Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Rogatory Review

Smoke and mirrors, muddied waters... there's always been speculation that things have been deliberately confused from day one.  From the shutters and locks to the timeline.  One thing that irritates me is the fact that all of the group's children were left alone to fend for themselves. If it really happened that way - that's what we're expected to believe.  So why have the rest of the Tapas group been let off the hook?  The only reason that the McCanns have taken most of the rap is because they got caught in the act, unfortunately for their child.  

By foot, the McCann children were actually closest to the Tapas bar, where the group of these so called professional parents were dining.  All of the other children were dotted here and there in other apartments, a much further distance than apartment 5a.  Alone, some of them sick. Yet their parents simply closed their doors and left them?

Below is an extract from Rachel Oldfield's rogatory interview, where she describes the absolutely crap routine of putting her one year old sick baby to bed before skulking off silently to the restaurant - through a passageway so dark, she was afraid to check on her own sick child. Their system of checks involved listening at the doors and windows... the smell checks have been blatantly omitted.  Mrs Oldfield then tells us how she believes Madeleine was taken, alive from apartment 5a by the big, bad abductor.  Or maybe not.

Read it and weep, folks.
Read it and weep...


"She, yeah because erm, we didn't, we don't really like sleeping in the same room as her but there wasn't really nowhere else to put her cos you know, obviously she was going to bed at seven thirty and then we'd have had to kind of hide in the bathroom or something for the rest of the night, so we put, yeah she slept in our room as well erm".

"Yeah. So basically we'd go and have dinner and then we'd sort of run back you know every fifteen twenty minutes and have a listen at the door and make sure nobody's screaming their head off".

"Erm well we'd go into the room, which ordinarily we wouldn't do to be honest, erm but she seemed to have diarrhoea and kind of, I mean she'd settled quite well actually cos she'd been tired every evening, erm but every morning when she woke up, she had diarrhoea and it had gone right through her grow bag and so there's all this sort of horrendous smell, so in the evenings when we were checking, we'd go into the room just to see if you know, there was any sort of smell yet, erm and just to make sure she was alright, to make sure she hadn't been sick, partly I think cos Matt had been sick, just wanted to make sure she hadn't been, in case it was some sort of bug".

1578 "Okay, and the route taken"?

Reply "Was up the road and then in through the car park at the back and in through the front door.

1578 "In through the front door"?

Reply "Mmm yeah, I mean the patio doors were locked, erm yeah I didn't really like going up there by myself, it was, like going through that car park was quite dark and there was never anyone around, it was a bit, you know made me feel a bit uneasy".

1578 "Okay. Did you want to mention something about the Doctors in the group"?

Reply "Yeah I was just going to say that, you know Kate and Gerry are both Doctors and you know there were three other medics in the group erm four others actually sorry, four others, erm you know so if by any chance they'd accidentally done anything to Madeleine or she was ill or erm you know something wasn't quite right, I mean they wouldn't have just left her and sort of tried to cover it up as an accident or you know, they would or sort of you know, come and got Matt and Russell and Dave and Fi, erm I mean you know, not just because they are Doctors, because you know they're parents and you'd kind of go to anyone to see who could help but if you got, you know Doctors as friends who were there as well, erm you know there were kind of six people there who if Madeleine had accidentally been bumped on the head or you know whatever the theories are supposed to be, erm you know, there were plenty of people there who could of you know tried to revive a child, erm".


Plenty of people who could have tried to revive a child... The cynic in me is screaming that Madeleine's fate has just been described in detail and confirmed by those last few words.  I hope I'm wrong.  Smoke and muddied waters - time for someone to clear everything up, including their conscience.


  1. Oh dear ,talk about give answers to things that weren't asked,a typical response from someone who is hiding something and is trying to make you believe they're innocent.Lots of slip ups there and you point out the main one imo 'tried'.
    All of us with half a brain can see they've all been lying yet they seem able to avoid being pinned down .
    How can this woman look herself in the eye after stating what she has ,she is a totally unfit mother!
    No-one in their right mind would leave a baby alone let alone one who you thought might vomit in your absence this child was at risk and has been left with her
    I'm in no doubt she knows the truth and has inadvertently told us most of it but unless she can be forced back to Portugal and questioned I doubt we'll ever find out.

  2. Another Rogatory from Fiona Payne...the group only there for four full days and each evening someone was sick...only a table for eight explains Fiona.

    The group know exactly how Madeleine died and this group have no idea what neglect is they could not neglect a child if they tried BUT without neglect there could be no abduction.


    Erm, you know, there was, I’m trying to think if anyone was ill on the Sunday night actually, because we had a bit of illness in the group as well and there were nights, I think, every night there was somebody who was sick actually.

    And I think Matt might have been ill on, it was either Sunday or the Monday, erm, and, you know, one of those nights he wasn’t there for dinner.

    And then Rachael, erm, wasn’t there, I think that was the Wednesday night, she was ill, Tuesday or Wednesday. So there were night when, yeah, there was only eight of us at the table .

  3. GM never claimed an illness
    KM never claimed an illness

    They fully confirmed their attendances/presences

    Funny the others all felt they needed some alibi at some point in time. Now why was that?



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