Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Root of all Evil...

Latest news on the book release is that it is to be delayed yet again because the initial release date clashed with the royal wedding.  This is the only clash expected - the date.  I have news for you - the world will not stop revolving on the 29th April... In the lives of people all round the world, everyday mundane things and special events will still go ahead on that day - they will not clash with the royal wedding. Only a true narcissist would take it personally.

Hmm, so we now know that Madeleine won't be found before what would have been her 8th birthday on 12th May.  How unfortunate... they're so good at predicting when she won't be found, can they predict when she will?  Fortune telling is not one of their known talents, maybe the book will surprise us.

Anyway, if the said book is to aid the search for their daughter, why is the release date not being brought forward instead of being postponed?  I'm sick of saying it... time is off the essence in a missing child case.  Everything should be now, now, now. Not then, then, then.

If the book is to aid the search to find their daughter, why don't the McCanns take full advantage of the royal wedding and grasp the fact that throngs of people from every nationality will be descending upon the capital on the 29th April?  The day which should have seen the original release of the book.  It could and would be the fastest circulated book in the UK in one day.  The McCanns, their extended family and friends could finally and physically do something to help Madeleine by distributing books, posters, wristbands, travel packs... outside train stations, tube stations, even a nice spot outside Westminster Abbey.  They could finally walk the streets to help their daughter.

Stop.  This is Cuckoo Land and I'm wearing my rosey tinted specs, because although the McCanns have been "working very hard", this is not their thing - especially giving away something for free.  The book will have a price, and despite being beneficial to Madeleine with a £0 price tag and 99% more readers, that won't add anything to their private limited company masquerading as a fund.

They say money is the root of all evil... but is it worth putting the search for a child on hold?  I'm not so sure Madeleine will appreciate the delay.


  1. Totally agree, OK change the schedule in view of the Royal Wedding - else they will never get their bums on sofas for morning breakfast, with all the paraphernalia and claptrap that goes with Royal Weddings - just bring the book forward rather than postpone.

  2. Potential posters
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  3. MMM how right you are !The fund has been needed right from the start but it wasn't needed to search for Madeleine as Uncle Brian tells us in this quote from way back in 2007.

    Quote from Brian Kennedy [uncle]

    On the fund :

    "We're going to need it, there are big bills coming in for things we've produced, for travel, for accommodation while Gerry and Kate are out there.

    "They're not wealthy and there's no way we could carry on without it".

    After reading this quote again it makes you wonder what big bills will be coming in around May time .

  4. If we read the article again it is Transworld who have changed the date NOT the McCanns..but the McCanns had already claimed April 28th so with a little bit of spinning it looks as though the McCanns have made this choice. Will see if I can post link.


    Google: Transworld delays McCann book..

    Looking at Amazon when have we ever seen a 'Best seller' asking for pre-booking before the book has hit the shelves...the price has gift wrapping and FREE dilevery in England.

    The McCanns tried to do a book and movie deal Jan 2008,. The book was to be called ' Our year of hell'...even then nothing to do with Madeleine, this would have been the best time to make their cash,three years later and there is little interest in the McCanns and sadly what became of little Madeleine


    A book has always been in the pipeline

  7. The McCann's were that distressed, they had Presents of mind to setup a so called fund with in days of Madeleine going missing? I hope 2011 with bring justice for Madeleine. and hope all the people involved in this coverup will be brought to justice, one can hope

  8. Transworld may be technically responsible but the McCanns have allowed the delay. Is the publishing of ALL books across the board being delayed, or just the McCanns? Doubt it. Just another spin exercise to make more dosh off the back of a missing child. I agree with you, if there was any urgency in their need to find her, they would have brought the release date forward.


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