Thursday, 10 November 2011

Check your LIKES on Facebook......... Part 2


Beggars belief - Madeleine groups on Facebook combined into one group with a new, deceptively fake following...

This is why we got up yesterday morning to find unfamiliar posts, comments and updates on our Facebook walls.  This is why we had become followers of a group we didn't join.

It's all good and well providing a welcome, however if these new members referred to above had actually liked the Official Find Madeleine Campaign group page, they would have clicked the LIKE button of their own free will.

Are there any similar unofficial Find Madeleine Campaign group pages around which could genuinely be combined?  I don't think there are... although the poor child may have stood a greater chance of being found if there was.  There are thousands of groups for thousands of subjects... I don't want to go to bed posting on Justice for Caylee and wake up to Casey Anthony's ugly mug.  Would anybody?

Apart from the One Million Likes group, I've never seen Madeleine being subjected to 'online abuse'.  Another appalling and disturbing thought to come from the horse's mouth.  If I did, I wouldn't hesitate to report it. Seems like just another excuse for her parents protect their reputation and avoid criticism by once again attempting to silence people.  The irony of Madeleine needs protected... yes she did, didn't she?

Instead of fannying about online, why don't you just get out there and do what normal people would do - something you've never done yourselves.  Look.  All those followers with their prayers, candles and fluffy words won't 'bring her home', but I'm sure it makes you feel good.

Please check which groups you have joined or liked on Facebook.  This is an appalling invasion of privacy and trust.  I do not wish mingle with blinkered muppets or have their posts invade my wall.  And I also object to the Team having access to my own profile via their Admin privileges. Very disturbing.


  1. Very well said!

  2. well said indeed.
    Desperate measures from desperate people

  3. They do seem to be rather desperate don't they. Peddling their book in Brazil, Spain and wherever else took their fancy.

    I do not recall Dr. Amaral touring to sell his bewk I believe it walked off the shelves.

    The libel trial in February. McCanns and their lawyer also in contempt of court for not returning Gonçalo's books, Pat Brown and who knows what else the future holds. Tom Watson has the Gaspar statement and checking to see if the allegations were investigated and if not why not.

  4. I've always allowed readers to comment, whichever side of the fence they sit. However, a note to anyone visiting this particular blog...

    If you happen to disagree with me, your comment will be removed. This is what is called 'a taste of your own medicine'.

    Have a really good day.

  5. I'm bemused!How can they have done this without the consent of the persons who own the sites that have been merged.Do we know which sites these are?Am I understanding correctly that since these sites were amalgamated we no longer have anywhere on FB where we can discuss disagree with the parents version of events?Also the first two sentences contradict each other ,who actually is responsible for this invasion of our privacy because at the end of the day FB is not a person so what is the name of the person who gave the go ahead for this to happen?

  6. The McCanns could have sectioned off the whole of PDL into search areas - on paper of course - and arranged teams of their friends and family and even used some of the fund, (now that's not happened very often imo)in the search for Madeleine. Over the past four and a half years most of the lawless villages -without television -could have been covered,
    remember the "no stone left unturned" mantra? They won't find their daughter in a law court or on a computer.The McCanns like to jog, well they could combine their hobby with actually looking for their daughter. Radical idea I know. lol


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