Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kate McCann... Forgive and Forget?...

I just don't understand Kate McCann.

In her latest quest for martyrdom, she has well and truly put her foot in it.  Instead of vowing passionately to never, ever rest.  To hunt this monster down until her dying day and make him or her suffer, she simply forgives. Huh?!...

Strip away all the Christian and counselling 'forgiveness and move on' rubbish - you are first and foremost a mother and  this is her daughter. Her precious first born.  Who, in her own words, may have been taken by a paedophile.  I won't repeat page 129, but how on earth could anyone forgive that?

Mrs McCann claims to have no idea where Madeleine is, what she is going through right now or even if she is still alive.  Yet she can forgive?

Never mind the Portuguese police, Scotland Yard and normal members of the public who are all looking for her daughter.  Never mind the donations, reward money and aid they've received.  Never mind the endless pot of money that's been thrown into the search and investigation.  Never mind the fact that many people have followed this case for 6 long years (or however many years!!!), hoping for nothing but justice for Madeleine and for her to be found.

We're not all internet nutters, sitting behind a computer screen, typing abuse.  Some of us are parents and simply feel that the victim in this case is not Mr or Mrs McCann, but little Madeleine herself.  It's not up to Kate McCann to forgive anyone, it's Madeleine who should be forgiving.

Right enough, it all becomes irrelevant when you learn about Eddie, the cadaver dog and the many places where he sniffed out the scent of death.


  1. kate mccann is still hoping the gullible will say she and wee gerry are innocent when in fact all she has done is to get people to question HOW come she can forgive a paedo(gerrys own words)for horrendous things this paedo must have done to Madeleine.this woman need help

  2. There are many possible reasons why a mother would feel the need to forgive and forget a crime against their own child or stay in an intimate relationship that was violent or abusive for example.

    These include:

    * societal pressures

    * to prevent disruption to her children

    * a lack of alternatives e.g. financial constraints

    * fear that leaving might lead to further violence

    * shame about speaking out about what has happened

    * difficulty recognising or accepting what is happening blaming themselves for what is happening

    * hope that their partner's behaviour will change

  3. @Anonymous above. Are you implying that Kate McCann is in such an abusive relationship? Should she contact the above website? I'm not sure there are any reasons to speculate about this.

    Agree that there are reasons a mother could forgive and forget but this is usually when the whole situation is resolved and the child's whereabouts is known. When there is a need to draw a line under things, to move on. This is NOT the case (as we know it, that is).

  4. Reply to Anonymous18 April 2013 13:21

    My comment (18 April 2013 12:59) certainly does not imply or speculate anything about Kate McCann or her marital relationship so I do question you're rather unnecessary and abrupt defensiveness.

    If you read my comment carefully, instead of jumping to conclusions, you should be able to clearly appreciate that the comment was made as a 'general reference' as to the possible reasons why a mother may choose or feel the need to forgive and forget a crime against their child and in no way questions or seeks to question Kate McCann's marital relationship.


    21 juni 2011


    Gerry McCann:

    We’re looking at new strategies ...

    we are in a digital age ...

    a whole new generation coming through of kids ...

    The same must apply to the twins of course. Living in the digital age.

    Oh! what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive!

  6. This tells me Kate knew exactly what happened to Madeleine.If Kate never knew Madeleine's fate she would never have been able to say that.How could a Mother forgive an 'abductor' when her child is still 'missing' and forgive the person who MAY have tortured/abused/terrified her child and may even have murdered her?

  7. Anyone who would ever raise a hand to harm my child in any way - would be one sorry individual if I ever got the opportunity to "repay" them. Anyone who did what this woman describes in her disgusting book to my child, I would not rest until I made sure they never did it to another child again.

    Kate McCann? She's taking the piss! Simples!

  8. Anonymous @ 12:59 & 13:21

    With the greatest of respect, not a one of your reasons applies to this case, totally off track.

    1.Societal Pressure?

    A. No McCann doesn't bow to that.

    2.Prevent disruption to her children?

    A. No McCann has not a problem with leaving her kids disrupting their lives. Twins have a lot to put up with, with the horrid stories and nonsense she pens.

    3. Lack alternatives. Financial Restraints?

    A. No, McCann has a big FAT Fund.

    4. Fear leaving leads further violence?

    A. No, McCann does't have this to contend with as far as is known.

    5. Shame about speaking out about what has happened?

    A. No, McCann doesn't have a problem with that either, the problem McCanns have is shutting up.

    6. Blaming themselves?

    A. Sorry, took a few minutes to compose myself was laughing so hard. They only blame others, not themselves!

    7. Hope their partners behaviour will change?

    A. Maybe they both do!

    As I said, greatest of respect, and appreciate these reasons apply to entirely different situations, but do not relate in any way to missing Madeleine case. Perhaps though you can come up with some reasons why a mother of a missing child would:

    Refuse to co-operate with police?
    Refuse to answer 40+ questions put to her by police?
    Refuse to take part in a police reconstruction of events?
    Leave her children alone night after night?
    Lie in her book, her diary and in interviews about the case of her missing daughter?
    Wish harm on innocent people while forgiving the man she claims abducted her daughter?
    Have any explanation for the many lies told which have been detrimental to the police investigation to find the little girl?

    What kind of mother do you think would do this?

    1. Just before anyone reads that and says Kate and Gerry would never lie, Kate has openly confessed to it in her book.

  9. Leading up to forgiving Amaral with the court case newspapers will only comment on how she has forgiven the nasty policeman who along with others did not believe their there it goes headlines poor Kate forgives the nasty man and wishes him well.potugal should act now before kate has the chance and the media is there just 1 editor that has the balls to speak out at what happenened to the little girl i know its there job and livelyhood but i am sure if they did this person would come out on top and the truth would be there just one policeman that has retired that will speak out before Kate can forgive the whole world for her BAD parenting ofcourse not forgetting Gerry bless him not going his way at all. Was it Gerry who told Kate about her old body her words not mine bet she does not forgive Gerry that one.Poor old Kate.So lets keep on running round and round in circles .


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