Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Believe it... or not?..

From May 2007 we have been pelted with the story of an abduction backed up with many claims of jemmied shutters and a single window of opportunity.  It was a high risk strategy, but the child was 'taken'...

To this day, many still believe that there is only one side of this sad case.  They fail to realise that the management of the Ocean Club and the police reported that the shutters were in perfect working order and that there was no sign of a break-in to the apartment.  Further forensic analysis found no evidence of an abductor.

So, just as a reminder... we are led to believe that 9 professional, responsible adults dined night after night at a local restaurant while their 8 children were left alone in empty apartments. Eight parents and one grandparent apparently felt at ease, closing the doors to their apartment and leaving their children inside without adult supervision?  They all felt comfortable enough to go walking off down the street, around various obstacles and into a restaurant where they also felt comfortable enough to eat, drink and be merry?

Believe it or not?

The McCanns have, in some respect taken the rap for leaving their children alone, simply because one of them vanished.  However, another 7 adults apparently did the same thing.  We all know the distance between the Tapas Bar and apartment 5a, we know that it's out of sight and can't be monitored while sitting in the restaurant. What people fail to realise is that the McCanns apartment was actually the closest to the restaurant.  All the other apartments were further away and took even longer to 'check'.

Believe it or not?

Rachel Oldfield actually insisted that her husband check on their daughter because it was dark and scary.  A daughter who was so ill with a stomach bug that the smell from her nappy hit you upon entering the apartment.  Yet this mother and father left their poor child alone, in a dark, scary place while they dined and drank with friends?

Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien's apartment was also further away from the restaurant than apartment 5A.  They also had a sick daughter.  So sick that Mr O'Brien apparently had to do a full bed change.  Yet here are another couple who felt comfortable enough to leave their sick child alone while they dined and drank with friends?

Believe it or not?

I really don't know what we're expected to believe... it's all so unbelievable.

"My reason for writing is simple - to give an account of the truth."

Why is an account of the truth now being written in book form?  Will this benefit the McCanns' private limited company only or will there be a donation to a genuine registered charity for missing children, which the McCanns have previously latched onto?  

Surely it must firstly be written in the Book of PJ to benefit Madeleine, then taken a step further and novel written to benefit her family?...   Four years later, are we to consider that everything we've heard to date may not be true, if Kate McCann now decides it's time to 'give an account of the truth'?

Neglect, abduction, homicide, simulated kidnap, hiding of a cadaver.  There are many sides to this terrible, sorry state of affairs... sadly I don't believe half of it will make it amongst the predicted fluffy words.  On a positive note... it may come with a removable wipe-clean cover, perfect for jotting down those cobbled timelines...

Believe it or not...?


  1. I have to agree with you and do wonder if after the amount of lies she has told if she can even remember the truth .

  2. And I bet Kate's "true account" will leave out all mention of neglect,lies,jemmied shutters,actual amount spent on the search for Madeleine, actual amount spent on defence and libel lawyers,PR personnel,paid employees such as campaign managers,website costs etc. She will leave out the fact that the initial search for Madeleine included a team of British police officers who concurred with the findings of the PJ. She will gloss over the dogs who are untrustworthy anyway and will slate Goncalo Amaral for being such a pain. She WILL however say how the love of the British people and their supporters worldwide have brought a measure of comfort to them and will include many chapters on the twins. There will be lots and lots of photos, there'll have to be or it'll be a very short book.


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