Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Maddie Leads - Bizarre, sick and twisted?

Police blitzed by odd Maddie claims Daily Star

By Daily Star Reporter

5th March 2010

THE case files reveal how police have been blitzed with bizarre, sick, and twisted information about Madeleine's fate from across the globe.
The wacky reports include:
An email from the Madeira Liberation Army who claimed to be holding Madeleine and had a video showing her in good health, but couldn't vouch for her safety unless the city of Funchal was granted independence.
A report she'd been snatched by secret service agents and was being held by "Mr Temple" in a safehouse in Dachau, Germany.
Claims by a Portuguese woman who had a "sixth sense" she had been taken by a dangerous man living nearby – really an ex-boyfriend she was trying to frame.
A Dutch voodoo priest's claim he had a psychic vision of where Madeleine was buried. He confessed it had happened after he'd drunk two bottles of white rum.
A Romanian woman insisted her beauty queen daughter Madalina was Madeleine's real mum who'd handed her to a Leicestershire doctor for adoption just before she died.
Police discovered Madalina died before Madeleine was born but the woman claimed her death certificate was forged.
AN Australian tipster claimed Madeleine was kidnapped into slavery and held in a cellar.
An Italian psychic said Maddie had been taken to England by a woman dominated by her tattooed husband.
A Spanish psychic claimed she had a vision the missing girl had been killed by a gardener and buried in a flowerbed with three other children.
None were true.

Old article... all apparently investigated and ruled out.  Surprise, surprise. If these are the cream of the crop, I wonder what bizarre, sick and twisted leads are left on DCI Redwood's desk... and why the McCanns' private investigators haven't already investigated them.

Thanks to McCann Files for article.


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