Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Seems yet again that the McCanns are out to stifle public opinion and free speech. Well you know, the repugnant duo have had over four years to change my opinion of them, their friends and to convince me that their daughter was abducted. They've failed.  Reading the books of Goncalo Amaral, Pat Brown and many others along the way has not suddenly swayed my thoughts... (and I include Mrs McCann in 'many others') the opinion I hold is the one I came to back in 2007, with good reason.  Their fruitless attempts to silence Goncalo Amaral, and the sight of his book returning to the shelves has however compounded my thoughts.

Alarmingly, the McCanns appear to have spent more money on legal battles which only involve people who disagree with their mantra of 'the bad man did it and ran away.'  Nothing to do with Madeleine but everything to do with her parents and their 'reputation'... defamation is claimed.  This is money they would not have, had they not had the foresight to set up their own company to accept donations and money which would be better spent on the ahem... search for their daughter.

They ban adverse opinion on their Facebook page... all the time...

Recently, they even tried to ban this rather nice, smiley photograph...

People are entitled to their own opinions, banning books won't alter that. There is nothing defamatory in a book that follows the thoughts of the official police investigation.  Not a version of the truth, but simply the truth.  Get your tin hats on, these people will spend all their time in legal wrangles trying to shut people up.  Unfortunately for them, they can't ban thoughts or opinion, although I'm sure that'll be next on the agenda.  There are ways and means to change opinion, I'm surprised their PR people are advising them this way. Unfortunately suing all and sundry just makes them look like money grabbing scroungers with something to hide.



  1. http://digitalmedia.strategyeye.com/article/4c3bd2b8b8/2009/08/10/Murdoch_threatens_to_break_with_Kindle/?nsl=WQ80YIhtIu8p

    I wondered as Murdoch mafia seem to own everything if there was a relationship between Amazon Kindle and Murdoch, sure enough up it popped. Threats !

  2. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/06/murdoch-challenges-amazon_n_198537.html

    Bully boy tactics and Amazon crumble. Great shame because OK we may be a small group of people but we are decent people with morals, this cannot be said of the McCanns who are performing the most evil of acts.

  3. Thanks once again for the links SteelMagnolia... another connection. Why am I not surprised!

  4. Books won't stay banned, They won't burn, ideas don't go to jail.
    In the long run of history the censor and the inquisitor have always lost.

  5. Best to email Amazon and state your opinion of the ban. And threaten to withdraw your custom, they may take notice of that.

  6. http://themurdochempireanditsnestofvipers.blogspot.com/2011/07/httpwww_26.html

    Another connection and for me the puzzle is starting to take shape. Murdoch has a Papal Knighthood this would explain how the McCanns got to meet with the Pope. He is in danger of being stripped of this Knighthood if his company is found guilty of phone hacking.He has used the church and its riches to advance his evil deeds and they are none too pleased.

    Now lets go back to June and the McCanns having drinks in a sleepy house in PDL, part owned by Freud, it must have started back then or befoe even. Gordon Brown and Murdoch thick as thieves back then, as Murdoch pointed out their children used to play together.

    Everyone kept asking why is everyone afraid of the McCanns, well they are not, they are afraid of Murdoch who had taken them under his wing. Murdoch the Mafia Murdoch, the Godfather.

  7. http://steelmagnolia-steelmagnolia.blogspot.com/2011/07/mccanns-try-to-silence-truth-disclaimer.html

    Pats disclaimer ,Carter Ruck know they cannot touch her therefore I am further convinced Murdoch gave the order.


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