Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The diggers and the dogs are heading to Praia da Luz...Brunty has just tweeted that the boys have already arrived!

Hooray, finally something to offer a little bit of hope (because I always look on the positive side of everything) and something of interest to talk about!

This all reminds me of the time British police officers arrived in Kos to do a similar dig for Ben Needham.  And I just can't help make comparisons between the two children and their families.  There has always been a startling difference between the two...

Not surprisingly, the McCanns have already stated they won't be setting foot in Portugal while there's any digging going on.  Did anyone expect anything otherwise?  Yet Kerry Needham and her family were there on the toot.  In fact, here's her father at the dig in Kos...

Mr Needham had been back to the location over the years, this time it was something he described as a 'traumatic experience' but was glad that he had returned.  

We are told by Kate McCann herself that she also returns, privately to Praia de Luz with some regularity, walking the streets to look for answers.  Yawn.  With such regularity, her last visit was in April 2013, over a year ago.

Gerry McCann then told us 'the Met are going back to Portugal very soon... we are going to continue hoping we get a happy outcome...' and the pair were said to be 'buoyed' by the latest development, while Kerry Needham simply said of Ben, 'If they find his bones, my life is finished...'

That one sentence gives me chills...

But hey ho and back to McCann Land and here's what (they think) they do best - with a pained expression and microphone...even though this time the audience was little more than a dribble.  Sign of the times or something else?

Here we are again?  Yes Mrs McCann, you're in Rothley!!!  We had no doubt you'd be here again.  No need to broadcast it or adapt any words from any song. Uncle Brian was asked how he felt on the anniversary... 'much the same as I was seven years ago - hopeful.'  Strange family.

I truly hope that something comes out of these digs, and if it's not Madeleine then perhaps it's the pink blanket or the blue sports bag.  Or maybe something else that will help end this farce and bring those responsible for it all to justice.  Madeleine McCann needs closure.  We all do.


  1. Nice to see you back, this all reminds of the words from Casalanca, that are apparently, frequently misquoted, no doubt this is,

    ''Sam, play it again''


    1. Thank you, Meadow. I've always been around, just reading. I always appreciate your comments, thanks for taking the time :)

  2. Good post ... puts into words what a lot of us are thinking. Thank you.



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