Monday, 21 March 2011

Inciting Racial and Judicial Hatred. The McCann Way...

1.   Take one inaccurate and misleading Google translation.

2.   Place it on your official public Facebook group page.

3.   Turn up heat by sharing with the public and your 15,000 followers.

4.   Add seasoning and watch as the news simmers and bubbles away.

In 2009, the judges and jury at the Court of Faro acquitted the three Polícia Judiciária inspectors that stood accused of torture against Leonor Cipriano (who was sentenced to 16 years for the murder of her daughter, Joana).

The other two arguidos, including Gonçalo Amaral, were condemned to suspended sentences over forgery of documents and false statements, not torture.

The recent news of the appeal decision to uphold the suspended sentences of Goncalo Amaral and Antonio Nune Cardos has been heralded by none other than cookie lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia.  I am unable to find another report online from any other source.  Is this early news or no news?

After reading "The Court of Appeal upheld the sentence of Evora applied to two PJ inspectors in the torture of Leonora Cipriano" on the Official Find Madeleine group page, some comments from followers included...

"Portugal should hang it's head in shame!"

"Shamefull!!!....Name and shame is the way foward"

"i have said all along he could be involved in the dissapearance of these children , including Madeliene, we need answers and we need them now , this little girl needs to be reunited with her family , and this monster needs putting away !"

"But WHY were their sentences suspended ! I think these two evil men should be suspended...NOT their sentences"

How bizarre... are these comments even moderated by the Find Madeleine team?  Well, yes they are... selectively moderated.  The above appalling remarks and others have maximum exposure and at the moment, allowed to remain.  However the following unhelpful comment from J Smith was removed promptly this morning...

"Did you forget to post that the supreme court rejected the mccanns appeal to ban mr amaral's book? why was that then? why did the Mccanns fail in gagging someone? and the translation for this post is totally wrong and misleading. Shame on you misleading all your sheep on here. Even if true what has it got anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance? Nothing at all. Shameful. Just spending the Fund money scapegoating an individual, pensioners and children donated to that fund to search for Maddie not to be spent on targeting people who don't believe the fairy story of abduction."

Have you seen a more blatant smearing attempt to date?  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of this in the next few months as we lead up to the release of both Madeleine books.

Nasty and unprofessional.  If lies like this can be spread so easily and blatantly to their followers, one wonders what lies have already been told.

One also has to question just why the McCanns paid a fortune from the fund for the professional translation of the files when Google was adequate enough for their Facebook needs...

Pants of Ganga anyone?...


  1. shameful and cowardly

  2. thats what kind of supporters the mccanns have,(and they deserve each and every one of them)shame they dont support Madeleine, on second thoughts perhaps its a good job they dont,vile nasty people.

  3. The Cipriano case should never have been allowed to enter a criminal court. It should have been dealt with as a disciplinary matter within the police force. We all know that there was one target and he had to be smeared at all costs. What goes on behind the scenes we can only guess but it really is low.

    This news has no relevance whatsoever to missing Madeleine McCann, simply an attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral once again. I am shocked that the McCanns would dare to bring news of Leonor Cipriano to their precious child's Facebook page, she is a convicted child killer!!

    WE all know WHY the vile Cipriano is in prison, but it is the blinkered views of the McCanns, their followers and their warped ignorance of what happened to little Joana that really is very hard to comprehend. Poor, poor child.

  4. "One also has to question just why the McCanns paid a fortune from the fund for the professional translation of the files when Google was adequate enough for their Facebook needs..."
    Good remark ! I wondered as well why they didn't use the very carefully done translations you find easily on the Web.

  5. Katrine Dibble Fullerton:
    that's ridiculous for the police to not be doing anything. As if time goes by just makes it alright. They should be looking more than ever. I wonder if the portugese know how much they have lost in tourism because of this too? That is unimportant in this case, but I for one, would never go there on vacation after this. Knowing if something happens, noone would help us etc. Corrupt police and more. Actually my husband just said the other day, maybe we should go to the Algarve for summer, and my response i NEVER. not with children. If something happened, we know there would be no help.

    Isabelle Vincent: Katrine I have been to the Algarve with my children several times, both before and after Madeleine went missing. The Portuguese people are wonderful and when our hire car broke down the police came to our rescue.
    Guess which post was removed by Facebook

  6. @ Katrine Dibble Fullerton:You really need to read more factual information,the official police files would be a good start,they are available for public viewing.You will then see just how ridiculous your comment was about the McCann's not getting any help.They have had unprecedented help,help that has never been known before in the history of a missing child either here or abroad


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