Friday, 29 July 2011

Correcting the Fibs...

In response to this comment by Anonymous, left on yesterday's blog...

Clarence Mitchell DID say they were awaiting DNA results (not DMA, however).  I will take it slowly and make it nice and simple for you, whoever you are...

Mr Mitchell's comments... "We are liaising with the Indian authorities over the incident and await the results of the DNA test." ... were first reported in the Daily Mail article - 

The whole article was updated later that day at 9.32pm and had its title and report changed to...

'It's not our Maddie' : McCanns hopes dashed after sighting in India

...which included the later comments about the McCanns seeing photographic evidence with references to the wait for DNA results removed.

However, the claim still remains online if you take the time to look for it. It doesn't take long to find as not everyone 'amends' things like the Mail.

I have given two examples above, both reporting Mr Mitchell stating that they are liaising with the Indian authorities over the 'incident' and that they are awaiting the results of the DNA tests.  Interestingly the First Post updated the article in the proper manner by making an additional update instead of changing the whole article...

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Since this item was posted, a spokesman for the McCann family played down the report, saying there was "nothing to suggest that this is a breakthrough." And in India a regional police chief said he was not aware of the sighting.

The update was in reference to this statement from the Deputy Inspector General of Police -

Abdul Gani Mir
Deputy Inspector General of Police

A very adamant, contradictory statement from the Deputy Inspector General.  Surely wires have been crossed somewhere along the line, otherwise it appears that someone is blatantly lying through their teeth. Just who was initially responsible for this 'sighting' to the press and what photographic evidence of the 'child' have the McCanns laid claim to? Which leads us right back to Anonymous and his/her spiffing idea that we should all contact individuals to uncover the origin of the whole charade.  Not a good idea... best left to official channels and the other supposed sleuths - the PJ or Scotland Yard.

I would like to make it clear that I don't make things up, as Anonymous suggests and that I certainly wouldn't deliberately lie.  Not like some in this sad case.



    The horses mouth !

    Word is out via twitter that the next victim will be the McCanns...just rumour BUT thinking how this would play out. At the moment it looks odd that the McCanns phones have not been hacked, Mitchell has confirmed this HOWEVER, I can see a scam buidling up where the McCanns are used as a victim to remove the ever increasing evidence that MURDOCH has been their secret backer from the start. Questions are being asked why did the McCanns not sue Murdochs papers ? well we ALL know why. The McCanns need Murdoch more than ever so what would it achieve if they bite the hand that feeds them ?


    Hackgate 120. Not sure if I posted you this but the pieces are all there.


    OK here he is saying their phones were not hacked or at least any obvious signs, leaving a gate open to change all that depending on MURDOCHS orders.

  4. This story did travel far and fast. I was watching CTV news in Canada yesterday and this story appeared, much to my disgust. I believe that Mr. Mitchell is responsible for most of these silly articles. He was once quoted as saying that he sat down with the editors to "shape" the stories. But, if Scotland Yard is not really concerned with finding out what happened to Madeleine they also won't bother to investigate any of these reports, and therefore we will never really know the source.

    This article was probably released for the purpose of making people believe that police forces around the world do believe that Madeleine was abducted, i.e. that there is no longer any suspicions that the parents harmed their child. A timely story which coincides with the McCann's PR stunt in Australia.

    There are many coincidences in this case, the two that I'm really curious about are: Mr. Rebelo going to England to interrogate the Tapas group while the McCann couple is escorted by British politicians to the European Parliament to promote a child welfare cause; and Mr. Cameron granting Mrs. McCann's wish for a case review via a letter in a tabloid on the eve of the release of Mrs. McCann's novel.


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