Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Maddie McCann, Gypsies and the Insane Media

I really want to write about the latest Roma happenings in the news, but I just don't have time.

I want to write about how disgusted I am with it all, swooping on families simply because their children look different.

They wouldn't dare do it with a British family, or Asian or Portuguese.

There is a big mixed gene pool out there, we're not part of some Aryan society.  We're all different.

I've just read that the Irish child who was taken from her parents and DNA tested was actually their biological daughter and she was returned to them after spending 2 nights in care!!

Umm no, it wasn't just a Roma couple with whom she had been living - it was her damn parents and family!  That woman gave birth to a BLONDE child, what a friggin shocker.  Now why didn't that make the front pages of our crap press?

There's always been gypsy predjudice around but like the rest of society, they have their good and their bad and they're certainly not all child snatchers.

If the authorities were so concerned, what about all the other children they missed and left behind when they were searching for the blonde children?  You know the ones with brown or black or ginger or any other colour hair. Or are abductees restricted to being blonde?  I don't think so, you fools.

And then we have the pink spin with an extra rinse for good measure, shameful reporting, absolutely shameful...

'Maddie' found in Greece

'Maddie' found in Ireland

Media, please get a grip - do you think we're all stupid?  'Maddie' was NOT blonde, she was not found in Greece or Ireland.  She is totally unrelated to anything Roma.  Read the goddamn files and report ACURATELY.

Do us all a favour and slither back into your hole.  Feckin t0ssers.

PS... great news about the possible reopening of the case in Portugal.  Absolutely brilliant :)


  1. They should not of been left all a lone the parents are to blame no one else if ya wanted friends going out drinking ya both should never had kids and hope the truth comes out soon

  2. He quipped ``ask the dogs``. Sadly, it is more likely `ask the fish`. What pieces of work!


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