Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The McCanns seem to be going to a lot of trouble in order to avoid the simple request of reopening their missing daughter's case.

After the embargo on yesterday's press conference and idyllic posed photos, today we've seen a concerted effort from the McCanns to have the case not reopened, but reviewed.  In stark contrast of the British media's failure to report the overturning of the ban on Goncalo Amaral's book, we have been literally bombarded with the McCann spin of review and the customary begging bowl being shoved in our faces.

Review or Reopen?

A review will not help Madeleine - this is simply a paper pushing exercise which is utterly pointless and the status quo will continue.  Madeleine will still be missing, the McCanns will continue to thrust that begging bowl for what they seem to think is their entitlement to other people's money.  No one will be actively investigating why Madeleine is missing, what happened to her and where she is.

Reopening the case will ignite the search for Madeleine by the proper people. Instead of the Team of Four supping tea in darkest Leicestershire and attempting to cover the planet, Madeleine will have a huge taskforce and endless resources on her side in the shape of the Portuguese and British authorities and other interconnected bodies.

Reopening the case is easy - the McCanns and their friends simply have to agree to attend the reconstruction requested by the police, the one which they initially failed to turn up for.  It would also be helpful if the mother would answer the questions she failed to answer in the first place.  All 48 of them and she needs to answer these questions today.

The father stood on the steps of a Lisbon court, when he was hit with an off the wall surprise question.  Will you be requesting that the case be reopened?...  He said yes. Another lie?

"...NO police force has proactively been doing anything to help us find Madeleine."
"There's no law enforcement that's been pro-actively doing anything for 18 months."
"No police force is actively doing anything for Madeleine and we think that's completely unacceptable,"

It beggars belief that the parents have such gall and can actually make the above comments with a straight face.  The fact that there is no police force actively or pro-actively searching is their own fault - they allowed the case to be shelved in the first place and have it within their power to have it reopened.

We all know that the reopening of the investigation is the best thing for Madeleine.  It's what she deserves and something which would receive the backing of everyone, except the guilty party of course.  Shame her parents don't seem to agree.


  1. This should appear in every British National Daily....sadly, there are people at the very top making sure nothing like that will ever happen.

  2. brilliant and i second the above,send it to teresa may and any other m p.s and newspapers
    the mccanns are fraudsters and should not be treated like mini celebs.

  3. Are you sure, MMM, that agreeing with a reconstruction and answering the 48 would be enough ? There was a deadline for the case not to be shelved. Now, apart from changing their behaviour, they should offer some kind of new evidence (imo).

  4. @Anne .
    Not sure if you've read the statements from the released files but they are so contradictory that a reconstruction would be like a carry on film .

    NEW evidence can be got during a reconstruction by observing something they said didn't happen as well as by something they said did .It all has to fit into a time slot .

    So it's safe to say that new evidence would be found by doing a reconstruction ,because they all can't be telling the truth if they contradict each other and the official released statements prove they did .
    Looking on the bright side .If Kate went back and answered the 48 questions and told the truth, any evidence gleaned from her answers could exonerate her and finally she could claim honestly to be ''totally innocent'' ...or not !!!

  5. Answering the 48 is obsolete by now. But the reconstruction could be done. Accepting their conditions of having cameras filming, accepting actors as well if they admitted sticking to their statements...
    If I had any authority, I would recommend filming with just that requirement. We would see curtains suddenly flying and getting back behind bed and chair, we would see shutters lifted from outside and falling down and partly breaking, we would wonder why the abductor closed the patio doors behind him, etc.
    So they would most probably be relieved when told that broadcasting such a reconstruction could be a bad idea.

  6. Absolutely spot on!


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