Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How low can you go... check your LIKES on Facebook

As if things couldn't get any lower... it's been highlighted that some Facebook users have mysteriously 'liked' the Official Find Madeleine Campaign page - without their knowledge and most definitely against their will.  Including yours truly - me, myself, moi!!!  Have we all been hacked?  At the moment I can't comment on their wall for some reason... what a shame.

How has this group made users LIKE their page without informing them?

We're always being warned not to like pages that promise us free gifts, donations to the needy blah blah, because once they have enough members and personal information, they sell the group on.  Your personal information is very valuable in the right hands. 

A month or so ago, the Official page welcomed members from the Unofficial group which was somehow amalgamated and therefore bumped up the numbers.  The next day, a fair few people protested that they hadn't actually joined the group.  Has it happened again...have they harvested any of the other Madeleine groups on the site and swallowed up their members in the dead of the night without their knowledge?  It would explain the rapid swell of muppets at dawn most days.  I wonder just how many of those 88,000 likes really are genuine and there with their owner's permission.  I know mine isn't.

I think that after the naming and shaming of Jack Tims and his grovelling apology to the McCanns in the Sun, clarification is needed on just what happens to groups such as the One Million Likes and their members. What happens to the groups that are dormant or ones which close suddenly.  I never clicked One Million Likes, but I have clicked other groups looking for justice for Madeleine.  And forgotten about it... something I'm sure you've all done.  I think now might be the time to check.

Instead of allowing the obnoxious Mrs G to hold the fort, I would suggest that perhaps a friendly email to all members from the not-so-efficient Admin is in order, just to ensure that people are actually there of their own free will.  Do they really give a damn though, as long as the numbers look good?  It always has been about appearance from day one.

Predictable abuse from the usual suspects... and it's still going on!

Like me and many others, if you've suddenly discovered that you're a member of a group which you did not 'like', scroll down the left hand side of the page and click UNLIKE... simples.  Then report.


  1. Dr. Goncalo Amarals FB page started sporting decidedly unseemly 'ladies' some time ago.

    Yet another attempt to discredit him.

    There are loonies on the loose, for who would be interested in further destroying the mans character?


  2. Portia, how did this happen? Who could access his facebook account?

    Not likely is it and if it had been hacked then he would have done something about it and probably removed his facebook account?

  3. My name is Kathleen Hammett and like you I found to my surprise that I had 'liked' the OFM without even going on the site. I have also seen others that its happened to and when they've complained to the G they have had abusive reply's , but we're not shocked by that are we.......


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