Friday, 20 September 2013

McCanns - Crap Parenting... then and now.

I'm sorry to say it, but yet again the McCanns style of parenting is being called into question after revelations during their recent court action.

Yesterday's snippets included details of Kate's dark and suicidal thoughts.  Today's told of a bizarre kidnap plot threaded in the 3As forum.  I won't detail any of these crazy tales as they're not worth the bandwidth however, I will say that I was a member of that particular forum from day one, and do not remember any threats to the safety of the McCann children.  If I had, I would have reported it to the police myself, as I'm sure anyone else would.

Goncalo Amaral initially requested that the case be heard in private with no media presence to 'preserve the memory of Madeleine' - the McCanns objected and wanted everything heard and reported.

What kind of parent would want such awful, horrible things about themselves reported and tweeted live from court, then emblazoned on the front pages of British newspapers?

Remember the twins?...

Do Kate and Gerry McCann?  Do they even remember that they are parents?  Gerry referred to leaving children home alone whilst eating and drinking with friends at the Tapas bar as 'responsible'.  Do they even know the meaning of the word?  Any 'normal' parent would think hey we can't let this stuff get out, the kids would be horrified'...

These gruesome parents should be hauled over the coals for allowing this to happen and even more so for objecting to Goncalo Amaral's request for media silence.  Their whole case seems to be in defence of what the twins may or may not see and hear now and in the future. From what we've heard so far from the McCanns own witnesses, they'd have been aswell inviting the twins along sit in the public gallery.

Hopefully this is something that will also puzzle the judge.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Whatever next?... Poor children.


  1. If Gerry McCann had reported this to the police then we can safely assume that there was no merit to the supposed incident considering there were no arrests made (we would hear about it in the news if there had have been) or it was just a story relayed by Mr McCann to Mr Wright who believed it whole heartedly.

    The 3A's forum closed around August 2009. I could be wrong but I'm almost sure that the English translation of Mr Amaral's book wasn't available to read on the internet until around September 2009 - one month after the forum closed. If so, then his book can't possibly be blamed for the tide turning. In fact, if we look back at comments made on various forums/blogs/sites, most who believe that Madeleine died in apartment 5a reached that conclusion well before the publication of his book...some as far back as 2007.

  2. Sorry, I got muddled there! Should be:

    The 3A's forum closed around August 2009. I could be wrong but I'm almost sure that the English translation of Mr Amaral's book wasn't available to read on the internet until around September 2009 - one month after the forum closed. If so, then his book can't possibly be blamed for the apparent kidnap suggestion (if it ever was suggested in the first place of course)

    Regards the tide turning...that can now carry through with “...In fact if we look back at comments...”

  3. I've never followed a libel trial, but I would think that you first have to prove that the book is libelous before moving on to prove what negative impact it had on the family. The negative Impact phase should come later in order to determine what compensation should be awarded. Am I wrong?

    The Appellate Court validated Mr. Amaral's book and the Supreme Court upheld the Appellate Court's decision, so why is this trial even taking place? And if this court does award damages, it has to ban the book does it not? And if this does happen and Mr. Amaral appeals why would the decision of the Appellate Court or Supreme Court be any different. Am I missing something?

  4. The book cannot be banned again. And it appears that this trial is not a libel trial as we know it, that is the McCanns are not stating that Goncalo Amaral lied about the contents of the book, but that he has caused themselves and their children great distress and caused people to stop searching for Madeleine because they believe Mr Amaral's deduction that Madeleine is dead.
    This trial is all about the damages that the McCanns believe Mr Amaral should pay them in compensation for their suffering.
    Why then, being doctors, did they not request treatment from proper medical specialists who could clinically evaluate Kate's "suicidal" frame of mind, in fact why did Gerry not insist upon it? She was looking after his twins after all.
    Then the medical testimonies would have had some value in court unlike the so-called witnesses that have testified so far.

    1. Gerry McCann didn't insist on proper medical specialists to evaluate Kate, her suicidal frame of mind as he too was not mentally stable - not according to Michael Wright who testified that Gerry was also in a state of breakdown and could not go on. Wright said something to effect that it was 'horrible' to see. (Gerry's always horrible to see)

      Just another in the long list of tales these people tell.

      Kate McCann is crackers IMO but that is a state I believe existed before she headed for Portugal in 2007.

  5. The Lisbon Appellate Court covered all their concerns. In their final decision it said that because the couple sought media attention worldwide they opened the door to all types of opinion including those that were not favourable to them. The Appellate Court also could not understand how the right to a fair investigation and the right to freedom and safety can be affected by the contents of a book that was based on facts from the investigation. The Appellate court said that although the book departs from the interpretation that the Public Ministry’s Magistrates made of the facts, its conclusions are based on solidly built arguments and logical interpretations. The Supreme Court upheld the Appellate Court's decision.

    Let's face it the couple's unwillingness to cooperate with the police is what caused them the most damage. It won't surprise me if this court will hand down a decision against Mr. Amaral. And it won't surprise me if the McCanns once again take advantage of the worldwide media to make the most of the decision in their favour. If this is indeed what will happen, Mr. Amaral will appeal and he WILL win, however, you won't hear about it in the English speaking media. Was the Lisbon Appellate Court decision ever made known in the English speaking part of the world?


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