review started?  If so, that's a little more than 'some months'.

The 'source' felt the need to tell us “there was no fall-out.” and that they felt the search should be left to Scotland Yard.  They said there was no fall-out when Doug Skehan and brother, John McCann (directors of the fund) also departed.  Oh, how abandoning ship is done on such good terms these days.

If the McCanns are not funding a search for Madeleine, why then are they still asking for funding to search on their Official Facebook page?  In fact, they've specifically pointed out that they've made it easier for the gullible to donate when buying things from their online store.  How kind.

High time this 'fund' and private investigation was scrutinised once and for all.  The public should be made fully aware that this is the McCanns' own private company of which they sit as directors and decide how the money is spent.  If they want to boost their balance, they should do what every other owner of a small business does - damn well work for it. Their 'business plan' should be laughed into next week.  Unfortunately it isn't, and the naive and gullible really believe they are funding a search for their daughter.  A daughter they didn't even look for themselves.

Pointed out on Twitter this morning - how can the McCanns' search be hindered by the publications of Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett when there is no funded search or investigators?  True... their claims have no standing in court and it would appear that the McCanns themselves are hindering their own search by not renewing their own investigator's contract.

Are the McCanns searching themselves then?  Nope, everything is hunky dory as they holiday in Ireland.  Edgar's wages didn't stretch too far, did they? Apparently they're residing in a remote cottage somewhere.  It must be some distance to the nearest pub, let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.



  1. oh very well put,i hope the police are looking into this fund,boy what a scam.


    The above will tell you where to complain about the Fund. Would be good if those who are concerned about the Fund complained.

  3. @Anonymous29 October 2012 10:46.
    do you really think that any thing to do with the gov would do any thing about this fund,i think not

  4. Alphaig was dissolved last October 25. Who was contract (that came to a natural end) with - Alphaig or Edgar and/ or Cowley. They are suing TB because he interferes with the search but apparently no-one searching for months. SY are not going to be affected one way or another by what the internet says in carrying out their function - so what is case against TB?

  5. If TB is interfering in any way with an official Police search for Madeleine, (last seen by her parents just before they nipped out for a freebie meal in 2007) then the McCanns wouldn't need to sue. TB would be charged by SY for impeding an investigation. Their case against TB is based on having a publicly donated fund which can be used to silence any criticism.


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