Sunday, 10 February 2013

The McCann Ordeal and the Press...

Mr McCann, father of missing Madeleine McCann, will say: "Kate and I had the misfortune to suffer from everything the press could throw at us. The reason we subsequently agreed to the ordeal of giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry was that we don't want anyone else to have to go through what we went through.

"The Leveson package, including the legal underpinning, is the minimum acceptable compromise for us, and judging by the polls, for the public at large too. Leveson without the law is meaningless."

The ordeal of giving evidence?  Oh boohoo BOOHOO.  Shame they couldn't go through the ordeal of giving evidence to the police when questioned - you know... for their child?  Shame they plonked themselves right in the firing line with their behaviour in Praia de Luz, that fateful May.

We know the McCanns just don't do 'for others' hence their me, me, me ordeal (!!! ROFL) at Leveson.  Judging by the polls?  Just who are these mysterious voters?  I've read that only around 2000 people were polled - that's hardly representative of Joe Public.  I personally would vote against anything that took Kate and Gerry McCanns word as gospel... even if the whole ordeal was under oath.  I read a great comment today saying that the McCanns and Hacked off were very strange bedfellows.  Very true, considering they claim they were never hacked.

The McCanns and their latest bandwagon inexcusably compares them to the likes of the Dowlers and other genuinely bereft and grieving families. Biting the hand that feeds comes to mind and the McCanns behave like they should be left alone to get on with their lives.  Like it's all over.

They seem to be forgetting that it's not over by a long shot - Madeleine is still missing... what will happen if the case is reopened.  What will happen if she's ever found?  That's when the press will have a field day  - maybe that's what the McCanns really fear.

And yes, we might be quiet... but we're still watching, still waiting.

For Madeleine...

Watching and waiting
For a friend to play with
Why have I been alone for so long
Mole, he is burrowing his way to the sunlight
He knows there's someone there so strong
Cos here there's lots of room for doing
The things you've always been denied
Look and gather all you want to
There's no one here to stop you trying
Soon you will see me
Cos I'll be all around you
But where I come from I can't tell
But don't be alarmed by my fields and my forests
They're here for only you to share
Cos here there's lots of room for doing
The things you've always been denied
So look and gather all you want to
There's no one here to stop you trying

Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me
I hope it won't be very long...

Click here to read the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer during police questioning.  Thanks to the BBC News website for continuing to highlight this bizarre behaviour.

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  1. the mccanns have used and abused the press for the last 6 yrs and yet still the press do their bidding,hiding the truth about what they know about the mccanns, there for denying justice for a little girl called MADELEINE,i think the press are just as evil as the mccanns.


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