Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Marathon and a Spin Too Far?...

I wasn't going to comment on the 'threat' issue, as so many people appear to have had their eyes opened, but my other half insisted.  And as Hideho has compiled one of her great videos, it's worth sharing and explains it all.

I will say that in the almost 6 years that I've followed this case, I've never once seen the McCann twins threatened from either side of the fence or elsewhere.  I just don't believe the article in the Star at all, I think it's a total fabrication.

Kate McCann, however, has once again put her own children directly in the firing line.  Speaking to Lorraine Kelly the other morning, she described how her children would be at the finishing line of the London Marathon, cheering her on.  Which is quite right and normal, however she failed to mention any of these bizarre, mortal fears or threats which is very strange.

The twins are now 8 years old.  They can read - they only need to catch a glimpse of that headline to ignite fear in their little heads.  Like on the garage forecourt when their mother leaves them twiddling their thumbs in the car.  They have friends who can also read - whispers on the playground are inevitable.

What on earth were the McCanns thinking?  It's utterly disgraceful.

The twins are innocents in this whole affair.  Why anyone would want to target them is completely beyond me.  And you know what?  Nobody does. It seems to be just yet another part of the wider agenda and is a spin too far.

Good luck to Kate McCann in tomorrow's run... I hope she finishes despite her recurring foot injury.

The fearful mother being interviewed by Ms Kelly ...


  1. There were NO threats to kates children,kate is going for the sympathy vote again.
    To be honest i think kate should not involve the twins in her pack of lies. kate need urgent medical help for the twins sake

  2. yep must admit kate looks really fearfull in that pic.

  3. Spot on! There is no threat.

  4. This Kate is just disgusting. If bleeding money out of a dead child wasn't enough she now USES the living ones. A despicable cold nasty lady is Kate with no scruples. Where is that sneaky husband of hers these days ? Diabolical couple who did not even look for the little Madeleine on the night she was gone. I believe they already knew what had happened her. I have never believed from day 1 of this blood money story.

  5. The twins growing up,learning the truth, is their biggest fear!

    from excellent comment 2(202)


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