Thursday, 24 March 2011

Those damn dogs...

The onslaught has come to officially mock those damn dogs, we are in the lead up to the book release after all.  Most probably there's a whole chapter devoted to dismissing the creatures who scented cadaver odour and blood in Apartment 5a and on various items belonging only to the McCann family.  The cull has begun on those creatures whose noses are a million times more sensitive than our own and who can sniff out dead bodies and spilled blood at the drop of a hat. 

A recent review uses a kidnap investigation to highlight how dogs have tied up valuable police time and gives details of the Shannon Matthews case in which a cadaver dog was used.  During the search the dog identified the odour of 4 dead bodies and although thankfully it wasn't the scent of the child, the dog had indeed been successful.  Where indicated, it was established that the furniture was second hand and had actually come from the home of a deceased person.  Amazing!

Maybe the book will reveal that the McCanns are keen visitors to their local charity shop and that all of the items which were smitten with eau de cadaver actually came from the home of a deceased person.  All perfectly innocent and a lot more credible than Dr Kildare straddling 6 dead bodies, in her chef's pants with her daughter's cuddly toy in the weeks prior to the fateful holiday.

How do we explain the dog indications in the apartment?  They can't be attributed to a deceased person's second hand furniture.  The dog clearly marked unmoveable objects - inside the wardrobe and on the tiled floor.   Maybe we'll hear that the cadaver odour is different in Portugal, it sticks to places it shouldn't or that it's fused with sardine oil.  Be prepared not to be surprised. 

The review also claims that there is no national standard for accrediting dogs and handlers or record keeping of the success rate they achieve.  I beg to differ, Martin Grimes kept a very accurate record...

Woof woof.  Ask the dogs.


  1. oh dear,its back to dissing the dogs again,some thing in the wind i wonder

  2. KEELA AND EDDIE (Cadaver Dogs - South Yorkshire Police)
    Eddie and Keela, both springer spaniels, were brought to Praia da Luz at the end of July (with the British "Cracker Team"). Keela is one of Britain's top police dogs - earning more than her Chief Constable in South Yorkshire - and is trained to sniff out the smallest samples of human blood. Eddie is a 'victim recovery dog' which can detect blood and human remains. The dogs, which have worked in Britain, Ireland and the U.S., earn £500 a day each and are insured for £4.5 million.
    The police revered these dogs up until a couple of years ago.It makes you wonder what or who made them do an about turn and why .I suspect the powerful force backing the McCann's had a hand in it!

  3. I find it intriguing that SKY asked for the results of this review at all!But what better time to diss the dogs than in the run up to the publication of Kate's book .The McCann's appear to have friends in very high places even as high as the SKY ?!

  4. Thankfully if this case ever gets to court ,the fact that there is no national standard for accrediting dogs and handlers or record keeping of the success rate they achieve won't matter as the work Eddie and Keela did is all on
    video .
    It will be very hard to dispute their findings because of this and the extensive records Grimes kept of all their work .
    We also have to remember that these dogs were approved by Portugal at the time as being fit to do the job so I imagine that will be taken into account .
    Convicted criminals would have a field day if the dogs had been used as evidence in their trial if an accreditation scheme is brought
    in in the future .
    Also any accreditation scheme would have to be recognised in which ever country the dogs were used to work in .So perhaps there is nothing to concern ourselves with over this Sky report after all ,just another bit of pie in the sky !

  5. Thank you all for your comments.

    I believe that none of this would even be being discussed if the dogs had positively indicated anywhere else, especially in the Murat household.

    They didn't.

    Everything they marked either belonged to or was associated with the McCanns.

    This is a very hot topic online at the moment, especially with supporters who appear to be clutching at straws - JUST WHEN ARE WE TO BELIEVE THAT THESE DOGS WERE WRONG?

    When they did mark? Or when they didn't...

  6. In a statement from Martin Grimes, the dogs' handler -

    "Both dogs and I are licensed as two separate working teams. We are independently tested and licensed annually, normally at six monthly intervals as a 'rolling' programme to ensure best practice is maintained. They are tested to units of assessment prepared as a stand-alone system as these dogs are the only assets of their type in the world. Training records are maintained and are available if required."

    These dogs are tested and licenced at very regular intervals, which I think makes them all the more credible despite claims that there are no set national standards.

    Well I say, get your erse in gear and set those standards. I'm sure Eddie and Keela are leaps and bounds above them.

  7. Always makes me smile when the pros say that the cadaver scent in the room cannot be confirmed to originate in any specific spot because of air currents causing the scent to accumulate in certain areas. This, they say, renders any evidential value as worthless.

    My question is:- where did the scent come from n the first place? It didn't blow in from the street, did it?

  8. It seems the review isn't recent but was made 2 years back.
    The Sky article wrongly suggests that Eddie was kicked off, when in fact Grime decided to quit.

  9. I suspect that the powers that be knew that certain licences had lapsed but kept that up their sleeve to "muddy " the waters just in case the dogs were better than they thought.

    Dont forget Scotland yard requested the dogs, they must have known the status.


    Clearly the blood dog found MCANN blood behind
    the sofa, ,it had been cleaned up physically as there was no physical signs but the scent remained.

    the Mcanns cannot explain in the space of 5 days whos Mcann blood it was an who cleaned it.

    I broke a glass table in A HOTEL Australia playing with my nephew 20 years ago.

    So two doctors , well versed in cleaning blood cant remember whose blood and who cleaned it ? Amazing too how they can extract and identify dna from 5000 year old mummies but not the Mcann blood samples, in addition the length of time it took them and the samples dismissed ie hair in the car is worth of note

    They will even dismiss the abuse in Jersey as it harms their case , mighty Christian of them.

  10. It's never been proven that the indications given by the dog Eddie was in fact "the scent of death"
    In fact, most of Eddies indications were mere utters, especially the bark indication shown at Villa vista Mar in which cuddle cat was placed into a cupboard. Eddie, not surprisingly barked when Martin Grime said "find, find"
    Yes I accept that Kate and Gerry's account is open to scrutiny. I am more suspicious of the police investigation.

    Martin Grimes wrote in his statement that no evidential results can be given from the indications of his dog unless supported with footing evidence, or blood found from a known victim. Keels found blood yes, but it was either too old or from a different person. Blood traces were found that belonged to a man.

  11. @anon 12.34

    Customary discredit of the dogs. Of course if it was as simple to prove Eddie's indications, we would have a body. Case closed.

    Not everything is black and white in this case, although your post is a good indication of what will be included in the book.


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