Friday, 11 May 2012

The Madeleine McCann Company...

In light of a vast £2m being spent (so far) on the Scotland Yard review and goodness knows how much in Portugal, don't you find it absolutely appalling and in very bad taste that the McCanns are once again publicly attempting to boost the balance of the Madeleine Fund?

Now why do they need more money?  Gerry McCann still consults both for the NHS and in private healthcare.  A hefty sum was apparently made from Kate McCann's book 'Madeleine' which will no doubt be boosted by the recently released paperback version.  It has also been reported that Edgar has whoosh clunked and no longer works for the McCanns.  With ongoing reviews in both the UK and Portugal, it surely must be a relief for the McCanns to no longer have to claim that 'no law enforcement agency is looking for Madeleine'?

So why do they need more money?  It's a smack in the face to every taxpayer and every officer working on the review teams.

In order to make money, companies normally offer a service or sell items to keep that company running.  For many it's their liveliehood, they work hard to put food on their tables and a roof over their heads.  The McCanns business offers nothing.  This pair are content to simply sit on their backsides, and reap in the cash by offering nothing but a Paypal button or bank account number to the unsuspecting public.  To run their company, they expect money to simply be given to them as if it's their right.

Now that they intend to slink back into the limelight with the proverbial begging bowl, it really is time for it to be publicly made clear that this 'fund' is not a charity or a search fund for a missing child - it is the McCanns own company, their own business!  Like any other business, it needs to make money.  However, it is a business that is being used for other means including costs in their many legal battles.  Thanks to the McCanns, legal eagles such as Carter Ruck, Isabel Duarte, Rogerio Alves and many more have become a household name.  All these lawyers employed in the UK and Portugal, yet the McCanns only employ one private investigator, Dave Edgar.

Their pathetic priorities are very clear, as is the real need to 'fundraise'.

When visiting Praia de Luz, they lurk in the shadows.  They don't appeal or speak to the Portuguese public - people who helped them so much in the early days and who lost time and money out of the goodness of their own hearts.  In the last five years, I've seen the McCanns show more passion for litigation than appeals to their missing daughter or her so called 'abductor'

It's about time this loathesome charade came to an end.  Five years on... how many more?


  1. Time for the infamoius quote for Canada. Again... "There is more to the case of Missing Madeleine Beth McCann than meets the eye".

  2. Wouldn't it be a refreshing change if just one journalist or one TV presenter had the guts to ask the McCanns that question - why are you still asking for public donations for a fund, which isn't a charitable fund, when you know that £3ooo,ooo has been allocated by the government to help find your child?
    Exactly what would you use the money for?

    I notice the McCanns are still living in their large, detached, expensive house. They obviously aren't donating much of their income to the search.

  3. As I understand the money from newscorp was not reflected in the fund. When brookes (does not deserve caps) arranged payment with them she said is that it. Well i think they were not paid out by newscorp but that newscorp agreed to fund the massive libel machine and stop everyone in their tracks. brookes and mitchell need to be investigated in concealing the death of a child.

  4. yes it would be good if that question about the Fund was asked but the reality is they only talk to journalists they trust(ie useless ones who believe what they are told) and with pre agreed questions (easy ones like 'weren't the Portuguese police useless?) and I suspect they charge a fee for every interview they do - for the Fund of course because as we know it is 'running out of money.'

  5. Hideous, hideous people


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