Monday, 11 February 2013

Kate McCann and the questions she still has to answer...

There's been a bit of forum sniping going on over the last week or so, which isn't very nice BUT just for fun, I had to draw your attention to one board in particular - the Free-Speech Proboards.

I took a shot of a brief discussion they had in April 2012.  It really is a gem... and imagine questioning this is 2012.  Wow.

Absolutely priceless, don't you think?  McCann supporters at their very best... blinkered and scared to venture too far from their own comforts. Not to mention vile and insulting, although 'Potting Shitter' really did make us all laugh.  How novel and original... not.  (ProNote : must try harder)

Anyway, for those poor souls out there asking the question just how do we know what questions were put to Kate McCann by the Portuguese police in September 2007 and that she refused to answer them...?

WELL... it's all over the internet!!!!  Yes, it really is.  It's been in the public domain for a long time.  In the papers, on Youtube - all over the place.  And the reason it's all over the place, is that the Portuguese police actually released this information for us all to ponder upon.  Some of the questions that Mrs Mc refused to answer are very interesting.

You can view all of these questions on the very credible BBC News website - after 5 years, the questions are still available to view online. The BBC obviously think this is still newsworthy and of interest to the general public.  These question still remain to be answered.

Click here to visit the BBC News website and view those pesky questions.


  1. How does the Potting Shedder know what questions were put to Kate McCann by the Portuguese police in September 2007 and that she refused to answer them - Posted by maggie on Apr 13, 2012

    More drivel about the McCanns. Back to the days of Billy Childish. - Posted by Barney McGrew on Apr 14, 2012

    Et cetera

    Bizarre, so poorly informed those McCann supporters.

    Notes from a Potting Shedder, very informative and enlightening, highly recommended. NL

    It’s even here:

  2. That made me giggle so much I almost swallowed my chewing gum!

  3. Kate McCann was advised by her lawyer not to answer questions as an arguido. She followed that advice.

  4. In response to Anonymous above - wonder why Kate was advised not to answer those questions. And I wonder why Gerry wasn't and proceeded to answer all questions put to him.


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