Wednesday, 1 June 2011

With friends like these...

We trust our friends implicitly...

A strange thing to say under the circumstances?  Friends, some of whom you've known for only 6 months?  Wouldn't you trust only yourself and your nearest and dearest?  Viewing from the perspective of wholly innocent parents pining for their child, just who would you trust?

Matthew Oldfield?  According to the bouncing timeline, supposedly the last person to check on the McCann children before Madeleine's disappearance was raised at 10pm.  Possibly the last person to see Madeleine, although he claims he never actually saw her...

David Payne?  According to the official statements of Yvonne Martin, her suspicions were drawn upon Mr Payne immediately.  Mrs Martin was sure that she recognised him from her 25 years working in Social Services and Child Protection, and on her return to Britain was compelled to contact the British police to check whether Mr Payne was included in any paedophile or child abuse registers.

More suspicions of Mr Payne occur in the statements of Katerina and Arul Gaspar, doctor friends of the McCanns who holidayed with them in Majorca, 2005.  The Paynes were also on this particular holiday and Mrs Gaspar tells of further detailed paedophilia suspicions involving Messrs Payne and McCann.  In fact, when she heard the news of Madeleine's disappearance, one of her first thoughts was whether Mr Payne was on the same holiday.

Russell O'Brien?  Absent from a lot of things including the Tapas table, the High Court steps and also absent from the life of the McCanns, it seems...

"At most the house is visited by close family and three others of the group of friends who were with them in the Algarve when Maddie disappeared, that is David and Fiona Payne and Jane Tanner, as they are connected with them."
Flash Magazine 2009

"As they are connected with them?..."  In what way, I wonder... in a different way from the rest of the friends?

The women in this sad tale seem to be taking a back seat, although would you trust Dianne Webster who thought that your cries for help were just 'another of your silly games?'

Jane Tanner?  A friend who thought she may have spotted your daughter being carried away to her fate by the bad man.  But she didn't bother to mention it, incase it increased your burden?  Most unhelpful.

Would you trust Rachel Oldfield?  A friend who wouldn't check on any of the children, never mind her own sick daughter - it was just too dark and scary.  She came with the knowledge however, that with all those medics in the party, the resuscitation of a child was possible.  Very handy that...

Your beloved child in one hand, your friends in the other - where do your priorities lie?  There really is no choice, is there?  Yet with all these doubts, suspicions and much more, the McCanns trust their friends implicitly.  Even after their refusal to aid the investigation and return to Portugal for the police reconstruction - a virtual all round slap in the chops and massive failure for the one person who counts - Madeleine.

The McCanns trust their friends implicitly.  The question is... why?

With thanks to the McCann : PJ Files, please click to visit and view the translated files for yourself...


  1. One presumes with the £3.5m MET investigation it will be now DONE, a background check .... since the LP managed to have Mrs McCann on maternity leave, really ! very helpful when it was also suggested she certified six deaths prior to the holiday.

    Yes, there is a lot of scope for the MET, including looking over all the background checks, seemingly vague from the LP.

    Or does the MET roll over ... and merely placate the whole investigation - led by the nose in the direction that the private investigators, currently former\retired British policemen.

    Lets really see how helpful the UK authorities were to the PJ. And what about the Gaspars statements, was their an investigation by the LP so the standalone piece of information was either right or wrong ? Or was it a case of bung it in a envelope six months later ! Failure to secure the reconstruction, call me ''Stu'' Prior, what sort of professionalism is that of possible suspects.

    The LP did themselves no favours, or the McCanns, or their friends and certainly not the PJ. They left the McCanns, friends and other witnesses dangling in the breeze.

    Yep, as they say the MET will have a lot of work ahead of them.

    And seeing that the population are fed information like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed cr*p) exactly what NEW information might have been received in the last episode of hype ?

    PS as of now, it always is difficult to post a comment, getting the confirmation code.

  2. The Met will certainly not cast any shadow on the MCs. It wouldn't be politically correct. If they find something fishy, they'll look elsewhere. No authority wants the MCs to be found guilty. For example, the double-glass guy would have a stroke : his insight would be challenged and his reputation destroyed.
    The MCs know this, they know they're not at risk and this is why they asked for the review. This will for ever silence the baddies who wanted them to reopen the case.
    The final report will be inconclusive but state there's no evidence that Madeleine died, whatever happened to her. The MCs will win some virginity : if Madeleine isn't dead, they hardly can't be but innocent.
    As long as there's a shadow of a doubt on their innocence this couple (at least KMC) can't breathe properly. Thus public consecration is vital.

  3. i know one friend i wouldnt trust after reading the gaspers statement


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