Monday, 23 September 2013

McCann Land and Porky Pies

Michael Wright stated in evidence that young 'A' had searched for her name in Google.  I thought I'd give it a try...

Obviously, if her parents hadn't put her in the position she is in - she would have found nothing.  However, here's what she would have found before the trial... nothing too extreme, some nice Youtube videos - certainly nothing relating to Goncalo Amaral's book and dvd.

And after her parents objection to Amaral's request for media silence - here's what she would find today...

Scary stuff and the really diabolical thing is that all these articles and reports are online because the McCanns wanted it reported.  It's absolutely crazy that they would do this to their own children.

For their sake (and while they can), the time has come for the McCanns to simply take a back seat, shut up and get on with their lives.  Instead of persistently whining and stirring up their own hornet's nest, they should sit their children down and explain the full circumstances of Madeleine's disappearance (yes, their version of the truth).  It surely can't be scarier or more horrific than anything they'd see in the local newsagents or hear on the playground.

It would also be helpful to explain that because Madeleine's disappearance is so strange and unexplained, many people have doubts and their own dark thoughts about what actually happened.  There are full translations of the PJ Files online and many, many things worse than Goncalo Amaral's book.  Eight year olds are a lot smarter than we think and it would actually be better for the twins in the long run.  The inevitable is going to happen and the danger is everywhere - not just online.  And certainly not in the guise of the man who tried to discover what happened to their sister.

Don't you just know it though - it ain't gonna happen.  Not in narcissistic McCann Land.

And whatever next?  So far, their witnesses are hardly credible - consisting either family, friends or paid lackeys.  Where are all the independent health professionals and assessment reports relating to this sad state of affairs?  Hardly inspiring, eh?


  1. In deed and so are some six year olds, when they know how to spell their surnames, as I found out from my grandson

    The McCanns have every right to feel the twins will seek and find, it's in the nature of their generation, since by seeking they will FIND, instantly

    Your example is just and fair and what wasn't needed was the media storm created it would seem from people who didn't even attend court

    I am do not fully and honestly know the answers of two questions:

    >Who was it who sought pre-hearing settlement
    A: I thought it was actually the judiciary

    I agree that Sr Amaral was the one who asked for the hearing behind closed doors
    A: I thought it was the judge who ordered it to be public

    Perhaps I'm wrong. I want to see justice and truth for Madeleine but not at the expense of untruths. These are minor things, that I have yet to settle the answers in my mind

    But apart from these things, I fully agree with the calm and informative manner in which like minded people discuss the saga and personally never read anything about kidnapping the twins.


    1. It's been reported that GA asked for a private hearing, ID objected on behalf of her clients and the judge went with that as they brought the case. GA's lawyer also mentions it when interviewd outside the courthouse.

  2. Agree. The inevtible is going to happen. They cannot shield them forever and it is better that they be prepared in some way. The McCanns are obviously picking and choosing what these children see and hear and I think their inane persistent inclusion of Maddie on a daily basis will come back to bite them at a later date.

  3. Things are never normal in McCann Land.

  4. May 15, 2007

    As the family waited fearfully for news, they faced the agonising reality of trying to explain to their toddler twins why their big sister was no longer there.

    "That was terrible for them," says John McCann, Mr McCann's elder brother, who has also travelled to Portugal to help search for his niece.

    "Kate dressed Amelie in her sister's pyjamas and the baby said: 'Maddy's jammies. Where is Maddy?' But she is too young to understand. And how do you explain?

    Yes, how do you explain now she is not too young to understand.

  5. Above at 14-14 why on earth would you dress one of your other children in your missing child's pyjamas. Is nothing sacred in this family?

    1. You wouldn't would you? Nor would you send your missing child's dirty clothes to the Mark Warner laundry tout suite either but the McCanns did. Most people would pack them away because her scent would be on them still.
      Oh well, at least it stopped Goncalo Amaral from taking them, he was told by the British Ambassador not to take them because the media would infer that the McCanns were suspects.
      Yee Gods, so much interference and a big price paid for it.

  6. Yes, this saga will continue developing until more facts become unearthed

  7. Good to hear your views and as always spot on! I know you don't post often but when you do you pack a punch!

    Agree - Wright, like others lied.


    Wright Little Weasel
    Shame of McCanns

    Wrights Folly - Dr Martin Roberts McCannfiles


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