Friday, 22 July 2011

Where are the McCanns?...

They seem to have vanished into thin air... like their daughter.

What about the campaign, the raising awareness?  Don't we have an anniversary sometime soon?  On hold... again.

People are saying it's because a link to the Gaspar statements was posted on their official Facebook wall, prompting the removal of all comments and the inability for supporters to post there.  Others are saying it's not a coincidence that they're keeping a low profile whilst this phone hacking business is doing the rounds.  I haven't got a scooby, gave up trying to understand their warped logic many moons ago.

Judging by the alleged hacking victims that are surfacing in the news - Milly Dowler, the families of Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman, dead service personnel, victims of the 9/11 tragedy and the dying Jade Goody, it seems like anybody and everybody was fair game.  Can we assume (without a shadow of a doubt) that the high profile, very newsworthy Tapas group were hacked?

What a shame the McCanns wasted so much of their 'fund' in their failed legal battles targetting Goncalo Amaral.  I'm sure they would have been onto a winner with News International.  Depending on the content of those hacks, of course.

The official investigation files are translated into English and available to read online at McCann PJ Files.  Please click to read.


  1. With hackgate via twitter it has been very easy to chat with MP's who are baffled as to why Cameron rolled over after the Sun insisted the case be re-opened. Jenny Green was very vocal, it has been easy to pass them the police files and make them aware of what has been happening. Interest is high, now whether they do anything about the information they now have is unknown but they know whats being going on amoung the corrupt elite in the British Goverment and thats enough for me at the moment. The fact that they now know !


    I also managed to copy this letter before it was removed. ?


    John Ward is the one to thank, for without his input MP's would not have sat up and listened, we took it from there. So a big thank-you to John at the SLOG who has followed Hackgate from day one.

  4. SteelMagnolia, thanks for the links - nest of vipers indeed!


    Apparently they are in Australia and will appear on this programme on sunday. - link from the mccanfiles

    Well they do have spend all that lovely lolly on something don't they?


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