Monday, 13 June 2011

Righting the Wrongs - Wrong Government, Wrong Country, Kate...

What experience do the McCanns have of "the additional pain of financial and legal bureaucracy"?  

From day one, the couple received personal assistance from the British government, both home and abroad in the shape of Ambassador Buck, Embassy staff and their very own governmental spokespeople.  Top of the pile help from Mark Warner and every conceivable aid possible including massive press coverage costing megabucks and access to top lawyers.

With millions being spent via their own private limited company (the 'fund') and an additional £3.5m of further money being spent on a review of the case, these people are the WORST ambassadors to be championing the government about the pain of financial and legal bureaucracy.

I could quote a myriad of worthy people who should be making headlines today, from Kerry Needham to Kevin Godsen to Fiona Mackeown.  

Instead we have the self-centred, ungracious hypocrite that is Kate McCann.

These parents would be grateful for a fraction of the help the McCanns have been privy to, and still are.  And just as deserving as the family who half-heartedly greeted the news of a review by Scotland Yard, saying that it addressed one of their key disgruntlements, but a step in the right direction?!  The child's case is now actively being reviewed....!!! I don't know of any parent  who wouldn't be overjoyed.  The McCanns certainly are a different kettle of (sel)fish...

Here's hoping the £3.5m is well spent and progresses to the case being reopened in Portugal.  At present, Kate McCann is in the wrong country, and championing the wrong government for the wrong reasons.... but then she's well aware of that I'm sure.


  1. I don't think SY will find any element of pertinent value able to make the Portugueses reopen the investigation. And in a way, better, because Portugal wasted too much money in vain on this case. Now that would not be tolerated as so many people suffer from the economical crisis.
    SY could reinterview usefully quite a few persons, but the main stuff would pop up without a doubt during a reconstruction. Some of the TPs would have to admit that things in reality don't happen like in their stories. It would be curious to observe Matthew O* having to, in the darkness, open a baby gate he never mentioned (he'd probably jump over it) and Jane T flip-flapping one metre far from 2 men without being noticed. The curtains that whoosh and then come back behind the bed and the chair, as Meadow noticed, would be an interesting episode also. To say nothing of the famous draft that slams doors when they're being shut.
    The reconstruction is crucial, but SY will never order one, because too many important people would be humiliated. And for no profit but, on the contrary, the discredit of some British authorities. Who wants this ?

  2. I'm surprised none of the mothers spoken out about the amount of help K&G have had and are still getting,they must surely feel aggrieved that they haven't had the same.Then again who would listen to them or print what they had to say,no-one it seems. MMM you've chosen a very apt caption to end another excellent blog.

  3. This is such a very sick game I will stick with it until the libel trial but after that I quit.
    Great post as usual.

  4. quote 9th Jun ' blind support of two people nobody really knows...'
    You have finally hit the nail on the head. Why don't we delve really, really deeply into their lives and find the source of this crime. I doubt they would welcome that much interest. They're only willing to tell us their lies. Facts will speak for themselves.


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