Thursday, 9 June 2011


How can a child spend days living in a place, yet leave no trace of herself?
How can an abductor leave no trace of himself?
How can a child just vanish into thin air?
How can their be no further trace of her whatsoever?

These questions and many more remain unanswered four years later.

Dare to ask questions or deviate from the abduction scenario and you are branded unhelpful, hateful and a wisher of the most horrible outcome of all, that the child is dead.  This is the online mentality of the McCann supporter.  Twitter is awash with the usual rants of HATER and STALKER to anyone who does not tweet about abduction.

The Official Find Madeleine facebook page is full of fluffy words offering prayers and claims that today is one day closer to Madeleine coming home.  Followers are praying in their thousands on a daily basis - how many prayers is it likely to take I wonder, and just how many days away is this homecoming?  Any pertinent questions are promptly removed, this page is for gushy words from McCann sympathisers only. Posts denigrating Goncalo Amaral, the police investigation and Portugal as a whole are often left to view for additional derogatory comments to be added.

In their attempts to smear one man, their followers have been molded into a perfect besotted cast, who don't seem to comprehend that this is bigger than just one man.  One man's views were also that of both the Portuguese and British police forces and many more involved in the case.

Supporters follow the mantra of there is no evidence of serious harm coming to Madeleine, it must be believed that she is alive and eventually coming home.  There is nothing wrong with this view and having some hope, however it is very blinkered and one tracked. 

Madeleine doesn't deserve this blinkered view.  It seems to come from the blind support of two people that nobody really knows. To gloss over the fact that the dogs travelled around PDL and found cadaver odour is inexcusable.  It is certainly one huge indication that the child could have come to serious harm.  The fact that the dogs marked several items belonging to the McCanns only is another matter.

If we examine the worse outcome, that Madeleine's fate was sealed on that holiday, then the perpetrator/s is still at large and has been for four years.  Four years of no serious harm... help find Madeleine... look at the eye... holiday packs... wristbands... when all the time this person/s is roaming free, enjoying life as the public are sideswept and encouraged to search only for a live child.  I believe that Madeleine deserves all theories to be examined, there's no point in following one theory only if something else has happened to her.  It is doing nobody any good, especially Madeleine.

By following one line of enquiry only - that of abduction, the McCanns and their supporters are contradicting and damaging two of the fund objectives... finding Madeleine and bringing her abductor, whether related to the case or not, to justice. Hypocritically, aren't they responsible for damaging the search themselves.


  1. Why cant people see that the mccanns are the one,s that have stopped the search for Madeleine.
    As for the first lines in your post,only the mccanns can answer those questions,but the mccans wouldnt help in any shape or form to find out what happend to their daughter if they beleieve Madeleine was abducted.

  2. A cult by any other name.

    Murdoch heavily involved and their strong media backer bought online religion 'Beliefnet' Dec 2007..destroyed it and sold it 2010, this may be where their 'god fearing ' supporter folk originated from, they follow like sheep.

    I came across a supporter yesterday on twitter telling a 'non believer' of the abduction religion,

    'mccanns are loking for there daugter wot is wong wiv ya'?

    Yes, she may have been Oriental but somehow I get the feeling that these kids whoever they are working the interent for the McCanns are lost souls and certainly uneducated.

  3. They're damaging their reputation leaving posts denigrating Goncalo Amaral, the police investigation and Portugal" and wooshing critical (not necessarily hostile) ones.
    I'm not prone to think they didn't get rid of Madeleine's body in some radical way, but this kind of attitude distillates doubt.
    Like the fact they left the gutter media write all this disgusting stuff about Portugal. How dared they ? Were they so sure that they would never depend on the PJ to find Madeleine because there was no Madeleine to be found, even dead ?
    If Meadow is somewhere around... I miss you !

  4. Correction, sorry !
    You should read, of course, "I'm not prone to think they got rid of Madeleine's body..."


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