Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Dangerous Game...

I avoid the MSM like the plague.

It's usually full of pink spin, always attempting to either detract or pre-empt.

Or simply full of lies.

I can't ignore the latest appalling headline in the Sun.  The implications of the grisly end that Madeleine may have come to are just too sickening for words.  Alongside her photo.

All sensational detraction and a sordid exercise for profit.

This is something that is more harmful to the twins than anything they could ever read.  Whoever thought this one up should thoroughly hang their heads in shame.  Actually they deserve a good flogging, but I wouldn't want my words misconstrued.

Whatever happened to investigative journalism - will these idiots ever grow a backbone and report sensibly and properly?

Sadly, I think we all know the answer to that one.


  1. But we all know that the journalists DO know that those two excuses for humanity WERE investigated by the proper police- not the McCann PI's.
    Those two were only into little boys NOT girls and since there was a choice in the apartment, 2 girls and one boy then the odds would be on them taking Sean - and I bet in a couple of years Sean is going to fully realise the danger his parents left him in, according to them of course.
    disgusting paper, will the McCanns object though? I doubt it.

  2. It was interesting to note the police said these were 2 efits of THE SAME MAN as seen by the Smith family each having seen tha man at a different angle.How then can one man (singular) be transformed into two men (plural) even better these 2 men are into little boys, Maddie would so nothing for them whereas Sean would and by virtue of gender be their target of choice. Why let facts get in the way of a story or front page headline. Anyone who has seen the pics will have said The efit looks like gerry, In fact gerry's name cropped up so much that the callers in to crime watch were allegedly being hung up on.

    Given his name kept cropping up, the police must by default have to call him in and interview him. In fact the whole group should have been hauled in and questioned due to the discrepencies in times of checks, contamination of the crime scene, refusal to do the reconstruction, the dogs reacting to cadaverine etc.

    When a child goes missing, in most cases it is not abduction by stranger as claimed rather it is a dead child at the hands of a parent/family member/someone known to the family.
    If there is a genuine abduction, again, in most cases it is abduction by a non custodial parent. It was interesting to note kate offered to take a poly and when taken up on said offer, rapidly back tracked and came up with a variety of axcuses as to why she wouldn't take one such as it wasn't 100% accurate etc, plus their was clarence's explanation in that she was telling the truth and innocent and thus didn't need to take a poly.

    Taking a poly would in effect clear them even if not acceptable in court if she passed on the questions, if she showed as 80% telling the truth they would be shoyting their innocence from the roof tops and LE could then broaden their search aresa ( depending of course on what she was asked and what she passed on. She refused because she knew she would fail. In the states the first thing parents in similar cases are told is take a poly and get cleared so we can focus on other family members, friends, neighbors etc, poly's aren't allowed in court, it is used to give insight as to who can be cleared and who needs to be looked at more closely. However, as a statement analyst will tell you, we don't need a poly to know if the subject is telling the truth or lying, we let the subject talk and we can see the truth from their words used.You may be able to fool a polygrapher or poly, it's far harder if not impossible to fool a statement analyst.

  3. pt 2

    The brain knows the truth and wants to tell what it knows. If we listen/read the words used by the subject we can see where they take ownership with pronouns and if it is I we, you etc which indicates oneself, shared guilty knowledge or unity or distancing, we see where they are missed, if the sibject can;t take ownership of what they are saying, we can't do it for them, we look for tenses, where it changes from past to present or vice versa and if it is warranted, we look for temporal lacuna ( gaps in time) what is happeneing in those time gaps, we look for changes in language such as car to vehile and back, gun to firearm and back and whether the change is warranted, we look for proper social introductions and if they change, we look at where they start their reoly indicating what they feel is important to them, what they include, what they don't include or say ( what shouldn't be there that is and what should be there and isn't) liars don't like lying, it is stressful so they try to hide the lies by ommision or minimising or even creating a whole new reality. Liars cannot lie about a lie. Statement analysis in this case reveal that Maddie is long dead, that kate knows it ( when she said press a button and we'd ALL be togeather - if Maddie was dead then they would all be togeather, if Maddie was alive kate just killed the twins and gerry and herself and made Maddie an orphan) when she said the PJ don't want a murder ( murder was at the front of her mind) why would this be when she has told everyone she was abducted, she should have said they don't want an abduction and when she said Maddie visits her ( haunts) dead people haunt, live people don't.

    1. They have re-opened the lid on this. Maybe taken enough rope to hang themselves. Let`s hope the good, decent people in positions of power are at last able to deliver them up, as opposed to the dark figures that have so far connived with them.


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