Monday, 28 March 2011

The Sleeping Prophets...

Another day, another dollar in the... umm, search for Madeleine McCann.

Are Team McCann psychic?  When they release important info to the public via the media, like leads and the presumed location of Madeleine's whereabouts, they know the kidnappers have their fingers in their ears and are humming nah nah I can't hear you.  Which is just aswell, because putting the child in extreme danger from her captors by making the location public is the last thing they want, I'm sure.

Mysteriously, they also seem to know just when Madeleine will still be missing. The latest report from the Express indicates she will unfortunately still be missing this summer when Mr McCann and friends attempt to make a 2000 mile bike ride from Portugal to England to raise awareness of Madeleine's disappearance.  That's if she's still 'disappeared' and four years too late really.

This brings to mind the case of another missing child - Ken Thompson made a marathon 4000 mile cycle ride across Europe in a desperate search to find his son, Andrew.  Andrew went missing after Madeleine in 2008 when he was abducted by his mother.  Mr Thompson really was pro-active, actually found his son and brought him home.  Most heartwarming and we are all sincerely happy for Ken Thompson and his son.  This is a great example of what getting off your arse can do... instead of employing crooks, browsing the internet at home and generally, well you know, working really hard.  I make the parallel with these missing child cases because who knows what happened to Madeleine?  Only the perpetrator/s.

What is even more enlightening is that Mr McCann's bike ride, which was due to commence on May 3rd has actually been postponed 'due to the clash with the royal wedding'.  Hark, I hear a chorus of confusion - the royal wedding is the week before.  Clash, my ass.  Just another delay tactic like so many others in this case?  The delayed release of information has always been predictable, from the 3 week old 'last photo' to the 'Oprah exclusive' age procession pic.  A precious child is missing, why wait?  Another hard habit to break in McCannland it seems.  But hey ho, as long as the lads don't chaff their thighs, it keeps the book buoyant with plenty of freebies along the way.  Judging by the ever declining presale book price however, thinking caps will have to be donned.  I hear cadaver scented stuff goes for a treat on the second-hand market, maybe some items could be brought to sell along the way. 

All these delays and postponements are of no benefit to Madeleine whatsoever. Everything done to suit the McCanns, it always looks like awareness of themselves they put forward, not the child.  They really do project themselves as more important than their missing daughter.

Mrs McCann is doing the dutiful next week - raising awareness in a sponsored run for Missing People.  Close friend and fellow pact member Jane Tanner is also on the run - taking on the task of the London Marathon, running for Breakthrough Breast Cancer as a commendable, meaningful tribute to her late step-sister.  It's easy to set up a page and let your sponsors do all the work but a quick comparison of the offline sponsorship amounts reveal the passion both runners are putting into their efforts - Ms Tanner's running total of £300 compared to Mrs McCann's pitiful nil.  Yes - zero.  Is that umm well, working really hard? Or just a different end result with a different kind of passion?  I wonder what the tally would be if the run was to aid the fund?

Back to the Express article, we learn that Kate's 'account of the truth' is now Kate, her family and friends' account of the truth.
"Kate .... has been using extracts from her personal diary written in the days after Madeleine vanished.
She has also been relying on family and close friends to help jog her memory."
That diary... another well planned cash cow, thought up as part of that infamous wider agenda?  So they say...  I can't believe that such horrendous memories which would be etched in the head of any parent should have to be referenced from a diary, family or friends? Insignificant thoughts of killing Robert Murat or that dream really are personal and of no help to Madeleine.  The rage and pain inside should be enough to fill those pages.  Yet the author needs reminding.

Dr Amaral said in a recent interview...
"Could the book help to find Madeleine? It depends on what it says so we will have to wait and see if it can contribute in any way to an investigation, and if it can, it would then become something that could be used as evidence in a case."
So, four years on let's hope that this sudden overcoming of emotion will not only do Kate some good but also help Madeleine.  It would be wonderful and all worthwhile if her efforts could actually get the case reopened. Wouldn't it?...  Shame it all appears to be another exercise to facilitate the fund, and not the investigation.

Let's also hope that there's been no need to reference the trivial tripe that is Gerry's Blogs which unsurprisingly have not yet had the offer of publication... or perhaps the publishing houses are having their own moments of madness and savaging each other as we speak.  Doubtful... the tit was dry on that cash cow from Day One... despite those lashings of child friendly toppings.


We all know that forward planning is a good thing, however the Team never, ever say "if Madeleine is still missing, we will do this..." it seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The logical conclusion... the bike run should have acted as a complementary Portuguese dimension to the book release - in May. Using the royal wedding as an excuse to postpone really doesn't wash, especially when Portugal was the intended departure point, not the UK.  I doubt very much if the European media will be overwhelmed by news of Kate and Will in the weeks after their wedding day... it appears that the raising of awareness is targeted at a select audience.  The UK.  Remind me, where did the child vanish?


  1. Excellent read! When will some UK journalist find a set and print a proper article.

  2. I second that sentiment Zodiac. I always look forward to these articles, they're always thought provoking and interesting. Enough to get them totally ignored by the shi.te that passes for journalism in this country anyway. lol

  3. ** edited for complete clarity for the Knitting Circle.

  4. Ouch !I bet it hurt them to read these oh so true words.
    Kate will need to work harder to get some offline sponsers now she's been shown to be slacking .
    Another excellent blog from potting shedder .

  5. I wonder if the McC's and the other Tapas have donated to JT's cause and vice versa?

    WEDNESDAY, JULY 25: I received some bad news last night. A friend has breast cancer and has just received her first dose of chemotherapy following surgery. Horrible. I will include her in my prayers.


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