Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Void... The Burden... Sigh... Kate McCann Jogs On.

Kate McCann: 'It’s dreadful living with this void’

Six years after her daughter Madeleine disappeared, a weary Kate McCann still clings to the hope that one day she will be found.

Kate McCann did something frighteningly normal the other day. 

She stopped at a petrol station, filled up, locked the car and went in to pay, leaving her eight-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, strapped in the back seat. As she stood anxiously at the till, they pulled faces at her through the window.

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“There are moments when you despair, but they are infrequent now.
As someone said : It’s not that your burden gets any lighter. It’s just that your legs get stronger.  That really sums it up.”

Never a truer word spoken... six years of running, looking over your shoulder makes for very, very strong legs indeed.  And THAT burden will never ever get any lighter.  Never.

Jog on...


  1. "There are moments when you despair, but they are infrequent now."
    Surely the despair would be more frequent now. After all it has been six years and the chance of finding Madeleine reduces with every passing year.

    And why does Kate never say "I" as in "There are moments when I despair" It always sounds like she is telling a story rather than how she really feels.

  2. six years after Madeleine disappeared and YOU still havent done any thing (apart from SUE people) to try to find her kate,yes jog on kate you dreadfull mother

  3. She looks thinner than ever here! doesn't look well at all.

  4. It's odd how she agonises over leaving the twins in the car when she pays for her petrol but didn't mind in the least leaving them them on their own for hours on end every night- according to her, that is- mind you she didn't mind leaving the twins and Madeleine every day in the creche either. Even bundling the twins back in the same creche the very next day after their sister disappeared - how could anyone do that?
    It's not as if her tapas mates couldn't have looked after them is it - unless, of course, they were too busy playing tennis or sailing that is.

  5. It's rather strange, so I'll ask you just to ponder a moment. Would you leave children in a LOCKED car in a filling station. Personally NEVER. I would take them in with me, or ensure they are not in the car when it needs filling. It's rather strange, that I would perceive a greater danger of a locked car with kids in, increasingly greater if that park up was a filling station.
    It's not a ANOTHER pitchforker hater dig. It's rather much a fact. It's something I would never do.

  6. From the 2000+ comments on the This Morning FB page it would appear that this piece of journalism has OUTRAGED many people. I hope that Kate will be shocked and begin to appreciate the true nature of 'the position she finds herself in'.


  8. Why does Kate feel the need to tell the World this?


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